How to Successfully Sell Jewelry Online to Drive 10x Sales on your Ecommerce Store?
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Have you been dreaming of opening your own jewelry store?

If yes, then now is the best time to start selling jewelry online.

Here’s why.

29 million people buy jewelry every single day. But what makes retailing jewelry online a truly appetizing business model is its insane profit margins. Jewelry yields a profit margin of around 25 to 75%, And that’s the reason why it’s one of the best niches to start your business.

But you will need a strategy to stand out from the crowd and build a successful jewelry brand.

Fortunately, we’ve laid out a detailed plan to help you get started quickly.

Here we go.

Why Sell Jewelry Online?

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, festival, or a special occasion, be it fashion jewelry or precious jewelry has a special place in those fashionistas’ lives. That is what makes it one of the most profitable products to invest in online nowadays.

However, if you’re still unsure whether to sell jewelry digitally or not, here’s a list of reasons why you should.

  • The global jewelry market is expected to hit $292 billion by 2025. This means substantial demand in the coming years.
  • According to the study, low-cost gold loans and stable gold prices are driving up precious jewelry sales online.
  • Fashion jewelry products are lightweight. As a result, they require little storage space and have low shipping costs.

So now that you know why doing contemporary jewelry is an excellent business for you, let’s look at how you can start your own designer jewelry business today.

How To Successfully Start Selling Jewelry Online Store?

The jewelry industry is dominated by large brands with huge advertising budgets. So, as a small business, how do you compete with them?

Simple! By following our step-by-step guide, you can sell jewelry and earn more profits.

1. Create an online jewelry store

The first step to start your journey is to create a digital jewelry store. Your store will need essential features such as Add to Cart Button, payment gateway, shipping integration, social media sharing, etc.

However, as a beginner, opening a custom jewelry store can seem daunting. With our customizable interface, you can easily design and customize your online store without knowing how to code.

And that’s not all, you can build your dream eCommerce store with Builderfly in less than 5 minutes and start selling.

2. Optimize your SEO skills

Use SEO tactics and skills to build your online presence and keyword-rich content for your business. To begin, you should conduct keyword research to generate a list of keywords and integrate them into your product descriptions.

Thus, you can boost your ranking on other marketplaces and rank your store on google. So get your online store SEO optimized and start ranking for your prospective target audience within minutes?

3. Promote on social media to gain followers and reach diverse audiences

Social media is a boon for online jewelry store owners. According to a  report, 44.8% of global internet users use social media to search for brand-related information.

Hence by consistently promoting your jewelry store on social media, businesses can build brand awareness, attract followers and generate sales.

4. Consider paid advertising

With people’s attention stretched so thin, how to stand out from the noise and grab their attention? It’s simple. Invest in paid advertising on different social media platforms to showcase your product and increase your brand visibility digitally.

With paid marketing, you can reach your customers much faster by entering their algorithm of different social media platforms. There are many paid ads options to drive traffic to your fashion ornament store. From Facebook ads, Instagram ads to Google Shopping ads, the possibilities are endless.

5. Get email subscribers

92% of online shoppers are not ready to buy products the first time they visit the store. Emails can, therefore, be an invaluable tool for providing a gentle nudge.

Builderfly’s has built-in marketing tools to help you set up your email marketing campaigns. Through this, you can quickly notify your shoppers whenever you have a new jewelry collection launch or run a promotion or sale. In fact, you can also run an email series for shoppers who abandoned the products in the cart and didn’t complete their purchase.

6. Build a content marketing strategy

With the help of a precise content marketing strategy, you can attract prospective buyers, drive traffic to your web store and boost sales. The strategy will ensure that your business and marketing objectives are aligned and in sync with the content.

Without a strategy, your content is simply a bunch of words, videos, and images thrown together. Your fashion jewelry store can generate more leads, increase customer engagement, and drive more sales with the right content marketing strategy across the Omni-channels.

7. Work with influencers

According to a study, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations before buying a product. Most of the famous brands are hiring influencers to boost their business. Therefore, influencers are an excellent choice to market jewelry on social media since their followings are large, and their opinions can be trusted.

With influencer marketing, you can reach hundreds of thousands of potential buyers instantly with minimal risk and drive your sales sky high. Builderfly is creating the Builderfly Influencer channel, which connects influencers to products in various niches. Sign up today to maximize your sales.

Now, as you know how to build your eCommerce store, let’s have a look at some of the biggest challenges you might encounter when starting your online business.

What Are The Biggest Challenges For Selling Jewelry?

Online fashion jewelry sales are profitable. However, there are a few obstacles you must overcome to be successful. So, what are those challenges?

We have listed a few challenges jewelry businesses face:-

1. Identifying the right customers and reaching a diverse target audience

Before you even start finding suppliers and setting up your store, you need to find your niche. Instead of trying to sell everything under the sun, you can just start small.

For instance, you may have an affinity for contemporary jewelry. Concentrate on finding the right audience for your contemporary jewelry business and establish authority in the niche.

2. On-time delivery

Some of the common challenges that you as a seller face while delivering your products are delayed deliveries, damaged orders, sending orders to the wrong address, and wrong tracking numbers. All these issues can lead to poor customer experience and poor customer reviews & feedback.

However, if you make your store on Builderfly, you also get Shyplite as your delivery partner. With Shyplite, you can quickly deliver your goods to tier 1, 2, and 3 cities.

3. Secure online payment gateways

Did you know why India was the last buyer’s market to adapt to online shopping? Retailing jewelry is all about trust. It’s essential to find payment gateways that are safe, secure, and trusted by your buyers to complete the transaction.

Builderfly has partnered with Razorpay to provide secure payment gateways to all its sellers. Join the Builderfly community as a seller and ensure multiple payment options for your customers. The platform also provides SSL certificates to protect all store owners from any cyber-attacks.

4. Refund, return, and exchange is tedious.

As sellers, it is your responsibility to ensure no defective or wrong products are shipped to the customer during the delivery process. However, at times mishaps like this happen, and the seller has to bear the cost.

However, Builderfly offers you one management dashboard to manage and track all your orders, inventories, and customers in one place. You can also make your own terms and conditions for refunds, returns, and exchange policies that can work for your benefit.

In our next section, we will discuss how you can overcome your challenges and drive more sales to your contemporary jewelry store with Builderfly.

How Can Builderfly Help You Overcome These Challenges And Drive More Sales For Your Online jewelry Store?

Explore how Builderfly can help you drive more sales to your jewelry store.

1. List unlimited products in your eCommerce store

When you build your online store with us, you can provide unlimited products to your customers. How? Because with us you can list unlimited jewelry to your store- be it ethnic, traditional, contemporary, precious metal, or more.

You can personalize your product listing by adding high-resolution images, its dimensions, multiple views, variants, descriptions, and prices. All this makes your listings more attractive, and you can offer customizations on discounts, offers, and more. So add your first product listing today!

2. From web to mobile application – a one-stop-shop for everything

Would you like to grow your business quickly? We at Builderfly can help you create eCommerce stores and mobile applications for your business. The biggest USP of our platform is that you need no technical knowledge to develop your store.

Just go to Builderfly’s theme and choose the one that suits your business requirement. You can also choose from popular themes for your traditional jewelry store. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete your web store and start your business.

3. Build your Brand Identity

When you shifted from offline to online marketing, you certainly wanted to reach out to more audiences, build your digital presence and establish yourself as a brand. We help you to run your digital campaigns with ease and help you target your customers.

Builderfly makes it easier for you to achieve all this and more with its inbuilt marketing tools, shipping integration, and secure payment gateways. We are partnered with industry leaders like Razorpay for payments and Shyplite for delivery to make your experience more unique and satisfactory.

4. Manage your business from one management dashboard

Now you don’t have to open 100s of tabs to find the information you need. Builderfly’s central dashboard provides a detailed snapshot of everything from your web store to valuable insights that will help save time and grow your business.

With one management dashboard, you can calculate your – sales, invoice, inventory management, bulk product listing, catalogs, market on different online marketplaces, and more at your fingertips.

5. Get unlimited access to growth tools

Our in-built marketing tools will help you to run marketing campaigns to brand your store and multiply the success of your business. Sell jewelry on social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms with us.

Parting Note:

We’ve walked you through the process of selling jewelry. Now, it’s your turn.

Dazzle your customers and make the world a prettier place, one sale at a time, with Builderfly.

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