Live Streaming Channels offer instant multiplication of the number of sales across various media. And, Builderfly is here to help you with streaming your products live for your business growth.

Sell through Live Streaming

Selling online has never been more engaging than this. Live stream with Builderfly through your website simultaneously with your linked social channels, showcase your products to your customers like they are in your store, & sell instantly.

Go Live to Sell Online

Talk to your audience and share your products in live. You sell, they purchase and you earn. It's that easy!

Live streaming on website pages potentially enhances ecommerce sales. Since the users get to solve their queries right away, it eventually enhances the user experience as well as the sales.

Live Stream from your website

Showcase your products directly to customers through live streaming, answer their queries in live session, and guide them through checkout.

Live stream your business channel with Builderfly Ecommerce Platform and sell your products online with increased sales.

Manage your Live Channels

Go live on your different social channels, website, and other streaming channels in one go. Manage your channels and customer responses in live sessions via a single platform.

Builderfly’s Live Streaming lets you collaborate with the right audience at the right time, in the right way!

Collaborate with Partners

Sell together and strengthen your network of online selling with partners and other community members. You can collaborate with the influencers in your community and make sessions more engaging for your audience.

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