Google Shopping is an online marketplace which allows ecommerce sellers to sell their own products on Google. Builderfly platform automates the Google selling.

Accelerate your business with Google Shopping

Take your sales to the next level by jumping on the Google Shopping bandwagon with Builderfly and be a part of the “Google Shopping” family.

Let People Google your Brand

Make your products the solution of user's search queries

Selling your offline products online has multiple benefits. One of the most prominent benefit is the increment of reach. Online presence makes you available globally. Setup online store with Google and take the leverage.

Go Global with Google

Start selling your products across the globe through Google Shopping with Builderfly. Improve the visibility of your store and let people find your products from the top related searches on Google.

Sync your Builderfly store products with Google Shopping marketplace. It's easy and a click away to have a catalogue on Google.

In sync with your Builderfly Account

Link your Google Shopping account with Builderfly and your catalog will be automatically visible on Google. We will keep your inventory in sync with your store. You can choose the best look for your products to showcase on Google shopping as well.

Let your Builderfly store products get discovered by online searchers on Google product search engine. List your products on Google and optimize them to appear in searches.

Be Discovered as a Brand

No more being just another nameless seller- along with enabling sales on Google Shopping, we help you increase your brand recognition by creating you a free online store to sell your products directly to customers!

Google integration with Shopping, Adwords & Analytics leads to overall business growth. The marketplace allows you to setup PPC ads of listed products for the mobile shoppers online.

Optimize your Google Ad Campaigns

Keep a track of your sales that are acquired from Google ad campaigns with the help of Builderfly. Optimize your shopping campaigns to gain the best results and easily manage them using Google Adwords.