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Regardless of whether you’re selling clothes or toys and games, by now you’ve probably heard that you should showcase your business with content.

That is because composing valuable free content builds your brand, build trust, keeps people educated, gives you something to share via social media and allows you rank in search engines.

More significantly, content marketing allows you to drive and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat purchasers.

The ecommerce customer is not a steady target. In more than one way:

  • Online purchase and behavior preferences changes frequently.
  • Customers jump around steadily from apps to social sites and websites to messaging platforms.
  • They’re mobile based users.
  • How do you attract these “moving targets” into engaging with your ecommerce promotions, buying your products and opting for your offers?

Well, let’s find out how other online stores are figuring out how to sashay down the content game in style:

Create Video Demonstrations

Images clearly help you in selling your products but are not enough to blow anyone’s mind. You can boost sales of featured, popular, or new products by making short how-to, review, or promotional videos.

How-to videos are a simple way to guide people to engage with your content, particularly when you sell a niche product on your online sale. Luxy Hair sells clip-in hair extensions that give you bigger, more full hair than ever before, however, their YouTube channel is as amazing and stunning as their product.

They have so many videos on how to use what they sell. Customers can figure out how to choose an exact shade, how to clip in the hair extensions, how to utilize these extensions with short hair and how to store their extensions.


  • Use how-to videos to explain your product in detail
  • Go beyond your product and reach your audience with how-tos
  • Keep in mind the power of educating

If you find videos drive sales, you can expand the program with more video promotions and test with various ways to video production and different sorts of videos.

Present User-Generated Content

Recently, a fifth-grader saw the lack of ad promotions and suggested that they run a contest and the brand declared that they adored the idea and would air the winning commercial.

Why did Tesla start using user-generated content? The answer is it will make the brand win more goodwill, enjoy the better online presence, and get an enormous number of its target audience involved.

Take the sign and start some user-generated content for your company as well.

Use Photo-heavy Content

As an ecommerce company, you’re selling products online, so get out that camera and learn how to get extremely awesome images in your content.

Just look at how VivaLaJewels, a small ecommerce jewelry company, motivates wows on Instagram.

VivaLaJewels Example

Tell Stories

Nowadays, many brands are utilizing storytelling to sell their products and services online. People have been utilizing storytelling, from oral to written, for whatever length of time that humans have been around.

When you think of films, television shows and novels, clearly we adore telling and hearing a decent yarn. What’s more, considering campfire stories, you most likely visualize a lot of spellbound listeners hanging on to each and every expression of the storyteller.

Stories help the audience to experience the emotions and actions of that which is being connected in a manner that is considerably more engaging than essentially reading about it in a text book. A decent story allows you to hit an emotional chord with the audience and engage with them on a deeper level.

Luxury brand Chanel uses plentiful amounts of storytelling on its ecommerce website, which even utilizes chapters, to explain its rich background.

Weave your stories around your brand image and its value propositions and to truly have an impact on your customers.

Offer eBooks and Other Lead Magnets

The average online conversion rate for ecommerce shoppers drifts somewhere in the range of 2% and 3%. More than 97% abandon you. However, a failed attempt to catch a sale doesn’t mean you can’t catch email addresses.

In a post that demonstrates how SaaS marketing differs from another kind of marketing, Neil Patel states, “If you are a B2B SaaS marketer, consider yourself in various terms from mere ‘marketer’. Think of yourself as an industry consultant — the one who has and dispenses information.”

While blog content helps drive traffic, one of your content marketing objectives ought to be to change the traffic into subscribers. Offer eBooks and other lead magnets for example mini-courses, templates, tools, checklists, and more to inspire guests to give you their email addresses.

Think esteem. Think relevance. What would you be able to offer to enable a prospective customer to solve a problem? Think of your lead magnet offer as something so important it’s worth paying for—then give it free.

Statistics on online shoppers


When it comes to online sales, the content has played a solid scaffold — it’s simply that the sort of content has changed. It’s the material you compose to motivate existing customers and the audience you would like to reach. Ecommerce sites over the web are exploiting content’s power. They’re killing it—and you can, as well.

By utilizing some or all of the above-listed tips, you can utilize content to enjoy the better engagement, more insight into the buyer’s journey, build brand loyalty, increased conversions, and great customer reviews — all of which lead to getting more customers.

Lift your search results, build your brand, motivate your audience, and become an expert—all with the assistance of content.

What’s your intake on this? Tell us in the comments!

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