Yes, you read that right! Selling online has never been easier than this. Set up your account, add your products, and start selling!

Start Selling Online for Free with Builderfly Ecommerce platform
Text editor in the Builderfly e-commerce platform
Image gallery in your ecommerce store
Easy customization with Builderfly e-commerce platform
Color pallet to customize the store
  • The Razorpay ecommerce payment gateway with Builderfly ecommerce platform
  • The Paypal ecommerce payment gateway with Builderfly ecommerce platform
  • The Paytm ecommerce payment gateway with Builderfly ecommerce platform
  • Fedex shipping partner with Builderfly ecommerce platform
  • UPS shipping partner with Builderfly ecommerce platform
  • DHL shipping partner with Builderfly ecommerce platform
  • Shyplite shipping partner with Builderfly ecommerce platform
Create a store using the Builderfly ecommerce platform with an ease.

Create your Free Online Store

Build your online store within five minutes!

Showcase your products and brand on your web store under your own domain name, and start selling immediately.

Sell everywhere online and manage whole ecommerce business at one place using Builderfly dashboard.
Sell products on Amazon by integrating your Builderfly products with Amazon seller panel.
Selling products on Facebook has become easier ever. Connect your Builderfly store with online Facebook and automate your FB commerce online.
Sell Builderfly products on Google Shopping marketplace and grow your online business.

Sell Anywhere

With Builderfly, unlock the opportunity of selling through social channels, marketplaces along with your own online store and mobile app, or anywhere you prefer to.

Promote your ecommerce business with the Builderfly platform tools.
Promote your products using various marketing tools provided at your Builderfly platform dashboard.
Enhance sales by using various marketing channels offered by the Builderfly ecommerce platform.

Promote your Business

Reach your target audience with Facebook, Instagram and Google, along with comprehensive email marketing, SMS marketing and WhatsApp sharing suites- all bundled with your subscription.

Sell your products online at real-time and multiply sales.

Live Selling

Engage with your audience real-time through our revolutionary Live-Streaming platform.

Sell while you demonstrate your products and engage with your customers in real-time across all social channels.

You Don't Need to be Tech Savvy

You are not a Tech Savvy? we have built up everything for you with multiple options, just select what your heart gets settled on.

You do not require a technical expert to build an ecommerce website using the Builderfly platform.
Grow faster by using e-commerce marketing channels provided by the platform.

Grow Faster

Builderfly's business growth tools will help flourish your business.

Leave your Competition in the dust by expanding your sales channels using our 10,000+ network of Resellers and influencers.

Sell using various channels provided online and manage business using a single Builderfly dashboard.

Make Business simple with One-Management

No more time wasted managing multiple dashboards!

From a central repository for your inventory to managing multiple marketing and sales platforms, the One-Management dashboard gives you the freedom to navigate your business from a central point.

Start & Grow your Dream Business
with Builderfly

Strengthen your brand with your Store

Whether you like to start your ecommerce business as a seller or reseller, Builderfly lets you create your online store for free. Choose your target industry and leverage the power of customization to add your personal touch.

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Skyrocket your Sales

Use Marketing Tools to automate your marketing efforts and reach the right set of audience. Try the right marketing mix to skyrocket your online sales.

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Free e-commerce platform

Get growing with your Mobile App

Add one more asset to your business by creating your mobile app and increase your net sales. Personalize your app in your way and widen your market reach.

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Start direct selling online for Free

Create your account, add products in your catalog, and start selling online with ZERO Investment. Start your reselling business with us straightaway.

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Find The Perfect Plan For You

Choose your plan from one of the options below and grow your business today


Regiser FREE To Grow Your Business

Number of Products - 25
Limited Offer

Get Started with Builderfly

Number of Products - 500

BUILD, MARKET and GROW Your Online Business

Number of Products - Unlimited


Will I be charged for the transaction fees?

Builderfly charges you 3% of your order value only to the FREE plan users. However, popular and growth plan users are liable to pay as low as 2% and 1% of the total order value, respectively, as the transaction fees.

Why should I opt for an annual plan?

Builderfly's annual plan is the best deal for startups and mid-scale businesses as it simplifies on-boarding. Our experts will create your store and design a mobile app for FREE.

Can I connect my domain name to the Starter Plan?

Yes, with Builderfly’s lifetime-free Starter Plan, you can connect your personal domain name and establish your brand.

Can I connect my own domain name with Builderfly?

Yes. You can connect your unique domain name to your Builderfly account anytime. You just need to choose the best suitable plan and subscribe to get your store up.

Can I change my domain name?

The store name you register for once can not be changed. However, when you click the ‘Connect Domain’ section, you can add your personal domain regardless if it matches your earlier domain name or not.

Can I start selling online without connecting my personal domain?

Yes. You can start selling online directly after setting up your Builderfly account. Add products in your catalog and start selling on sales channels, social platforms, or within your network.

Can I create a mobile app even if I don’t want to create a store on Builderfly?

Yes. You can start with an app builder also. Navigate to the app builder and create your mobile app. However, you will get free access to create your account, and you can keep it as another asset for your business.

Can I use Builderfly growth tools even if I don't 
create an online store?

Yes, you can use Builderfly growth tools and sell your products on your social handles, sales channels, reseller platform, and live streaming even if you don’t want to create your ecommerce store.

Speak to a Consultant

Our professional e-commerce consultants can guide you in choosing the right business plan and solve all your queries regarding the features and applications for setting your online store.

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