Create your online store in minutes

Start Selling Online Now

With Builderfly, you can bring your business online instantly! Just create a Builderfly account, add your products in inventory and start selling, that’s it!

Sell on Social Channels

Engage with your future customers through social channels and ensure conversion by linking your social accounts with your Builderfly store. With improved algorithms and intelligent placements, the likes of Google and Facebook are rapidly redefining the concept of marketplaces.

Sell on Marketplaces 

Ensure a steady stream of sales by linking your Builderfly store to your Google Marketplace account, and start updating your marketplace store automatically with your preferred choice of products directly from our One-Management dashboard.

Sell on a website

Create a new website from scratch in just 5 minutes with simple, customizable design tools and start selling across the globe- it’s that easy, and fast.

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Sell Through Mobile App

Create your own mobile app with Builderfly. Our AI-assisted app builder helps you create the perfect app in no time, for both iOS and Android devices. Grab attention and sell to customers, even on mobile devices.

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Go live with your customers

Interact and engage with your customers like never before, using our live-streaming platform. Go live through your Builderfly account, and simultaneously appear live on all your linked social platforms. Showcase your products, answer queries in real-time, and convert on the spot with easy checkout option.

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Get access to the Reseller Channel

Widen the net for your sales network exponentially through our 10,000+ network of resellers. Let them work on your behalf to get your products to customers beyond your immediate reach, all around the world, and watch your revenue rise.

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Get access to popular influencers

Builderfly gets you access to a selected network of famed influencers. You can select the macro-influencers and micro-influencers for your business niche. Flourish your business by leveraging their network. 

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