5 Best Marketing Strategy to Level Up your Online Store
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If you are an ecommerce brand you need some ecommerce marketing strategies to gain new customers as well as engage old customers to keep returning to your online store.

Coming up with a list of marketing strategies is pretty easy. Everyone knows the basics like SEO, email marketing, or social media. But how do you execute those strategies? Furthermore, what are the particular marketing tactics that work as well as drive the highest level of growth?

With these proven ecommerce marketing strategies and tips, we are going to teach you how to bring traffic to your site, build relationships and trust with customers, and get back those lost sales. Ready to grow your ecommerce business?

Content Marketing

No matter whether you’re ooh-ing over the latest BuzzFeed post, laughing at a GIF you found on Twitter, or seriously contemplating about your life after a mindblowing personal development article, the Internet IS content.

Which implies: to advertise on the Internet, you’ll need content.

But, what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is the way of creating online material like blog posts, infographics, GIFs, videos, images, etc. that engage your target audience. It is not utilized for directly selling, however as a way to educate potential customers about your product(s), create thought leadership and increase awareness about your brand.

Content marketing fills multiple purposes beyond acquisition though. It can likewise educate your customers so that they can improve their performance within the specialty. For instance, if you’re running a hair extension store, you can make hair tutorial videos with your hair extensions. This will enable your customers to look more beautiful utilizing your hair extensions yet also keep them utilizing your product. Eventually, when customers need to purchase another style, they’ll be more likely to buy from you. Why? Because content marketing improves customer retention as well.

Many ecommerce companies have succeeded in content marketing. For example, Beardbrand has an “Urban Beardsman” blog that targets, well, beardsman – people who invest heavily in preparing their beards.

With their blog, they cover Beardsmen-related topics. These are long, and guides on beard grooming and beard lifestyle. It’s well-researched and demonstrates the depth of knowledge the Beardbrand team has on the best way to carry on with the real existence of a BeardsmanNot only are these long articles useful, they additionally allow Beardbrand to market its products in the article.

Public Relations

The realm of public relations (PR) covers everything from media coverage to promotion to content marketing. PR is tied in with maintaining a positive public image and expand brand awareness. From one viewpoint, PR is about preventing and putting out flames that can hurt a brand’s reputation. And on the other, it’s about exhibiting the good things your brand does like corporate social responsibility.

Marketing strategies like PR ought to consistently be incorporated into your marketing plan. The fact is your brand’s reputation can be as mysterious as Disney’s or it very well be as discolored as Takata’s.

Which strategies you should include in PR?

  • Getting media coverage can promote your brand. What is the easiest way to do it? Sign up with HARO. You’ll receive a request three times a day looking for experts for their stories. In return, you’ll get a link back to your online store.
  • Host customer appreciation days. Giving out different customer service ideas can help you reinforce your relationships with customers.
  • Monitor what people say about your brand. While customer reviews can draw an image of what people think of your products, they don’t tell the full story.

Email Marketing

Who still reads emails? Everybody.

Regardless of the popularity of chat apps and social media, email remains the #1 communication channel for many. More than 91% of consumers check their email every day. That means email can be your most beneficial channel.

Email marketing has proven to have an ROI of more than 3800%. People spend 138% more when marketed via email.

So, what exactly is email marketing?

At its very core, email marketing is sending promotional emails to individuals who have permitted you. But, the real magic in email marketing comes from the ability to continue to remarket to your audience on an asset you have 100% ownership of. Think of social media followers as rented. Whereas, your entire email list can be moved to another email provider anytime. So you’ll always own your complete list.

What are the best strategies for emails?

  • The simplest way to increase your email marketing impact is to build a greater email list.
  • Segment your email list. As your email list keeps increasing, Segmentation and personalization become essential. You’ll have customers who’ve ordered various products in your store. However, by personalizing your emails, you can show them products they may be interested in based on their previous browsing history.


What’s more powerful at driving traffic to a website than social media? SEO. It won’t bring you results on day one. But marketing strategies aren’t about short-term plays. It’s about planning for future growth.

It’s not about picking keywords for your particular niche but going a bit broader. For instance, if you have a toy store, you wouldn’t only focus on keywords related to toys. You’d likewise focus on keywords related to games or soft toys. Why? Since SEO is about acquiring new traffic, not simply sticking to your particular audience.

What are the strategies for SEO?

  • Ever been on a site that shares information that was important in 2012? Truly, how’d that jump on the first page? Content freshness is an SEO powerhouse. It expects you to update old content on your website to make it more relevant.
  • Another marketing strategy that’ll enhance your search ranking is to design more web pages. This can be possible by adding new products to your online store or writing everyday blog posts. You can likewise create tools, ebooks, landing pages, or other web pages to increase your odds of getting more traffic.


While contests and giveaways are likely not going to be an everyday activity in your marketing strategy, they should still be added. Even having four giveaways or contests a year can yield enormous returns for your brand. particularly if you use tools like Gleam and Rafflecopter, which permit social sharing and following as ways to sign up for your giveaway.

Which marketing strategies would it be a good idea for your giveaways?

  • Run a “runner-up” campaign. We all know that the prize winner gets all the glory. This can make the so-called losers feel, well, a little bummed out. A small trick that works truly well is to offer a runner-up prize.
  • Create a promotional plan. Essentially running a giveaway won’t be sufficient to drive massive impact. How will you get people to enter your giveaway even if you don’t have any followers yet? You can learn how dropshipping expert Tim Kock used Facebook groups to launch his giveaway, which helped him make $8,873 in 31 days selling sunglasses.
  • Evaluate the giveaway’s performance. Did you get new followers but lose a greater amount? Or did you see an increase in new followers AND make more money? Evaluating your giveaway can help you determine whether the giveaway is bringing in qualified traffic who converts or if it’s bringing in cheap traffic who want freebies.

Final Thoughts on Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

You might’ve noticed that all of these marketing strategies overlap with one another. Content marketing overlaps with SEO, videos can be utilized in social media, etc. The ultimate marketing strategy isn’t tied in with picking one channel, tactic, or method. Combining several marketing strategies is what’ll drive the most abnormal level of growth. It can help you build trust and create a following of loyal customers that purchase from your business time and time again.

Let us know which marketing strategies will you be running on your online store!

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