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You have recently have built your eCommerce store and we are sure you are excited about the growth of your business. After all, you started your business with the main motive of gaining profits from your investment!

How soon, according to you, can you achieve your business milestones? You might know that it is not that easy; it takes time. If you have a huge marketing budget, that’s altogether a different story. However, with a small budget, you need to put some additional efforts to bring customers to your storefront.

It’s not only about how well you established but, it’s more about how smartly you marketed. If it seems like a lot of work for you, do not worry, we have a solution for you! Leveraging the features of Builderfly to enhance your store visibility to potential customers using SEO tactics.

Below are a few SEO pointers that are capable of bringing significant changes in your store ranking in SERPs:

Product Page Optimization

For your e-store, each product page is like the home page of your website. Your product pages are not only the landing pages but are also responsible to bring conversion to your business. Due to this reason, all your product pages must be optimized.

Let me brief you on how to optimize your product pages:

  • Product Title
    • The title of your product must have a keyword. A keyword is something that people search on Google. The higher the search volume, the stronger the keyword. However, that is way too common. In addition, you can add modifiers such as best, cheap, affordable, etc. These modifiers are the same terms people use while searching. For instance, ‘best sports shoes’. There is no fixed pattern of writing the product title. However, the more targeted it is, the greater will be the chances of your product visibility. You can try writing like:
    • Your brand name + product name with modifiers + quantity/size + department/ category of audience


example of good product title

A Good Product Title Example

  • Image Optimization
    • A professionally click product image is always better. However, there is no restriction on it. You can upload the product image which is clicked using your phone camera. All you need to consider is that the image does not pixelate when zoomed. For your reference, you can take a shot of 1100*1100 pixels. You can reduce the file size by online image optimizing tools like tinyPNG, as it will consume less time. Do not forget to add the alt-tag for your images. Since search engines do not see and understand the images, the alt-tag helps them index the images and shows when searched using the keywords.


  • Detailed Product Descriptions
    • The product listing page helps visitors understand your product. The better you explain your product, the more will be the chances of customer conversion. In the product descriptions, you can consider using the target keyword to explain your product in a detailed manner. However, you should take a note that you do not stuff your content with keyword or Google may recognize it as a ‘Keyword-Stuffed’ content. Keyword stuffing will prevent your page from hitting the top list of searches reducing the traffic towards your website. Although you mention the size of the product, it is ideal to mention the range of age that can use that size of the product. By doing so, your customers can easily find the product that will be perfect for them. Also, we suggest you update descriptive content for your fast-moving inventory.


product description

A Good Product Description Example

Site Architecture

In an eCommerce store, a user might not always land to the targeted page directly. It is followed by a hierarchy. This process may lead to distracting your customers into some random search results eventually losing them from your store. Due to this reason, it is suggested to get a sitemap for your e-commerce store using site generator. Additionally, you should continuously work on improving your website architecture along with keeping an eye on your URL structure. In an e-commerce store, it is common that your product link turns out to be filled with surplus elements. Experts’ suggest that a concise store link as well as product link is easier to remember and gives a pleasing look to it as well.

Build your Domain Authority

The authority of your domain depends upon the backlinks and not on the number of domains used. However, it fluctuates based on the quality of the sites from where you are getting backlinks. It directly affects your Domain Authority (DA) value and improves the chances of better ranking in the search results. Your store like every e-commerce site is already full of products. In a way, you are appealing to everyone to make a purchase from your store. The question remains, how to improve your DA value? For doing so, you need to share content that is devoid of fluff and is written with the intent to guide as well as educate your customers. Be it about your product instructions, be it your trends, or be it your tips and tricks for using the products in your niche, the content must be rich and clear. It offers you a chance to build a community of people interested in your sector. You can always redirect them towards your store eventually improving your brand value.

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Abandoned Cart Rate: Unlike other websites, for an e-commerce website, the conversion rate of the customers rank above the count of daily visitors. Due to this reason, there are more chances of losing from abandoned carts of customers than from losing a few visitors. An average cart abandonment rate ranges between 60% – 80%. You should always try to maintain this percentage as low as possible. You can keep a track of your cart abandonment rate from your dashboard. In addition to this, you can send a reminder to your customers about what they left in the cart and if it’s going out of stock. It improves the chances of your potential customer coming back to your store and purchasing your products.
  • Analyze your Audiences’ Behavior: Since you are a rookie in the market, it is essential that you understand your customer behavior. You can consider connecting your store with Google Analytics and keep an eye on the demographics. It will help you in making your marketing strategies and checking on the platforms where you should promote your products. Additionally, you can create goal conversion funnels in analytics that can help you check the rate of your goal accomplishment. You can also track the stage at which your customers are leaving the site, and find reasons behind it. In case there is some glitch at the checkout, you can get it fixed immediately. You do not need to wait for the end of the month to change your strategy; you can update it anytime you want as per your convenience.

Promote your Products/ Brand

Are you confused thinking if you should promote a product or a brand? Well, we say that you should promote your product, the reason being your brand is new in the market. If your product satisfies your customer’s need, your brand value will rise automatically. However, you should know that you might need to opt for the paid promotions to establish your presence in the already developed market. After all, people should get a good deal to consider buying products from your store rather than from other well-established stores. So, promote the products keeping your target audience in mind and you will find yourself packing the orders. Gradually you will find your products making their place in the market and that’s the right time to promote your brand.

Did you know that all these efforts can be eased by using eCommerce website builders? Builderfly is not just a website builder creating your online presence, but, it offers you a free mobile application for your convenience. You can create, manage, and sell your products using a single dashboard to multiple platforms. Read out our user guide to get a detailed procedure to use Builderfly.

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