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Ecommerce is a growing industry. With an iconic growth in the last decade, ecommerce is sure to be the future of the retail and wholesale market. The linear growth of worldwide e-retail from 2014-2023 ensures a massive change in customer behavior. With the time being, businesses are moving towards digitalization, and the retail sector is discovering the opportunities with ecommerce.

In this journey, ecommerce platforms are helping newly rising, and traditional entrepreneurs build and manage their ecommerce store on their own. Shopify is one of the most renowned ecommerce platforms known for its popularity and quality. Unlike the old times, now Shopify is not that cost-effective. Also, numerous other ecommerce platforms came into existence since then.

When counting on the best ecommerce platforms, it’s better not to rely on what you have listened to rather compare the features and believe in what you see. Though Shopify has served for more than a decade now, Builderfly is successfully serving the ecommerce businesses for a year now. After a neck-to-neck comparison of several ecommerce platforms, and especially of Builderfly and Shopify, we came with specific profitable facts of Builderfly.

By opening your store with Builderfly, you can save on:

  • Creating your store: Shopify offers subscription-based plans only. To start creating an ecommerce store, you can opt for a $25/ month plan and advanced plans. Builderfly allows you to create a store with a free-installation plan as well as a subscription-based plan. By signing up for Builderfly Startup Plan, you can design and launch your ecommerce with free lifetime access. Further, you can improve your store with the advanced functionalities by opting for a subscription plan of your choice.
  • Themes: Shopify gives you limited access to the free themes for your ecommerce store. By default, you will be given a few basic themes to experiment with, and you will end up changing them. If you want to provide a unique look to your store, you have to look for the Shopify marketplace to purchase the theme of your choice. The cost of the theme ranges from $140-180. This will increase your budget for building your store.On the other hand, Builderfly gives you access to the Builderfly theme store that has a huge collection of free themes. From the theme store, you can check for the theme that suits best for your business niche. In this way, you can maintain the uniqueness of your store and entail the story of your brand.
  • Transaction fees:
    No transaction fees at Builderfly platform
    Shopify is known to charge the transaction fees for all the orders placed from your store. For the initial plan user, 2% of the order value is charged. Whereas Shopify and advanced plan users are set to be charged with 1% and 0.5% of the order value. This charge has nothing to do with the credit card charges and payment gateway charges. Builderfly doesn’t charge any hidden fees or charges on your sales through our platform. In this way, you will be able to optimize your profit when selling through our portal. With no commission fees, you can put the cost of your products as per your choice, and you need not make any further calculations for the same.
  • Hiring an expert: Shopify allows you to make necessary changes in the look and feel of your store. The rest of the look of your store will be the same as the theme that you chose. You will be given access to the source code of your theme, only if you purchase it. Since Shopify plugins and themes are designed with Liquid, specific ROR framework, you will not be able to make changes. For any changes to any customization, you have to hire experts from Shopify.When you want to give a unique experience to your customers, we want to help you maintain that uniqueness of your store. Builderfly gives you access to the numerous templates for every section of your web page. This implies that you can change the look of your existing theme as well. You can customize the content, color scheme, and everything that you want to show at the front-end of your store. You will be given access to the HTML/CSS code of your store. So, you try the basic tricks available online, tweak the code a bit, and update your content as per your choice.
  • Additional plugins:
    Additional plugins charge at Shopify
    With the Shopify free plan, you will be given access to the basic features. To add more functionalities, you need to purchase other plugins from the marketplace. These third part plugins comply with the security standards but add more cost to your existing business plan.Builderfly has all the features integrated with the ecommerce store. You need not seek for additional plugins and third-party software. For further consultation about tools that you can add to your store, you can connect with our technical experts.

Get doubly benefited with an Ecommerce app

Shopify claims to give access to all the features to start your business from scratch to turn to a brand. But, it still talks about offline and online web stores only. On the other hand, Builderfly gives you free access to the mobile app builder. As a website builder, you can use a native mobile app builder to create and launch your m-commerce app on your own.

Do you know that currently, there are 3 billion smartphone users worldwide?

Yes, you heard it right. With billions of customers interacting day in and day out with millions of mobile apps, you will be losing a massive opportunity by not targeting them. Builderfly mobile app builder is easy to use and lets you design different screens of your mobile app just like you design pages of your web store.

And, Builderfly doesn’t charge you anything extra for the mobile app builder. With our paid plans, you can get free access to mobile app builders. So, in the budget of creating your web store, you will be able to design a mobile app and launch it for Android as well as iPhone users.

What’s more?

Builderfly enables the flow of AI between your web store and the m-commerce app. The primary benefit of AI flow is, you don’t need to manage and update data distinctly for your store and app. AI helps you understand user demographics by tracking live user behavior. Also, you can give live offers to your customers and improve the conversion rate of your store.

For a free consultation call regarding starting your store with Builderfly, you can write to us at support@builderfly.com.

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