Integrate your Flipkart store to your Builderfly ecommerce store and manage the entire selling panel, without the need for repeated logins, right from your Builderfly dashboard.

Sell on Flipkart to Grow Faster

Get access to Flipkart's 1 Billion customers & sell your products in every corner of the country with Builderfly.

10 Crore + Customers

Get ready to dispatch thousands of orders through Flipkart with Builderfly

Selling your Builderfly products on Flipkart not only helps you save some bucks but also aids you in achieving your business goal easily and efficiently.

Sell your catalog on Flipkart

Link your Flipkart account to your Builderfly store, and your product listings will be visible on Flipkart. You can update changes, and your listing will go live after a quality check.

Grow and manage your ecommerce business with Flipkart, a leading ecommerce platform that lets startup sellers build investor connections, from a single dashboard.

Single Inventory Management

When you sell on Flipkart, Amazon, and numerous other sales channels, it gets tricky to track your inventory. Builderfly powers you with single inventory management to update inventory in real-time as per the orders received.

The number of buyer-traffic on Flipkart is much more than that known by the majority. Grab your opportunity to easily sell and manage your products online from a single Builderfly dashboard.

Flipkart ad Campaign

Flipkart's targeted ad campaigns help you improve the visibility of your product listings and reach the masses. Along with this, you can adopt the recommended pricing based on automated tools to stay competitive.

Showcase your sellable products on Flipkart, a Walmart division, that open doors for the growth of many ecommerce businesses.

Flipkart Smart Selling

With smart selling on Flipkart and efficient back-end management from Builderfly, you can add products to the Flipkart warehouse. The Flipkart officials shall handle the selling. You can manage your store and directly integrate your product catalog to your Flipkart store.

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