Grab your chance to market your ecommerce business through Builderfly’s Influencer Channel and grow your business two folds better and efficiently.

Sell with Builderfly Influencer Channel

Reach a wider audience and grant credibility to your brand by partnering up with influencers in the Builder Influencer Channel.

17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers.

Collaborating with influencers is the key to success, especially in this century. With Builderfly, you can find the influencers already in the network and collaborate with them to market your products online.

Find and collaborate with Suitable influencers

Get access to numerous influencer profiles when you sign up for our Influencer Channel. You can filter the profiles based on demography, geography and verticals to find the suitable influencers for your business.

Builderfly helps you connect with influencers who can potentially boost your sales by recommending your products to the target audience.

Send a request to influencers

You can select the profile of influencers and connect with them to take this association further. All your connections requests will be accessible through the dashboard of your Builderfly Influencer channel.

Influencer marketing is a proven methodology to boost ecommerce sales. Make the best use of this benefit and grow your business with Builderfly.

Promote with Influencers

We give you the liberty to approve influencers to take this association to the next level. After approval, you can start promoting your products with our network of influencers.

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