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It was 2010 when Sean Ellis created the term “Growth Hacking”. Most of the companies in Silicon Valley immediately turned to him to grow their business. He didn’t offer the run-of-mill marketing strategies. He created a different rulebook including strategies optimized for all types of businesses to grow.

Some of the marketers like you and us have now truly understood that our marketing strategies should be aligned with the latest demands and trends online shopping has. So many things have been changed with time like how we do business, shape our dreams and consume products. Like before, we don’t need to visit a brick-and-mortar store to purchase something, it’s now easily delivered to our doorsteps at the most reasonable prices. The eCommerce sector is already projected to increase its sales for more than $27 million in 2020. So where does your marketing strategies stand in the eCommerce industry to give a tough competition?

The world’s biggest e-retailer – Amazon.com was selling more than 398 million various products in January 2017. Amazon is always known for its unconventional marketing strategies that have to drive more traffic than ever expected. But, now you don’t have to be like Amazon to grow your customer base.

If you’re an eCommerce marketer looking to grow your online store, look no further. In this blog, we’ve included 5 coolest tips to growth hack your eCommerce business. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

You can tie up with some popular social media influencers who can promote your brand. These online celebrities with thousands and millions of followers can showcase your product on their social media platforms. They can meanwhile provide a product review with pricing detail, availability and shipping cost on their youtube channels. These lifestyle vlogs can grow your product branding and give your product an obvious showcase.

But, picking the right influencer for your brand is key. Influencer marketing not only drives conversions but also increase product awareness. For example, if you have an online cosmetic store then your influencer should be young and beautiful female with followers and viewers mostly from the female gender.

  1. Brand Voice and Image

Brand Voice and Image

Setting your brand voice and image is key to establish everything from your target audience to your last marketing strategy.

You can start posting educative or instructional content like slideshows, podcasts, videos or blog posts. This shows customers that you care more about them than only selling your product.

To attract more customers, you can organize social media contests with attractive prizes which some exciting statement. If you want to reach more than 100,000 likes on facebook then tools like Qwertee are right for you as they ran a hugely successful contest which a chance to win free tees by simply liking their social media page and entering the email address.

  1. Trust seal/Secure site seal

Did you know that more than 70% of consumers won’t proceed with the transaction if they don’t trust your website? To build an authentic brand image, your eCommerce site must provide reassurance to your customers. Make sure that your eCommerce website design is user-friendly and beautiful. You can include some easily accessible links for About Us, Payment options, Contact, and categories. Don’t allow your customers to doubt your legitimacy. For more assurance, you can place logos of brands that trust you or have worked with you before. You can ask your customers to provide reviews that act as a cherry on the cake and prove your commitment to maintaining industry standards.

As per UXMatters research, icons like VeriSign, Visa, and PayPal are the most highly trusted seals that first-time customers rely on when purchasing a product.

  1. The good ‘ol email marketing campaign

The good ‘ol email marketing campaign

You can increase your sales by shooting out emails to your subscribed users. Simple, right? Yes and no both. While email marketing can be done quickly in less budget, you should make sure that you address your customer’s needs first and send them a personalized message which can attract them. Keep in mind that you’re creating a long relationship with your customers. Spend some time to empathize with them and address their problems through email marketing campaigns. Email marketing always goes in hand-in-hand content marketing and you should not forget this.

Examples of email campaigns you can plan are promotional offer emails, welcome emails for new members, abandoned cart emails and loyalty program notifications.

  1. GIF ads or interactive ads

As per the research by Facebook, Viewers likely wants to watch short videos until the completion than the longer one. Longer videos frustrate the audience more. The main goal here is to grab your customer’s attention with a 15-second GIF ad. GIFs are more popular and interesting than images, they make memories which customers can easily remember. GIFs are also compatible with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Keep in mind that GIFs are highly contexted specific. You can be a winner by using it in the right way.

For example, online furniture store Made.com has already benefited by using them. They are using simple colors and GIF actions in free delivery surprise notification to attract customers.

Bottom line

By now, we’ve discussed some interesting growth hacking tips, keep in mind that paying attention to the latest trend is just as important. By applying some of the best growth hacks to your eCommerce store, you can become innovative and the most popular brand. And, we don’t say to follow the Buddhist philosophy of being present and mindful. We recommended building an innovative and strong online presence that guarantees visibility and brand awareness. You can also join some popular forums such as Slideshare, Reddit, Quora, etc. and become the part of online blogging community and forums. By active engagement and participation, you can change the opinions and sets market standards easily.

Try your hand on different growth hacking tips today and let us know which works for you.

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