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The USA is an established market for ecommerce business due to obvious reasons of development, currency values, and technological advancements. Several entrepreneurs are based in India who wants to sell their products in the USA to earn more profit.

In contrast to the old days, now it is possible to sell everywhere globally, even when you are not physically present in that region. Well, that’s what ecommerce is all about. Your business is not limited to your company’s geographic location, and everyone in the world in your potential buyer if you allow them access to your products.

To serve the customers in the USA, you can establish your business in the USA while living in India. You can have a business based out of India serving orders of the USA. The mode of business conduction that you like to adopt is that of your choice.

How Can I Sell Products Online In The USA?

Register to global marketplaces:

Call it the easiest option to start selling your products to all the geographic locations of your choice. Register your business on the global marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, and a few others to unlock global selling options. You can centrally manage your inventory and restrict the visibility of some of your listings in the region where you are not selling.

The major benefit of partnering with ecommerce marketplaces is you don’t have to get the import/export registration done for your business at an individual level. When you enable the option of global selling, you will be signing a virtual contract with the marketplace. We recommend you refer to that contract to gain an understanding of the import/export rules that can protect your business and enable easy movement of orders.

While living in India, Amazon is the best ecommerce marketplace that can help you with global selling. You can serve three countries at a time from a single account.

To fulfill the order, you have two options viz. Shipping the product from India when you receive the order or sending it in the US’s warehouse and let FBA take care of the rest. The latter option is convenient and value-adding for customers as you can offer lightening-fast delivery of the products, while the former option will have control over your In-stock inventory.

Partner with the order shipment services:

Serving your potential buyers via marketplace or your website is totally your choice, but don’t forget it’s all about the timing. The courier partners can pick the product from your location and deliver it directly to your customers. It will serve well for local orders but will take 10-15 days roughly to fulfill your orders from the USA.

There are courier partners that offer the end to end order fulfillment services. By partnering with them, you can serve your orders, just like you do with FBA. You will create the threshold limit of your In-stock products depending upon the count of which you will be sent to the US’s warehouse of that shipping company. When you receive an order at your store, a receipt will be sent to your shipping carrier as well. They will pick, pack, and ship your products on behalf of fixed order fulfillment fees. Though you will be charged for space, your inventory will be occupying in the warehouse of your shipment partner. You will be able to fulfill your orders at the earliest. Even when your business is based in India, you will be serving customers in the expected timeline.

Network with local wholesalers:

You can network with dropshipping businesses in the USA and associate with the local wholesalers. Suppose some of the local businesses in the USA like to sell your products. In that case, the deal can be fairly profitable for you, as you will be selling the bulk quantity and get the deal done at once. In this case, you need not bother about frequent shipping and order fulfillment tasks and can improve the net ROI of your business by networking with more such businesses.

How Can Builderfly Help You Sell Products Online In The USA?

While selling online, it’s your virtual presence that makes all sense. Builderfly is the ecommerce platform that empowers you with the tools to help you build your brand. The world is going mobile, and so should be your business. With our native mobile app builder’s help, you can take your business mobile and an online store.

Register your business on Builderfly to start designing your store & unlock multi-location shipping depending upon the regions you want to target. You can set up your shop on Builderfly and select your target audience as per your choice, without really bugging about your store’s physical location. So, even when you are in India, you can sell your products in the USA without second thoughts.

At your Builderfly store, you can feed your physical address of India in the store information section and update your warehouse’s location distinctly. You can update the currency for your customers’ ease and link your Paypal merchant account simply at the click of ID and security key. Since we are partnered with regular to premium services of PayPal, you can claim the benefits of discounted currency conversion rates when selling via your store.

We know that shipping rates are really one of a challenge when you are selling products across the seas. To enhance your global selling experience, you can configure your merchant store with UPS/USPS/DHL/FedEx to showcase real-time shipping calculations at your store. These premium shipping companies have a fantastic history of national & international shipping & they offer end-to-end order fulfillment from their warehouse. You can register to check the shipment and order fulfillment rates and configure your store simply by mentioning your account details.

You may or may not have the tax certification and company registration ready for now. Still, no worries, you can update it later. For more information about the befitting business plan, you can write to us at