6 Ways to Market Free Shipping to Grow Your Online Store
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During a survey by Statista, in November 2017 in the US, 73% of respondents stated that free shipping affects their buying decision.

As soon as you start selling the products through your ecommerce store, you look for many marketing tactics to grow your sales. Free shipping is one of the most excellent marketing strategies that merchants try to improve the count of their sales. If you haven’t tried it yet for your store, you can get started anytime. Before introducing the idea of free shipping on your store, evaluate the price of the products that you have listed.

Once you are ready to launch the idea of free shipping, here are a few ways that you can count on to market it.

Free shipping for lightweight and costly products

Free shipping

If you are new in the business and offering free shipping on your store for the first time, start with the lightweight products. Unlike heavy products, you can save on the charges and will get a better idea about the shipping price variations with the distance. In this manner, you won’t end up paying higher than the estimated rate to the shipping companies.

When it comes to expensive products, it is easier to include the shipping price in the price of the product. Also, there will be higher chances of cart abandonment, if you charge shipping charges in addition to the product’s price. With the free shipping label on the expensive products, you can reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Launch a time-bound free shipping campaign

When you are launching the free shipping on your products for the first time, you can start a time-bound campaign. With this campaign, you can fasten the checkout process by allowing free shipping only if the checkout process completed in the time frame of 15-20 minutes.

With a limited time frame, a customer won’t spend much time researching the product and completes the checkout much more quickly.

You can play another trick to engage your customers with your time-bound campaign. Display the free-shipping pop-up to only those customers that visited 3-4 products on your site. This ensures that the customer is interested in purchasing certain products and is not merely checking the prices. This shows the higher chances of the success of your marketing campaign.

Complimentary shipping for you first-time customers

Complimentary shipping

To invite new customers to your store and to increase your mailer list, first-time free shipping can be a fantastic idea. All those first-time buyers of yours can unlock this offer only by sharing their contact number/email address. On the one hand, your customers turn happy by getting the offer of free shipping. On the other hand, you will get the contact details of the customer that you can approach further with more suggestions. This improves the chances of triggering communication with the customers and build professional relations with them by offering personalized offers.

Free shipping as the brand’s USP

USP of any business is the identity for which it is known. Irrespective of the type of products you are dealing with, that’s for sure that there are numerous other businesses in the market that are selling similar products. If you enable free shipping on your entire catalog, you can stand ahead of your competitors.

You can adapt the idea of free shipping as a USP of your brand. Such a notion can entice the customers to look for your store to buy the products over your competitors.

Accelerate your sales in festivals with free shipping

Accelerate your sales in festivals

People go crazy for shopping in the festive season, especially when the festive sales hit on ecommerce sales channels. If you offer free shipping to your customers at this time, you can boost the traffic at your store and can improve your sales rate as well. Unlike the time-bound shipping, this can be considered as the day-bound shipping.

Free shipping service on the festivals can accelerate the conversion rate at a higher pace. In the meantime, you can boost your connections by offering them festive discounts in addition to free shipping.

Price bound free shipping

Price bound free shipping

If you start evaluating the way businesses are selling the point of free shipping, you will observe that price-bound is the most common idea. In the case of price-bounded free shipping, the pop-up is displayed to the customer during checkout. So, when you are confirming that the customer is ready to move ahead, you offer them an option to add more products in the cart and get relaxation in the shipping price.

If you are charging $5 for shipping for a product of $30 and adding another product of $10 can keep the customer from paying $5, a customer may opt for it. With this practice, you enable the charged Shipping as well as free shipping on your store. Now, it is the choice of the customer whether he/she likes to pay for shipping or an additional product.

Free shipping as a service

Like Amazon Prime, you can offer free shipping as a service to your customers. However, you can count on such an option at a later stage of your business. Once you grow a sound user base, you can ask your customers to sign up for certain premium shipping services.

The act of providing free shipping is undoubtedly a fantastic marketing tactic, but it should also be marketed very well. You can launch campaigns, create goals to analyze the conversion rate via this tactic. Don’t forget to mention the clause of free shipping in your social media posts. If you are offering free shipping on all of your products, mention FREE Shipping in the header banner. The better you market your idea, the higher will be traffic, and more will be the chances of conversion.

Don’t think much, go ahead and try enabling FREE shipping at your store.

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