I want to start an eCommerce book store. What can I do
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The choice to begin an online book shop and sell books online appears to be a quite practical choice. Selling books requires a lot of market information as it is as of now overflowed with various players. Regardless of whether it’s offline or the online market, there is a lot of competition. Nonetheless, for the individuals who need to enter the market, should begin with something creative. Businesses start with a thought and then they are framed in steps. A large number of underlying advances can be reasonable or even free. They should practically be possible in your extra time. In any case, an enormous piece of framing a business includes research and examination, so the sooner you start, the better. Even though there’s a major market for digital books, it turns out digital book deals have remained generally stale, catching a similar 20 percent of the market they did a couple of years before.

Even though digital books aren’t the center, individuals despite everything love to purchase stuff carefully, including physical copies of books. It’s in reality entirely simple to begin. All you need is the perfect ecommerce software such as Builderfly, manufactured exceptionally for online stores like yours. Running your home book shop is fun and productive, and it is a perfect decision for some individuals who need to begin a generally safe independent venture. The real number of books you have to begin with your own locally situated book shop differs by how quickly you need to get going. Don’t be hesitant, to begin with, the books you effectively claim; however keep watching out for all the more brisk merchants to grow your business.

How to start an ecommerce book store?

Begin a productive book online store for your business and develop your deals. Be it selling books, writing, educational planning books or anything of the same kind; selling on the web on different sites and marketplaces is simply part of the deal. Use Builderfly’s all-in-one ecommerce solution to create your online book store with the utmost ease. It is simple, efficient, and a comprehensive ecommerce platform for anyone who wishes to sell online without them being a technical expert. Here are the steps you must follow to start your online book store with Builderfly:

Start your 14-day free trial

Builderfly offers a 14-days free trial period wherein you can explore the all-inclusive features of selling online with the best ecommerce platform. Builderfly’s signup procedure is very quick and self-doable. Users can create an online store in less than 1 min. The store creation process can be done either by entering a verified email address or phone number. Builderfly will notify the user in both the above cases. Building an online store had never been this easy. Let us see how to set up your online store with Builderfly in less than 15 minutes. If you wish to learn more about Builderfly, you can sign up for a 14–day free trial and explore the features in detail. Here’s a comprehensive tutorial for you:

How to create a storefront with Builderfly?

Step 1: Sign Up with Builderfly

Click on the ‘Get Started’ tab on the right side top corner of the website. In the ‘Sign Up’ page, provide the following details:

  1. Valid email address
  2. Password
  3. Store name
  4. Valid phone number

Enter the verification code received on the registered mail ID

Next, you need to choose the industry, provide the first name and last name in the respective columns, provide the store address, select the country, choose the state, select the city, provide the zip code, subscribe to Newsletter if required, and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Herein, you will need:

  1. A valid email address or valid phone number
  2. Unique store name that can be alphanumeric

Step 2: Add a Product to your Builderfly Store

If you browse through the ‘Manage Section’, you will find that setting up an online store with Builderfly is a step–by–step procedure. Click on the very first tab in the ‘Manage Section’, ‘Add Product’. On the product page, you shall need to fill in details such as title, description, price, and vendor. If you make sure to save all the changes made on the product page, you can start from where you left the last time you logged in.

Here, you shall need:

  1. Product – Add single product for sale or add products in bulk in  a blink of an eye
  2. Sales – Manage your entire sales at one place
  3. Order Management – Manage all the orders you receive at one platform
  4. Shipment – Set default shipment method or request for additional shipment methods
  5. Customer Management – Know your customer behavior for personalized selling
  6. SEO Management – Know easy–to–use SEO tactics and use them to build web traffic to your store

Step 3: Customize the Layout of your Site

You can click on the ‘Manage and Edit’ button to customize the look and feel of your site. Here, you can customize anything from logos, banner images, colors and much more.

Herein, you will need to:

  1. Choose Template – Choose the template for each section of the store as well as the app
  2. Change color – Choose a color for each text from the color pallet
  3. Change Image – Select an image from Builderfly or your gallery
  4. Manage content – Learn how to optimize content to increase web traffic
  5. Add a new page – Add new page for including more details in your store
  6. Add new section – Add a new section to enhance your storefront
  7. Manage Social Media – Manage all your social media handles – all at one place

Step 4: Set up your Domain

Once you design your website your way, it’s time to select a domain and make your site official & live. Connect the domain of your choice and follow the further steps to make the purchase. Upon activation, you can go to that particular domain and view your website.

You shall need:

Unique business name – connect your unique business name and let your brand stand out

Step 5: Activate your Payment Processor

Click on the ‘Payment’ tab on the dashboard. It allows you to choose from dozens of payment processors such as Razorpay, Paytm, Authorize.net, among many others. Follow the steps to activate your payment processor without any hassles. Activating Payment Processor allows you to receive payments from your customers and deposit them into your account.

You will need to:

Integrate Offline and Online Payment Method – Employ Paytm, PayPal, Razorpay, and authorize.net to manage payments

You need to note that in the 14-days free trial period you cannot connect your domain and start selling online. For doing so, you need to purchase a plan that best suits your business.

Choose your Plan

Talking about the subscription plans, the Builderfly pricing plan is designed for everyone including startups and well-established businesses. Moreover, the 14-day free trial period allows a user to explore the features and the know-how of Builderfly. There are four pricing plans with Builderfly, each of them which are crafted for different stages of business development.

Plan 1: The Startup Plan

It is the most popular and unique plan that best suits entrepreneurs, retailers, or manufacturers who are aiming to start building an online store. The key features of the plan include:

  1. Lifetime free plan
  2. One-time charge
  3. Domain connection
  4. 0% transaction fee
  5. Default theme
  6. Add and sell 25 products
  7. Sales limit of $5K

Plan 2: The Standard Plan

It is a plan that best suits customers who are in the rookie phase of business development. The interesting features of the plan include:

  1. Monthly and annual subscription plan
  2. Subscription amount – $35
  3. 0% transaction fee
  4. Free native mobile app
  5. Online sales up to $50K

Plan 3: The Advance Plan

It is a plan that is specially designed for customers who have achieved significant online sales. The plan features are:

  1. Subscription amount – $75K
  2. 0% transaction fee
  3. Free iOS and Android mobile app
  4. Online sales up to $150K

Plan 4: The Pro Plan

It is specially designed by professionals for well-established online businesses. The discrete features of the plan include:

  1. Subscription amount – $150K
  2. 0% transaction fee
  3. Free iOS and Android mobile app
  4. Online sales up to $400K

Build your Mobile App

Step 1 – Build an app with the power of AI

All the details that are entered and saved in your storefront automatically reflect in your native mobile application. However, you can always differentiate your mobile application with different themes, colors, templates, and many more customizable options.

Step 2 – Customize the layout of the mobile app

If you wish to differentiate your mobile application, you can edit the layout of your mobile application right from the dashboard of your app front. Any changes you make need to be saved to be applicable.

Step 3 – Publish the app

Be it iOS, be it Android, with Builderfly, you can generate build as well as directly publish if you already have a build. As soon as the build is generated, your application can be viewed from your respective mobile phone.

How to Market and Sell your Products easily with Builderfly?

Builderfly has scaled the marketing tactics a level up. You can sell your products on multiple platforms with a single Builderfly dashboard. Based on your subscription plan, we permit you to integrate different selling platforms into your dashboard. Within a few clicks, your products can be live on various selling platforms. Moreover, each product can be target oriented using specific SEO keywords and titles. We help you in connecting with the customers who are in search of the products you have in the house.

Who can use Builderfly?

Builderfly is made for everyone including the 3 major sectors – individuals, merchants, and retailers. If you are an individual who wishes to sell a few products online, you can easily do that with Builderfly. If you are a merchant who wishes to sell products in wholesale, you can find retailers or individuals from Builderfly. If you are a retailer who has already bought products from merchants and wish to sell them online, Builderfly can be the right platform. Whether you are a housewife, a full-time worker, a student, or an individual who wants to establish a startup; you can make your dream-come-true with Builderfly. In a nutshell, you can sell any product and make a profit with Builderfly.

What can you do with Builderfly?

With Builderfly, you can sell your products to targeted customers with the utmost ease. You can find the customers who are looking for your products. Builderfly’s marketing strategies allow you to sell your products on multiple platforms using a single dashboard making the business a cakewalk. You need not log onto different platforms to market your products. With Builderfly, you can integrate your social media accounts into your dashboard and manage all the accounts from one place.

Why Choose Builderfly?

  1. Builderfly leverages the power of AI to sync your store data to your mobile app easily.
  2. You get a 1-year free maintenance service to enjoy the best customer-experience.
  3. The Separate Design Editor for the store and mobile app helps you create a strong visual impact on your customers.
  4. The in-built Google Analytics, SEO guide, and code editor allow you to optimize your storefront.
  5. At all stages of business, there is No Transaction Fee with Builderfly.
  6. Builderfly allows you to conveniently manage all selling points with a Single Backend Management
  7. The Builderfly marketplace offers various Fully Functional Themes for Free.