The global online selling leaders are selling their products on the Amazon marketplace for better growth and increased ROI. And, Builderfly lets you integrate your Amazon account to your Builderfly store to automate the entire process.

Amplify your sales by selling on Amazon

Reach more than 310 million active customers on Amazon with one click & start selling without delay. Sell on Amazon along with multiple sales channels & manage it all with your Builderfly dashboard.

300 Million Active Customers

Make your dream come true by selling on Global Ecommerce Giant with Builderfly

Leverage your Builderfly dashboard to sell and manage your products on Amazon, for better growth of your ecommerce business.

Start selling your products on Amazon

When you have a catalog ready in your Builderfly account, you can link your Amazon account and start selling on Amazon with a click of a button.

The recent disturbance between Amazon and the upcoming Indian ecommerce giant, Reliance is proof that Amazon is not willing to loosen its grip on one of its largest consumer markets. Integrate your Amazon account to your Builderfly store, and establish your grip on the online consumers.

Central Inventory Management

Keep your troubles of overselling aside. With Builderfly, the inventory of all the linked channels will be in sync. The count of products will be automatically updated real-time across all of your sales channels within the Builderfly dashboard.

Managing to sell on different platforms at the same time has never been this easy! Builderfly not only lets you integrate your Amazon account, but also helps you automate and efficiently manage all the selling platforms through a single dashboard.

Win your competitors with automate pricing

Amazon's tool powers the sellers with pricing automation, leveraging which sellers can keep competitive pricing for their products. It will help you offer the best deals to your customers & grab more orders from the Amazon marketplace.

Multichannel selling is a talk of the town across the globe. Grab your chance to sell your Builderfly products on the global ecommerce giant – Amazon, before your competitors do!

Offer quick conversions using Amazon Pay

Apart from the built-in selling option on Amazon, Builderfly eases the procedure by providing you with Amazon Pay on your Builderfly store. Grow your sales by simplifying the checkout procedure for millions of Amazon customers.

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