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Build your online fashion store, furniture store, or any other store with a free ecommerce platform – Builderfly. It is known as one of the best ecommerce startups in India, the USA, as well as other parts of the world.
Builderfly lets you sell across all the best-selling platforms by helping you sell anywhere at any time across the globe, easily with its all-in-one platform.
Google is the go-to place for almost every online shopper. And, with Builderfly, you can grab your chance to sell your products on the Google marketplace. Selling in the highly crowded Indian market could be challenging. Ease your game by selling on one of the best Indian ecommerce platform –Flipkart. Facebook is undoubted a social commerce giant, and getting to sell on the platform takes your business a level up. Builderfly has made it easy for you all over!

Sell Anywhere

With Builderfly, unlock the opportunity of selling through social channels, marketplaces along with your own online store and mobile app, or anywhere you prefer to.  

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Online business has never been easy before the inception of Builderfly Ecommerce Platform. Doing business with Builderfly is as easy as baking a cake! Builderfly lets you integrate your Facebook business account with your dashboard, opening doors to sell your Builderfly store products on Facebook.
Builderfly offers its consumers an all-in-one ecommerce solution that helps you rise from rags to riches.
Learn how to sell your Builderfly store products on the second most popular social media platform across the globe – Instagram.

Promote your Business

Reach your target audience with Facebook, Instagram, and Google, along with comprehensive email marketing, SMS marketing and WhatsApp sharing suites- all bundled with your subscription.

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Builderfly’s lucrative feature of live streaming lets you sell products to your online audience with the utmost ease. Builderfly platform helps grow your online business faster than any other mode of selling online!
Get to share live videos for selling your products to your online audience in real-time with Builderfly.

Live Selling

Engage with your audience real-time through our revolutionary Live-Streaming platform. Sell while you demonstrate your products and engage with your customers in real-time across all social channels.

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When creating your online selling world with Builderfly, you can assure quicker growth, increased selling options, and faster development.

Grow Faster

Leave your competition in the dust by expanding your sales channels using our 10,000+ network of resellers and influencers. Builderfly’s business growth tools will help flourish your business.

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Building your online selling business with Builderfly is quick, simple, and most importantly, free-of-cost!
This easy-to-use ecommerce platform is lashed with modern-day technologies including, the bests like Artificial Intelligence that help foster your business!
With Builderfly, you get two major options – to sell and to resell. Either sell your products online or resell Builderfly products you get to enjoy the benefits of using the platform!
Builderfly is not only a faster ecommerce platform but also a secure and safe place to trust your business upon. It is sure to bring your dreams into reality.

Make business simple with One-Management

No more time wasted managing multiple dashboards! From a central repository for your inventory to managing multiple marketing and sales platforms, the One-Management dashboard gives you the freedom to navigate your business from a central point.

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Start & Grow your Dream Business with Builderfly

Strengthen your brand with your Store

Whether you like to start your ecommerce business as a seller or reseller, Builderfly lets you create your online store for free. Choose your target industry and leverage the power of customization to add your personal touch.

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Get growing with your Mobile App

Add one more asset to your business by creating your mobile app and increase your net sales. Personalize your app in your way and widen your market reach.

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Start direct selling online for Free

Create your account, add products in your catalog, and start selling online with ZERO investment. Start your reselling business with us straightaway.

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Skyrocket your Sales

Use marketing tools to automate your marketing efforts and reach the right set of audience. Try the right marketing mix to skyrocket your online sales.

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The reasons to start selling online with Builderfly are endless. However, the one big-fat feature that sticks out the most is the completeness it offers, unlike all other contemporary ecommerce platforms.