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The globe is gradually going digital and a majority of the tasks in companies are done with the help of the latest and tech support tools. However, when it comes to communicating internationally, quite a lot of companies opt for a humble memo (also known as a memorandum).

A memo/ memorandum/ reminder is a business message that is sent to people working in the same organization. It is employed in international communications regarding business procedures that need to be discussed within the organization. The aim behind sending a memo is to inform a particular group of people about a change that could affect them or on which they need to act upon in a specific time interval.

Newer technologies in communication have made it nearly effortless to communicate with a larger set of audience. However, in order to maintain a sense of professionalism, it is ideal to discuss a few topics utilizing some specific communication channels. When calling for a large group of people in organizing, sending a simple and straightforward mail could sound more appealing. However, in the case of discussing a few topics, a memo must be used.

Writing an effective memo is gradually becoming a lost art. Even professionals seem to struggle with writing one, especially in the ecommerce business. Therefore, we have come up with a detailed step-by-step guide to serve your curious brain asking – how to write a memo in an ecommerce business?

Tips to Write a Memo in Ecommerce Business

To write and distribute a memo in the ecommerce business, and to write a business memo that keeps the audience engaged, are two completely different things. There is a certain ideal format to write any memo, it is as follow:

  1. To: The concerned people to whom you are addressing
  2. CC: The people who must be addressed indirectly
  3. From: The person or company who is sending the memo
  4. Date: The date on which you are writing the memo
  5. Subject: The crux idea of the memo
  6. Body: The message that is to be sent to the audience

Now, the ‘Body’ is mainly divided into three parts, they are:

Para 1

In the first para of your memo, you must state the primary idea behind sending the memo in a simple, transparent, and concise way.

Para 2

In the second para, you need to provide a few background data on why the information shared is essential. In case the memo is stating a change of any policy, you can ask the authorities about the reason behind the changes introduced.

Para 3

In the last para of the memo, you must let your employees know whether they need to take any action after reading the memo. In case there is no need for them to take any action, you must not simply ignore this paragraph. Let the employees know whether they need to take an action. Additionally, after completing the action statement, you must make sure to end writing the memo with a positive note and thank them for paying attention and being cooperative with you in advance.

The first step to nail writing a memo in an ecommerce business is its format. If you have done that right, you are a step ahead of the rest of your competitors. However, what equally matters are the contents within the memo. If your memo has boring content or if it is loaded with irrelevant content, you can be assured that the audience is ignoring the important message that you wish to convey to them through your memo. Below are a few tips to write an engaging memo for your organization:

Focus on your Audience

Like we focus on you and your concerns while writing this blog, you as a business owner or authority must make sure to focus on your audience while writing your memo. In the case of memos, your audience comprises of your employees or the people with whom you work. You must keep in mind the culture that is followed in your ecommerce business. Using the right tone and words, be it professional or casual, plays an important role in writing a memo for your ecommerce business.

A memo is considered a mode of internal marketing. Therefore, it becomes quite essential for you to write a memo that aligns with your business’ mission, values, and culture. If you are inconsistent with the internal communication messages you send across your audience, the chances are, it leaves a question mark on the purpose as well as the goals of the business.

Keep it Concise and Simple

The major goal of writing and distributing a memo is to send a quick message to the people you work with. You would want your readers to understand the message as quickly as possible and get along with their work. Therefore, it is essential to keep your memo crisp, concise, and easy-to-understand. It is as simple as getting into a manager’s room, conveying the most important message, and leaving the cabin at the earliest.

Make your Subject Line Descriptive yet Short

The subject of your memo is the first thing that pops up on the screens of your audience. It can potentially press the ‘alert’ button in your audience’s mind. Even if you have used great-to-read, concise, and simple content in the body of your memo, if your subject line is not interesting, some, if not all, your audience would not even read or get the actual message behind the memo.

Use Bullets, Numbers, or Lists, Wherever Necessary

As mentioned earlier, the goal to write and distribute a memo is to share some important information. You are the one who knows the actual message to be shared through a memo; and for that, if required, you have to be sure to add relevant bullets, numbers, or lists, wherever necessary. Remember, your goal is to make your message as simple as possible. And, for that, you may even need to highlight a few points. Well, why not?

Cover only a Single Message

We agree that there could be multiple important things you would like to share with your audience; however, you have no intention to confuse them, do you? Therefore, be sure that you cover only a single message per memo. Also, that does not mean you have to spam them with multiple memos. If you really want to convey a memo effectively to your audience, make sure to take it slowly, and effortlessly.


Learning to write an engaging memo for your ecommerce business is a great skill for everyone who is responsible for sharing business information within their organization. Any tom, dick, and harry can send a message; however, sending an engaging message that makes it worthy enough to be read, requires more of your time, efforts, or even a template. Communicating in the workplace, especially in ecommerce businesses, where a majority of the things happen online, could be quite challenging. Try employing our tips and format to write a memo in an ecommerce business and witness the positive changes within your organization within some time!

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