6 Profitable ecommerce values for your starup
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With a growing trend towards digitization, you are already witnessing numerous businesses building their online presence. In the meantime, you might also be launching your ecommerce startup.

Who, according to you, will take more time in succeeding?

You might say, obviously, those offline businesses! Because, they already have their fan followers, so gaining a digital presence works just like a cherry on the cake. Maybe, you are right.

But, the growth of your startup is in your hands. Do you know the reason behind it? Well, it’s that you are new in the market. You are free to research things that can add value to your business. And, you can try n-number of tactics in your business strategy without any worry of the substantial loss.

Here, we are sharing 6 ecommerce values that can bring huge profits to your business:

  • Choose Your Business Niche

    • Though there are numerous options available, it’s always quite tough to decide the industry that can bring profits to you. You can research and check for the industries that are always in trend such as fashion, FMCG, digital art, etc. or you can target some micro niche businesses like manufacturing gluten-free products, digital health products, etc. Choose your business niche as per the capital investment you have.
  • Sell Your Creativity

    • There are numerous businesses like yours, but you have to present your products in a manner that they are the best. Opt for professional photography or try DIY tricks to do the best photography of your products. Every single product you sell has the potential to change a buyer’s decision. It is you who needs to keen on it. Write detailed SEO friendly product descriptions; else hire a professional to do it for you. Think about some creative ideas with which you can showcase your products. It can be a dynamic theme or an idea to link your brand with trends.
  • Play the Game of Monopoly

    • It’s not necessary that you offer each and every product that’s trending in the market. In the beginning, take a few product categories and keep an eye on the ones bringing more customers in. Keep your inventory updated, specifically for that particular product. You can get that product trademarked for your brand, so no one can get its benefit from mapping. This can also save your time from continuous photographing of the products and you can focus on your business strategies.
  • Customization & Personalization

    • When you are both, the vendor and the manufacturer, the first place where you can win is in the customization. People love it when they own something unique. At times, it offers them the pride of owning some isolated piece exclusively designed for them, at other times, this brings emotional attachment. The personalization of products attracts & binds your customers to your brand. However, do not crave for much profit at this stage. In the initial stages, rather than seeking for profit, look for the factors that bring better customer satisfaction. This way, you are going to make really loyal customers of your brand.

Build customer loyalty

  • Promote your USP

    • If you do not showcase any unique service of your brand, then you should indeed give a second thought. The USP (Unique Selling Point) of your brand can be really helpful in strengthening your brand value. Considering your unique perspective, you can frame your marketing strategies in a more appealing manner. Once you acquire the customers who like you for your ideas, you will not only gain customers but also followers. Therefore, rather than following people, you turn out to be a trendsetter for other brands.
  • Partner with the Like–Minds

    • Bring a complete package of solutions for the customers. While targeting a particular niche, we know that you might not be able to make each and everything. However, you can partner with other businesses offering similar services in the market. For instance, if you are offering wedding dresses, you can do a joint venture with photography & wedding portfolio makers and jewellery designers. These mutually benefiting business opportunities will help in attracting more customers to your brand. In addition to this, you can cut down your expenses with cross business marketing.


E-commerce is an ocean full of opportunities; the more you sell, the more ideas can be explored. We hope these valuable tips can help you in your new venture. We, at Builderfly, can be your helping hand in establishing your online presence as well as in your business growth. It is regarded as best ecommerce platform for startups in the industry. Know how to use Builderfly to build online store bringing in more customers and more revenue to your startup from the user guide and other interactive sessions.

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