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Builderfly is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that boosts your scalability in the market. It is a complete package that includes a comprehensive online store and a customizable native mobile app. It allows you to sell your products online and manage your store with utmost ease. Be it someone who wishes to start selling online, be it a startup, or be it a fully flourished business, Builderfly has a suitable subscription plan in house. Multiple selling, AI-powered management, ready-to-use themes, and powerful marketing strategies are some of the reasons that make it stand out of the crowd. All these, without any upfront charges and absolutely no transaction fee.

Some other perks with Builderfly include its multiple payment and shipping options. Builderfly offers a range of payment and shipping options for the best customer experience. However, this blog will rightly tell you why. We will be discussing about the payment options offered in Builderfly and whether it is sufficient for a successful ecommerce business.

What are the payment options offered in Builderfly?

A payment gateway is a merchant service gave by specialist co-ops of ecommerce application that endorses Visa or direct payments taking care of for e-associations. It energizes a payment trade by the exchange of information between a payment gateway and the front end processor or obtaining bank. Builderfly offers both coordinated payment gateways just as immediate payment strategies to its clients. Integrated payment gateway help in boosting the conversion rates just as the client base with its wide reachability. Direct payment is a way for buyers to deal with their tabs electronically just as naturally. All things considered, it is a way to deal with move money from a client’s financial balance to the association they wish to pay. Direct payment is a portion of the time implied as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), electronic accounts withdrawal, direct charge, or direct withdrawal.

Below is the list of payment options offered by Builderfly ecommerce platform:

Paytm PG

Paytm Payment Gateway

The Paytm payment gateway empowers vendors to get cash from their clients by incidentally diverting them to Paytm’s web server. Paytm PG or Paytm Payment Gateway module helps ecommerce dealer coordinate Paytm Gateway. The Paytm Payment module makes it simpler for your clients to pay from their mobile phones. It gives consistent transaction experience and a diminished number of clicks. Paytm comes pre-stacked with 6Mn+ saved debit/Credit Card subtleties with the expansion of 25K cards every day.

Paypal payment with credit card

PayPal with Credit Card is presently a payment choice during checkout for US dealers. PayPal with Credit Card, offers your clients the access to financing, so that they can purchase now and pay later, at no extra expense to you. You are not charged when clients pick PayPal with Credit Card. You just need to pay your ordinary PayPal transaction fee. You can likewise utilize free, instant promotions and a PayPal Credit button in the checkout, to tell your clients while they shop that financing is accessible.

PayPal Payflow

Paypal payment gateway

PayPal offers a decision of two payment gateways for your business. You can let PayPal have your checkout on its protected payment site, or you can assume responsibility for the whole payment involvement in an adaptable arrangement. You need to process payments using your internet merchant account and choose one option from the following:

PayPal Payflow Pro

PayPal Payflow Pro is a completely customizable payment gateway that can be utilized with any merchant account to process transactions with a Credit Card on the web. PayPal Payflow Pro can likewise be utilized to process transactions in the PayPal Express Checkout option.

PayPal Payflow Link

PayPal Payflow Link is an integrated payment gateway with an implanted checkout that keeps clients on your site. It is a quick and simple approach to add transaction handling to your site.

PayPal Express Checkout

With PayPal Express Checkout empowered, clients can tap on the ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button to make a safe payment from the PayPal website. You do not have to log in to the PayPal account to integrate Paypal with your Builderfly store for the checkout. From the Products page, you can directly checkout by making payment via PayPal. You can also utilize the Express Checkout as an independent arrangement, or in a mix with one of the different arrangements.


Razorpay payment gateway

Razorpay is the solo payments solution organization in India that permits your business to acknowledge process and dispense payments utilizing its item suite. With Razorpay, you approach all payment modes, including Debit and Credit Cards, mobile wallets, as well as UPI.

Check / Money Order

A money order is a payment request for a pre-determined measure of cash. A money order is a certificate, for the most part, given by a legislature or banking firm, which permits the expressed payee to get money on request. A money order works a lot of like a check, in that the individual who bought the money order may stop the payment.

Zero Subtotal Checkout

Zero Subtotal Checkout can be utilized for orders with a subtotal of zero that is taxed after applying a discount. For instance, Zero Subtotal Checkout may be utilized when a discount covers the whole cost of the purchased product(s), with no extra charge for transportation of the products ordered.

Cash On Delivery Payment

Cash On Delivery Payment

Cash on Delivery (COD), sometimes called collect on delivery, is the offer of products via mail request where payment is made on delivery instead of an advance payment. COD is a kind of exchange wherein the beneficiary makes a payment at the hour of delivery. The terms and acknowledged types of payment differ as per the payment arrangements of the agreement. Cash on delivery can likewise be alluded to as gather on delivery since the delivery may take into account money, check, or electronic payment.

Bank Transfer Payment

Bank transfer or wire transfer is a payment technique that lets your customers to transfer cash to a bank account globally. Bank transfer is the general term used to cover a wide scope of credit transfers, including money payments, giro-payments, and wire transfer to the neighbourhood banks. They are the most widely recognized type of cashless payments in many nations inside the European Union and Asia–Pacific. The customer is given a unique reference number and subtleties of the bank account where they can make their payment. The shopper will then complete the money transaction in the choice of their payment mode. This payment can be made by phone, email, as well as through internet banking.

Purchase Order

A Purchase Order (PO) is a business record and first authority offer given by a purchaser to a dealer showing types, amounts, and concurred costs for items or services. It is utilized to control the purchasing of items and services from outer providers. It is a document made by a purchaser, demonstrating the things they wish to buy from a merchant. Through a PO the purchaser is resolving to pay the merchant for the items or services to be delivered later on.


Authorize.Net is a United States-based payment gateway service, permitting traders to acknowledge Credit Card and other electronic payments through their site and over an Internet Protocol (IP) association. Its service grants clients to enter Credit Card and delivery data straightforwardly onto a site page, rather than certain choices that require the client to pursue a payment service before making any transactions.

Gift Card

gift cards

A gift card is a prepaid debit card that contains a particular amount of cash accessible for use for a variety of purchases. It is a preloaded debit card that lets the cardholder to utilize it for the acquisition of merchandise or services. Some gift cards must be utilized at chosen retailers; however, some can be utilized anyplace that acknowledges significant Credit Cards. Some gift cards may likewise be reloadable, which gives the cardholder the capacity to add money to the card and keep utilizing it without an expiry date.

Benefits of Integrated Payment Gateways

A payment gateway approves payments for retailers in all business classifications. They guarantee that sensitive data, for example, Credit Card numbers, entered into an ecommerce site, are passed safely from the client to the dealer and from the trader to the payment processor using encryption. Payment gateway integration takes into account payment exchange information got from debit/ Credit Card or other electronic payments, to naturally stream into a business’ account or ERP framework when a deal is made. Below are a few key benefits of integrated payment gateways:

Secure Processing

Online Payment Gateways that are in consistence with PCI DSS principles are dependable. They keep the information of clients secure and ensured. Moreover, they help in keeping away risky outcomes from getting compromised data.

Extended client base

Payment gateways empower customers from around the globe to approach your store and can extend your client base exponentially.

Credit card payments

Payments utilizing Credit Cards and debit cards are basic nowadays. Online Payment Gateway is known for making the transactions made with Credit Card increasingly productive and simple with its group transfer features. This encourages different transactions in a solitary account and verifies the accounts quickly.

Quicker transaction processing

A payment gateway is a lot quicker than manual processing, and clients can make a purchase without the burden of long waiting period or queues.

Benefits of Direct Payment

Direct Payment methods offer a few additional perks as compared to the integrated payment methods. Understanding the payment procedure is a major advance toward getting paid by your clients. When a client looks at the payment options provided, they can decide to pay for their request utilizing any of the techniques that you’ve empowered. You can empower a variety of payment strategies utilizing Builderfly. Following are the benefits of using the direct payment methods offered in Builderfly:


You can be assured that Direct Payment is the most secure type of payment accessible and that demand is exceptionally impossible.


Being a Builderfly user, you have the choice of payment techniques and can change these whenever you wish.


You can completely control your funds and foresee the income. Direct Payment offers choices that are not found in integrated payment gateways.


You can avoid the problem of posting a check or calling to pay via card. Changing to Direct Debit can spare you as long as seven hours each year. Additionally, you don’t have the issues of creating an account in the external payment gateways.

From all the reasons and benefits mentioned above, you might now rightly know that the perfect combination of integrated and direct payment methods offered in Builderfly are self-sufficient to run and manage a successful ecommerce business.

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