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E-commerce mobile app builders are the software which enables users to make e-commerce mobile app on their own without any coding or designing skills. An e-commerce app builder is regarded as good by the features or functionality it offers and the ease of using it to build an app. These app builders consist of necessary features together with extra features to make User Experience (UX) the best. Basically, mobile apps are categorized into two types, native & hybrid. Native mobile apps are regarded as a better performer in comparison to hybrid ones. The most popular platforms for mobile apps are iOS & Android.

Mobile app penetration is increasing day-by-day in developing countries too. Mobile apps have revolutionized the life of humankind. As per the stats revealed recently, 79% of mobile users have made purchases using their mobile devices. The share of mobile commerce is expected to be more than 72% by 2021. These stats reveal retailers can not avoid mobile commerce easily. Mobile commerce consists of mobile apps and mobile websites. Mobile apps offer the highest level of customer experience. The convenience of making an online purchase has made mobile app shopping this popular.

Following are the top e-commerce mobile app builders known to the industry:

This comparison of builders consists of which are specifically for e-commerce only.

1. Builderfly

Builderfly is a SaaS-based e-commerce platform. It offers a complete e-commerce solution to merchants. It has,

  1. Website builder
  2. Mobile app builder
  3. E-commerce CMS
  4. Business management tools
  5. Marketing tools
  6. Reporting tools

The platform lets the registered users build an e-commerce store by choosing themes. It is a drag-and-drop platform and doesn’t require any prior experience. The theme chosen can be customized further to suit the exact requirement of the business owner. Even for programmers and designers, the HTML code and CSS can be customized whenever required. Upload bulk products to populate the catalog.

After creating the store, convert it into native iOS and Android mobile apps with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the native e-commerce app builder section, choose a different theme (if want a different look of mobile apps than the web store) and customize as per the business requirement. After creating native mobile apps using clicks and drag-and-drop only, publish them with a click. Android apps are published on Google Play Store and iOS apps are published on Apple App Store.

It is simple like ABCD (Any Body Can Do).

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an open-SaaS e-commerce platform that allows retailers to build their store for web and mobile devices. Like Builderfly this also is a no-coding e-commerce platform. The main difference comes while achieving mobile apps for the e-commerce store. Unlike Builderfly, it offers various APIs to integrate into the store developed to convert it into iOS & Android apps. These apps created can be customized to some extent using BigDesign editor. The developers across the globe can upload their creations to BigCommerce Marketplace to monetize. The BigCommerce platform is suitable for most enterprises and not for small businesses.


Builderfly is a better e-commerce app builder in terms of ease of use, ease of customization, and the features offered in the app. The app builder offered by Builderfly is far ahead of the so far third-party APIs offered by BigCommerce.This review of mobile app builders reveals these undoubtedly.

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