Why Do You Need E-commerce Platforms To Sell Online
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In 2021, almost 2.14 billion people did online shopping, accounting for nearly 28 percent of the world’s population (7.74 billion approximately). The hike in the count last year was primarily recorded because of the spread of the COVID-19 virus worldwide. The number of online shoppers in 2021 had a growth of almost 4.4%, i.e., 900 million approximately as compared to the year 2020. It is for obvious reasons that more businesses have adapted the notion to move online. However, several traditional companies are still planning to go digital completely.

Since everyone suffered financial losses with nationwide lockdown amidst COVID-19, businesses are less inclined to paid versions. Individuals, startups, and even established business owners seek simple yet pocket-friendly options to scale their businesses or start a new one. A large part of this group of merchants prefers a suitable zero investment business platform to start their e-commerce store. If you are also one among them, you’re at the right place, and you must in this article you can know more about the best e-commerce platform for startups.

What are the main factors that stop several start-ups from opening their e-commerce store? Are there any solutions for the same?

Many start-ups get stuck while opening their e-commerce store primarily due to two reasons:

Lack of technical expertise

Many startup owners do not belong from a technical background, in fact, they are not tech-savvy as well. This is one of the prime factors that stop them from building their e-commerce store or moving to the digital world. Detailed knowledge and understanding of popular web development frameworks was a prerequisite to build and maintain an e-commerce store even a few years ago. The good news is that this scenario has been changed due to the advent of various no-coding e-commerce platforms. One such unique platform is Builderfly that does not call for any specific technical expertise and can be handled by anyone. You need not write a single line of code to use different e-commerce functionalities or to customize your store as per your style. You can build, handle, and run your store all on your own. It makes the online selling of your products a cakewalk.

Low budget for overhead expenditures

Most of the startups have a tight budget for overhead expenditures like paying for an e-commerce platform. Though a list of famous e-commerce platforms is available, most of them charge a lump sum amount. This creates a hindrance against opening their e-commerce store. Wait! Don’t get disheartened we offer you the best e-commerce platform for your startup, and we offer free plans as well.

“So, cheer up! Let’s build your dream e-commerce store together.”

How does Builderfly help you cope with these challenges of opening an e-commerce store?

Besides being a no-coding e-commerce platform that offers a free plan for start-ups, Builderfly offers the following benefits that you can avail of once you choose us as your business partner.

Create your online e-commerce store for free in 5 minutes

Yes! You can create your online store in simple 5 minutes by signing up with Builderfly for free. You need not be a tech expert or install any software. The only effort you need to put in is to create a free Builderfly account by providing the basic details like business name, e-mail id, and password to get your zero investment business platforms. Then, the rest is taken care of by Builderfly store builder to make your online e-commerce store ready with your personalized domain name. Then, you are all set to display your brand & products and can immediately start selling as well.

Enjoy the freedom of selling

Unlike many other e-commerce platforms, Builderfly does not limit your scope of selling. It allows you to sell your brand and products not only through your web store but also through other effective channels like social media and other marketplaces you choose from. Builderfly AI-assisted app builder provides complete assistance to make your own Android or iOS mobile app. You can also customize and launch your app directly to the play store or app store all on your own. These features help you to tap a larger customer base. More customers mean greater sales opportunities and more profit.

Perfect business promotion

One of the critical factors that decide the success of your online business store is to use the right promotion tools. This is essential to target your desired audience. Builderfly combines all the effective marketing tools like Google, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp sharing suites, e-mail marketing, and SMS marketing under a single subscription to promote your online e-commerce store. In addition, we also provide SEO tools to manage and edit title tags, product descriptions, and meta descriptions to make your online store more reachable.

Builderfly live-streaming platform

In this modern era of the internet, using proper tools for promoting your web store is insufficient to generate enough leads. It is essential to engage with your target audience in real-time by using various social media channels. This engagement provides a homely feeling to your customers. The moment they start you to consider one among them, you hit the bulls-eye. It will reduce your further efforts in manifolds.

Builderfly provides you with an exclusive live-streaming platform to sort all your real-time engagement with your customers across all the social channels. In addition, our live-streaming platform helps you to sell your products while demonstrating as well. This revolutionary design makes Builderfly the best e-commerce platform for startups, much ahead of other competitors.

Grow your business faster

There are millions of online sellers existing already, if not more. Most of them follow a few standard business practices like creating their app, social media marketing, and using marketplaces as well. Then why do customers need to bother to choose your online store? How can your online store create any difference? How can you beat your competitors so that your business stays ahead of them? Well, if your answer is you are using our revolutionary live-streaming platform to get engaged with your customers, then it will only be partially correct. The complete answer lies within ‘networking.’

Builderfly provides you business growth tools to flourish your business faster. We offer you our exclusive network of more than 10,000 influencers and resellers to expand your various sales channels. This helps you in the following ways:

  • You can create unlimited product listings.
  • Builderfly provides secured payment gateways that are PCI DSS compliant.
  • Builderfly charges a minimum commission fee of 0.5% as compared to others.
  • You can join the Builderfly reseller channel network with a single click if you are already a seller.

Simple business management

Builderfly is a no-coding e-commerce platform exclusively designed for common people with no technical expertise. We maintain the same philosophy while creating the business management part of our platform as well. This ensures a hassle-free user experience for all.

It wastes a lot of man-hours of e-commerce owners if they need to handle different dashboards for various purposes like checking inventory, handling multiple marketing platforms, and managing various sales channels. Therefore, we provide you with our premium one-management dashboard to take product overview, customers, orders, payments, shipping, and multiple sales channels by using a single dashboard.

Closing Thought:

So, if you are a budding entrepreneur who lacks technical expertise and has a tight budget for your e-commerce store, try our Builderfly free plan today. We ensure you will thank us later for having started this early. In addition, you can upgrade your Builderfly store with advanced business functionalities to scale your business further.

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