5 Ingredients for a Good Ecommerce Blog
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If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog for your ecommerce store but didn’t follow through it’s time to reconsider. Ecommerce blogging can help drive more traffic to your ecommerce website. With more traffic, you strike a superior possibility of increasing your sales. Compared to a company that doesn’t blog, companies who blog can get as much as 97% more backlinks giving them more traffic to monetize. Also, businesses that blog drive 55% more traffic back to their website and ecommerce stores with high traffic tend to have higher sales. In this article, you’ll learn why you should start a blog, blogging tips, where to find blog post ideas, and how to monetize your blog.

By creating valuable content for your readers, you can put yourself as the leading expert within your speciality. You can share extraordinary tips, strategies, and advice to your readers to help them succeed. If the advice you share with your readers encourages them to succeed, they’ll keep reading your blog content since they realize they can depend on you to give top-tier advice.

Blogging Ingredients for Better Blog Content

According to Jeff Bullas, adding images to your blog content can help your blog get 94% more views. You can use images from free stock image websites, make your own infographics, or design images on Canva to separate your copy with pictures. If you write long-form blog content, images can help separate the text making it simple for someone to read.

Create an Epic Headline

Create an Epic Headline

To drive more readers to your article, you’ll have to make a headline that is relevant, eye-catching and offers some value. Listicles work well, especially if you have more items on your list than any other article. “How to” articles can provide value to those looking for help on a specific task. You can utilize a tool like the Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule to enable you to make better headlines. Aim for a score above 70%.

Allow your Customers to Write Guest Posts

Allow your customers to write guest posts.

You can offer a free product in return for an elegantly written guest post. You’ll want to make sure that the value provided in the guest post is high enough to warrant adding it your website. So be sure to create blog guidelines for writers if someone expresses interest. Permitting guest posts on your blog will enable you to share more content, build relationships with your customers, and can expand shares from experienced writers.

Update your Blog Content Regularly

3. Update your blog content regularly

Every 3-4 months, you’ll need to go to your older articles and add more content to it while removing outdated data. This shows Google that your content is still relevant making it more probable that you’ll rank high. After making changes to your content, you can share the older content with your audience telling them that it’s been updated with more content, giving the blog post a second life.

Write Long-form Content

Write Long-form Content

The top articles ranked in search engines tend to have at least 1,000 words. By creating long-form content that’s optimized for keywords, you’ll have a better chance of ranking higher in Google. Long blog content frequently contains more information that can help teach your customers. The more value you give, the more probably they are to share the content and the more traffic you’ll get which additionally helps increase your ranking.

Share your Secrets

Share your secrets

A great blog post doesn’t rehash content from other blogs, it stands on its own as a one of a kind piece. If you know cool tricks that’ll make your customers lives simpler or enable them to ace an important skill, you’ll have the option to grow an audience rapidly. Teach them some cool hacks consistently, they’ll keep returning to your site rather than a competitor’s.

Wrap Up

In ecommerce blogging, it’s important to bring your customers into the conversation. Keep it easygoing by utilizing words like you, you’ll and your. You’re talking to your customers through blog content, so make it a personal conversation.

If you have a doubt, Keyword Planner can always help you in creating great blog post ideas that get ranked. You’ll likely need to give some time attempting various keywords for suggestions.

Starting a blog can truly help your business to increase new visitors and customers. While it can take some time to develop a big audience, with patience and consistent effort you can start seeing results take form within a few months of working on your blog content. Concentrate on adding value and a special point of view to your posts and over time you’ll get a big audience that you can remarket through retargeting email marketing or advertisement.

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