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Unless your ecommerce business is a mega brand that enjoys a steady flow of profits from millions and billions of people around the globe, finding and retaining customers can be a tough job. Customers are primarily variable. Whether you are an already operating since quite a time or you are planning to venture into the ecommerce market, success will only befriend you if your ecommerce business is attracting customer attention. It is no secret that the ecommerce market is expanding every day. With more and more customers shopping online each day, the number of ecommerce retailers is significantly rising. More than half of the customer population chooses to shop online. However, with the escalation of the online marketplaces such as Amazon, it could be a difficult move to get the attention of the customers to drive traffic as well as your revenue. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can grab your potential customers’ attention without spending a hefty amount on it. Today, we are going to cover such tips and tricks that can be useful for your ecommerce site to attract customer attention.

 What are the smart ways to attract customer attention to your ecommerce site?

As mentioned above, you do not need to invest a fortune in seeking customer attention. Here are a few handsome ways that will efficiently serve your purpose:

A Stunning Online Ecommerce Site/ Store

The first task you need to fulfil if you do not have an ecommerce store is to create a stunning one. The design of your ecommerce site is crucial to customer attraction. Even if you browse for a product and find a messy website, within no seconds, you’ll press the back button. Similarly, customers can leave your site in no time if you do not invest your time in creating a beautiful online store. Experts suggest that customers decide to stay or leave a site within 3 seconds of their visit. Therefore, creating the first impression for your ecommerce store becomes extremely important to gain customer attention. You can consider investing in creating one through ecommerce platforms such as Builderfly, wherein you can get access to some stunning ready-to-use themes and templates to help you build an amazing ecommerce store based on your business niche and varying requirements.

The Ecommerce Site Speed

The Ecommerce Site Speed

Have you checked the speed at which your ecommerce site functions any time sooner? As mentioned earlier, if your site is loading in more than 3 seconds, chances are more than 50% of visitors are going to find a better website than yours. Also, the customers who have left your site due to slow speed are never possibly going to visit your site anymore. Therefore, make sure that your site is well-optimized to load as well as function speedily. Remember, the happier your visitors are, the higher the chances of them becoming your loyal customers for the long run.

No Forced Registrations

In the speedy lifestyle, none would like to register with your website first before purchasing products. If you have integrated such checkout procedure, it is time you remove it immediately. Otherwise, not only you are leaving money on the table but also losing many potential customers for a long time. Although it is essential to collect your visitors’ data including their email address and other contact details that can be helpful for you to contact them in the future. However, you must provide a seamless experience at first to your visitors and can ask them to register with you later if interested or provide them options to checkout as a guest visitor. Incorporating such methods would definitely help you gain increased conversion rates.

Invest your time in SEO

As an online ecommerce seller looking for online traffic and customer attention, you must know that more than 93% of the web traffic is from Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Also, only 5% or fewer searches make up to the second page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page. It is therefore imperative for your ecommerce site to be visible on the first page of the SERPs. For this, you need to focus on the product keywords you are using in the title, description, images, and so on. Make sure to find relevant keywords to the products you sell from some prominent online keyword finding software. If your site is SEO optimized, more people are being able to visit your website than the rest.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms are one of the most prominent platforms to promote your ecommerce site, products, and services. If you use quality content, high definition images, catchy headings, and unique approach, more people tend to follow your work and in no time, you will be having a considerable marketing channel for your ecommerce site without any investments. However, if you are focusing on paid marketing on social media platforms, you might need to invest a few bucks based on the strategy you employ. In order to easily gram customer attention on social media platforms, you need to pick the right set of social media platforms such as Facebook, post regularly, keep you users engaged, and use graphics.

Referral Marketing

It is a type of marketing wherein the products and services of your ecommerce site are promoted through new customers via referrals which are generally using word of mouth. If you haven’t worked on creating a strategic referral program for your ecommerce site, it is time that you invest your time in it. More than 81% of customers acknowledge that recommendations from their near and dear ones have greatly influenced their buying decisions. What you need to do is include a section in your ecommerce site that showcases the reviews and recommendations of your already-existing customers.


It is a technique of online selling wherein the seller provokes the customers to purchase more expensive products, insists for upgrades in shopping, and convinces them for considering a few add-ons along with their purchase. Generally, upselling is considered as the less affective selling tactic, which is completely a myth. It is one of the lesser-known yet most efficient resources to sell online efficiently. Studies show that there is a 4% rise in sales with the right implication of upselling. Amazon, one of the ecommerce giants, when tried upselling for the first time, they experienced a whopping 37% increase in sales. Recommend your customers for complimentary products, product sets, and so on.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

For every online seller, it would be the most frustrating part when any customer reaches on the verge of making a purchase and choose to leave an abandoned cart. Thanks to abandoned cart reminding facility that about 30% of the abandoned carts are recovered. Moreover, there are online tools available to aid you with automating your abandoned cart reminders. Ideally abandoned cart reminders are sent via emails, you can also employ sending text messages to your customers to remind about the products they have left back ion carts of your ecommerce website. Make sure that your abandoned recovery requests are catchy enough for customers to get back to your website and complete the purchase.

Easy Checkout Procedure

Easy Checkout Procedure

Did you know that more than 27% of online shoppers leave abandoned carts due to complicated checkout procedures? Even you might have left a few shopping carts abandoned due to the complications in checking out from the site. Do not build such an ecommerce website or store. Ideally, a one-page checkout process is what helps customers complete a purchase without any hassles. You can consider eliminating a few unnecessary navigations, buttons, and texts, enable guest checkouts, provide multiple payment and shipping options like the one offered in Builderfly Ecommerce Platform, and create a mobile-friendly checkout process. You’ll find significant changes in the number of abandoned carts after implementing a faster checkout procedure.


It is a way by which you can use the visitor/ consumer data you have once collected. When a visitor visits your ecommerce store and leaves without making a purchase, you can target them with relevant ads based on their shopping interests. When the customers get reignited for the need of purchasing products from your ecommerce website, they revisit your site to complete the purchase. Experts have proved that there is a 400% chances of successfully getting visitors to become your customers through retargeting. It is an effective way to grab customer attention with the data you have already collected.


We hope that these tips efficiently help you gain your required customer attention for your ecommerce site. There are many more ways to get the results, therefore, invest quality time in researching and make sure to employ these experts’ suggested ways to attract online traffic to your ecommerce website. Make sure to deliver a user-friendly experience to your visitors and potential customers and keep updating your site to provide the best and latest information and services to your site visitors. When you meet your visitors’ expectations, they will gain complete trust in your business, become your happy customers, as well as share their experiences with others.

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