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Will 2019 be the year you will finally make a profitable online business?

You’ve considered it every year. You’ve gone over endless online business ideas in your mind and envisioned what your life would be like if you could leave your job and generate money on the internet. You could travel the world effortlessly, make a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family, and accomplish financial freedom. You could at last escape the constraints of the 9-5 lifestyle and process your time.

But then, what happens? For the most part, you spend some time considering the ideas but at the end of the day resort back to your comfort zone. The steady income of your secure job, the simplicity of having another person instruct you what to do every day, and the consistent schedule.

You tell yourself, “You know what? This year is a little too crazy. I’ll start that online business next year!”

But “next year” never comes.

We’re here to tell you that 2019 is the year you should start your online business. There’s more opportunity than ever, and you should take advantage!

To help you get started, Here is our list of 7 online business ideas for 2019. Go through them, see which you connect with, and start doing your research. Then get begin with one, it’s that simple!

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting somebody else’s product.

There are two fundamental ways the vast majority of people do affiliate marketing:

  • Information products. You promote products like membership sites, video series, ebooks, etc. This type of affiliate marketing can earn you up to 50% or more in commission, has relatively low barriers to entry, and it’s easy to find products to promote.
  • Amazon partners. Many affiliate marketers have success with Amazon. There are millions of products to choose from, and it can be quite profitable. For more information, you can check out the Amazon Associates Program.

Create a Digital Product or Course

Creating a digital product or course is like writing an ebook. You’re adapting your expertise by teaching it to others.

That being stated, you don’t have the advantage of Amazon promoting your course. You need to do the promoting yourself through your very own website, your email lists, and conceivably through affiliate partnerships. You additionally need to make a compelling sales page that will persuade visitors to purchase from you.

If you don’t as of now have an audience, it may be smarter to independently publish on Amazon first. That way, you can validate your course idea, grow your email list, and more or less create a rough draft of the course.

Buy and Flip Domains

You’ve probably heard of people who buy and “flip” real estate, right? They buy a house for a relatively good price, fix it up a little bit, and then resell it for a nice profit.

It’s the same idea for buying and flipping domains. Whether it’s your domain, or whether you’re looking to buy somebody else’s site and flip it, this can be a good source of online income.

You can use resources like Empire Flippers to both buy and sell your domains.


Dropshipping is when you create online store to sell other people’s products (i.e you don’t do any of the manufacturing or shipping). Then, you get a commission for each sale.

The benefit here is that you don’t have to risk buying up stock in a product and losing money if it doesn’t sell. The entry barrier is lower and you don’t need to contribute so a lot to begin.

If you’d like to learn how to dropship, Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of the best resources to help you get started.

Set Up an Ecommerce Site

One of the best ways to earn online income is by setting up an ecommerce store. Here’s the in-addition side: if you attempt to go the course of affiliate marketing, the best affiliate marketers are centered around 3 main niches; weight loss, making money online, and dating. You would have to compete with the best of the best, and it’s not easy.

With the ecommerce route, in many markets, you’ll be competing against old-school business people who may or may not have any internet marketing experience. Many of them have glitchy, outdated sites, which leaves you a great deal of opportunity for improvement, and you can capitalize on their weaknesses.

It’s still not easy by any means. It requires hard work, and you need to stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of ecommerce websites and online stores. But by filling a unique niche and executing the right marketing techniques, you can make your ecommerce store a profitable success.

Here are some tips to help you get started with your ecommerce store:

  • Find a profitable market. Brainstorm a few thoughts, do keyword research, and attempt to get as explicit as possible. For instance, there is likely a lot of competition for selling surfboards. yet if you narrow it down to surfboard racks, you may have a superior possibility of standing out in the market.
  • Ask yourself, “Is this product popular?” If your market has just passed its peak and is on the downslope, you most likely would prefer not to get involved. Instead, you want to get into an industry that’s on the upswing – that’s where you’ll have the most profit and growth potential.
  • Consider building a Builderfly store. Builderfly is a system built for ecommerce. With some basic web knowledge, you can set up a good-looking store very quickly, with a low-cost investment and with no coding needed. Builderfly has a 14-day free trial too, so you can get started without spending a dime.

Self-Publish a Book on Amazon

Have you ever thought of writing a book, but didn’t know where to get started? All the publishing garbage, the formatting and editing, marketing, and so on?

With Amazon, you can self-publish a book decently effectively, and truly make money from it. There are some straightforward and reasonable guides to assist you to write your book AND have it create consistent income.

Here’s the secret sauce: If you can launch your book and get a couple of hundred sales in the first week, Amazon will take over and begin advertising it for you. This way you can profit from it. It’s simpler than it sounds, however, we’ll get to that in a minute.

Here are a couple of tips for writing a book:

  • Validate the book by giving a survey to friends, an email list, and/or survey sites like Pickfu. By validating your idea before you write the book, you’ll improve the odds of people willing to buy your book.
  • Create an outline and stick to it if possible.
  • Set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour each day to write.

Once the book is written and formatted, you can head over to KDP.amazon.com. Log in with your Amazon account, then under “Create a New Title”, select “Kindle eBook.”

Sell handcrafted and homemade goods

If you’re a maker—whether you DIY soap, candles, sauces, or pottery—you’re in a unique position to start an online business since product development and procurement are literally in your hands.

Unlike many of the different thoughts on this list, you should consider shipping and inventory management, yet you can start basic on a per-order basis or with a small batch until you begin generating predictable sales.

Many makers on Builderfly started out selling from their homes on Amazon or to friends and family, growing into full-time business owners after establishing demand for their products.


It’s a new year and a new chance for you to start an online business and create an absolute financial and lifestyle freedom for yourself. 2019 is all about taking action. With this enormous list of online business ideas, you have a lot of choices to get started with. Don’t wait any longer, and definitely, don’t put it off until next year!

Take a few ideas and run with them – by this time of the next year, you very well may have your own successful and profitable online business! Just be sure to report back here and let us know your results!

If you have other online business ideas you think are worth mentioning, be sure to drop them on our email or simply tweet us on @BuilderFly!

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