Take the leverage of reseller channel network of Builderfly. Choose the popular products from the list and become a reseller to grow with Builderfly platform.

Sell on Builderfly Reseller Channel

Reseller channels help a lot in increasing brand awareness. Our network of 10000+ resellers can make your products reach every corner of the world. Join now to wield the network!

Why join the Builderfly reseller channel?

Sell unlimited products

Create as many product listings as you want to. Add as many product variants as you like to offer to your customers.

Quick & Secure payment

Builderfly has secured and PCI DSS compliant payment gateways partnered with. You can leave the worries of payment & security on us.

Lowest commission fees

Builderfly charges the lowest commission fees among all the reseller channels- 0.5% of the net sales value.

Single inventory management

If you are already selling through your Builderfly store, you can enroll in the reseller channel, and your inventory will be available to our network of resellers in one click.

Centralized order management

The orders from your Builderfly store & reseller channel will be available on the Builderfly dashboard. With centralized order management, you won’t miss any of your orders.

Create your store for free

Even if you want to sell products just through the Builderfly reseller network, Builderfly lets you create an online store for free.

Delivery support

Builderfly takes care of order fulfillment for the orders you receive from the Builderfly reseller channel.

How does it work?

Managing the products is easier at Builderfly ecommerce platform. Add, update or delete the products easily from your dashboard. Use the reseller network to expand your business.

Update your products

Whether you have the product listed on Builderfly or not, you can create product catalogs and take them live.

Publish your iOS & Android apps to respective stores from Builderfly dashboard.

Market to get orders

Share your product listings instantly on social channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram with one click & start getting orders instantly.

Ecommerce mobile apps with unlimited push notifications.

Builderfly serves order fulfillment

You schedule pickup & our shipment partners will come to pick it up. We offer end-to-end order fulfillment services for which you will be charged nominal shipment handling fees.

Track app downloads and export the data.

Receive Earnings

After the order fulfillment, Builderfly deducts its commission fees and credit your order value within 7-days.