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Regardless of whether you’re another or existing eCommerce, normal issues such as abandoned carts, inadequate selling, and unsystematic platforms don’t need to torment your store. That is the place Builderfly comes in, building custom eCommerce destinations that both drive qualified possibilities and increased deals.

It’s imperative to see each of your three crowds: clients, search engines and internal directors. Through extraordinary custom design, sharp SEO strategies, and a consistent, all-around fabricated system, you can pull in clients—and make life simpler on the fulfillment side, as well. Ease of use translates into a streamlined shopping experience for clients. Rather than weaving together different projects, we outfit you with a single solution—everything your eCommerce calls for in one vigorous platform.

In case you’re in the market for another eCommerce site, the principal thing you have to choose is whether you’ll utilize a pre-made or a custom solution. Out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions, for example, Builderfly have various favorable circumstances. Even though they require time speculation, custom eCommerce sites return as more prominent control, adaptability, and versatility.

Reasons to choose a custom eCommerce solution

You’ll need to choose for yourself whether the extensive advantages of altering your eCommerce site exceed the accommodation of utilizing an instant product. Here are a few reasons that can enable you to ponder.

There are explicit guidelines for your industry

Not all businesses are indistinguishable. Yours may have extraordinary guidelines or rules. Every bearer has additionally its guidelines about disallowed things. In case you’re in an industry that manages various products or necessities, at that point utilizing a custom eCommerce solution is a shrewd thought. This will assist you with guaranteeing that you agree to the transportation measures of the business and of every transporter that you use.

You have adjustable or measured products

In case you need to give customers plenty of choices for altering the products they purchase, at that point you ought to mirror this assortment by utilizing a custom eCommerce site. One normal use case is a shirt store that permits you to modify the sizes, hues, textual styles, and illustrations on every shirt. With such huge numbers of various factors in play, each making an alternate cost, you might need to charge a different cost for every shirt. An out-of-the-case eCommerce system won’t have the option to suit these choices for a solitary product, not to mention every one of them. Complex orders like these will require a modern custom eCommerce answer to handle them.

Your transport for different merchants

Another solid purpose behind utilizing a specially constructed eCommerce system, with regards to delivery, is utilizing different merchants. The more merchants you have a relationship with, the almost certain it is that you’ll have to utilize numerous transporters and have unique dispatching needs. For instance, one seller who makes adornments out of her home may emphatically like to utilize USPS since it’s the nearest to their home, while another needs to utilize FedEx because they have an exceptional markdown. Because of this assortment of choices, you may need to make customizations to your eCommerce platform that limits what your customers can do.

You have particular or special delivery choices

Selling objects that are of a predictable size and weight, with no extraordinary contemplations required is a certain something, yet the more prominent assortment of products your eCommerce store offers, the more various your clients’ delivery concerns will be. Thusly, a custom eCommerce solution will appear to be considered all the more engaging. For one, your clients may need the decision of various messenger conveyance services, regardless of whether that is FedEx, UPS, DHL or the U.S. postal help.

In case you’re shipping things universally, you may likewise need to stress over traditions. Another issue that may emerge is shipping things that require severe temperature controls, (for example, pharmaceuticals). These should be refrigerated to forestall waste and save freshness.

You need to fabricate extremely extraordinary features for your customers

In case your business is exceptional, your eCommerce site ought to mirror that uniqueness by offering uncommon features. When you’ve hit the development organization, you can begin constructing a suite of extravagant features that will improve your transformation rates. For instance, you might need to manufacture a customized shopping involvement in a custom look and feel for every client. Shockingly, most pre-manufactured eCommerce solutions penance customization choices for giving an institutionalized, unsurprising contribution. This implies in case you need to make an extremely uncommon client experience for your customers, you’ll likely need to strike out all alone with a specially fabricated site.

You have security concerns

The dominating security concern when running an eCommerce site is ensuring your clients’ very own information, specifically, their payment card data. As a major aspect of your business, your site ought to be consistent with the 12 necessities of PCI DSS (Payment Card Information Data Security Standards). Without outsider help employing an exceptionally manufactured platform, it’s hard for organizations to realize that they’re precisely doing eCommerce security. You realize how to maintain your business; however, can you likewise truly say that you’re furnishing customers with the most secure exchanges while working with you? Utilizing a specially fabricated site permits you to profit by the skill of builders and security experts who realize how best to ensure clients’ data.

Your clients have one of a kind needs

A few organizations service an anxious customer base and need to make the buying procedure as simple and quick as could reasonably be expected, while others might want to make a feeling of commonality, personalization, and invitingness. Contingent upon your clients and the shopping experience that you need to make, a custom eCommerce site might be the most ideal method for giving it. You have custom coupons or promotion codes or rules. An out-of-the-box eCommerce system may incorporate usefulness for coupon codes, yet it might likewise be inflexible or constrained in scope. For instance, you might need to permit customers to utilize the code just up to a specific number of things, or to keep the code from being utilized with explicit things or brands if a seller doesn’t permit limits on a specific product. Shockingly, a few out of every odd instant eCommerce solution can suit these exceptional principles. Utilizing an exclusively assembled site, nevertheless, permits you to heat in the same number of rules about coupons and promotion codes; even profoundly explicit ones as you need.

Is Builderfly Customizable?

The question now remains if Builderfly is a customizable platform. The answer to it is a straight, Yes! Building businesses with Builderfly includes a wide range of perks, such as:

  1. Quick set up of gorgeous online store
  2. Professionally designed themes and templates for each business
  3. No requirement of complex HTML or coding to build a business with Builderfly
  4. A Dedicated customer service team that is available round the clock
  5. Free AI-powered mobile application
  6. Inbuilt payment gateways for secure and verified payment procedures
  7. Facility for multiple selling through a single dashboard
  8. Easy recovery of abandoned carts
  9. Quick import and export of catalogs
  10. Facility to add unlimited products

Key Features of Builderfly

  1. Web-based store builder
  2. Industry-specific professional themes
  3. Native IOS and Android Mobile App
  4. Mobile Editor
  5. Brand and customize your online store
  6. Connect Your domain name
  7. Free SSL certificate
  8. All credit cards accepted with Builderfly
  9. Major payment gateways
  10. Customer profiles, accounts & groups management
  11. Order management
  12. Email templates
  13. Refunds
  14. Marketing & SEO
  15. Photography
  16. Digital Marketing
  17. Analytics
  18. One-year free maintenance
  19. 24/7 support

Who can use Builderfly?

Builderfly is made for everyone including the 3 major sectors – individuals, merchants, and retailers. If you are an individual who wishes to sell a few products online, you can easily do that with Builderfly. If you are a merchant who wishes to sell products in wholesale, you can find retailers or individuals from Builderfly. If you are a retailer who has already bought products from merchants and wish to sell them online, Builderfly can be the right platform. Whether you are a housewife, a full-time worker, a student, or an individual who wants to establish a startup; you can make your dream-come-true with Builderfly. In a nutshell, you can sell any product and make a profit with Builderfly.

What can you do with Builderfly?

With Builderfly, you can sell your products to targeted customers with the utmost ease. You can find the customers who are looking for your products. Builderfly’s marketing strategies allow you to sell your products on multiple platforms using a single dashboard making the business a cakewalk. You need not log onto different platforms to market your products. With Builderfly, you can integrate your social media accounts into your dashboard and manage all the accounts from one place.

How to Create Beautiful E-Commerce Store in 5 Steps with Builderfly?

You can create a gorgeous online store for higher selling of your products with Builderfly in 5 easy steps, they are:

Step 1 – Sign up

With a few details and a unique store name, you can sign up with Builderfly and give a kick start to your online business. Your store name is secure for a lifetime; once created, no one can ever use your store name to create another store. Herein, you will need:

A valid email address or valid phone number

Unique store name that can be alphanumeric

Make use of the 14-days free trial

Step 2 – Manage Store

Builderfly entitles you with the power to manage your store simply. You can follow the step – by – step procedure to manage your store without any hassles. The backend of your store, as well as the mobile application, can be managed from one place without any technical support.

Here, you shall need:

Product – Add single product for sale or add products in bulk in  a blink of an eye

Sales – Manage your entire sales at one place

Order Management – Manage all the orders you receive at one platform

Shipment – Set default shipment method or request for additional shipment methods

Customer Management – Know your customer behavior for personalized selling

SEO Management – Know easy–to–use SEO tactics and use them to build web traffic to your store

Step 3 – Customize the layout

Every entrepreneur wishes a website that stands out from the crowd. We understand that and so we have given the power of customization to our valuable customers. You can customize your store with many lucrative ready-to-use templates, background images, banners, and much more. You can also upload them as per your convenience.

Herein, you will need to:

Choose Template – Choose the template for each section of the store as well as the app

Change color – Choose a color for each text from the color pallet

Change Image – Select an image from Builderfly or your personal gallery

Manage content – Learn how to optimize content to increase web traffic

Add a new page – Add new page for including more details in your store

Add new section – Add a new section to enhance your storefront

Manage Social Media – Manage all your social media handles – all at one place

Step 4 – Set up the domain

If you have a domain of your store, you can easily connect to it with Builderfly. However, you need to make sure that you subscribe to Builderfly to avail of this facility. You can also remove or add a new domain in the later stages as per the requirement.

You shall need:

Unique business name – connect your unique business name and let your brand stand out

Step 5 – Activate your payment processor

Although we have integrated with major payment gateways, you can activate the payment processor of your choice. However, if you wish to add a new payment gateway, you need to intimate about the same to Builderfly. Your request shall be processed and executed within a short period.

You will need to:

Integrate Offline and Online Payment Method – Employ Paytm, PayPal, Razorpay, and authorize.net to manage payments

How to Create a Personal Mobile Application within 3 Steps?

Step 1 – Build an app with the power of AI

All the details that are entered and saved in your storefront automatically reflect in your native mobile application. However, you can always differentiate your mobile application with different themes, colors, templates, and many more customizable options.

Step 2 – Customize the layout of the mobile app

If you wish to differentiate your mobile application, you can edit the layout of your mobile application right from the dashboard of your app front. Any changes you make need to be saved to be applicable.

Step 3 – Publish the app

Be it iOS, be it Android, with Builderfly, you can generate build as well as directly publish if you already have a build. As soon as the build is generated, your application can be viewed from your respective mobile phone.

How to Market and Sell your Products easily with Builderfly?

Builderfly has scaled the marketing tactics a level up. You can sell your products on multiple platforms with a single Builderfly dashboard. Based on your subscription plan, we permit you to integrate different selling platforms into your dashboard. Within a few clicks, your products can be live on various selling platforms. Moreover, each product can be target oriented using specific SEO keywords and titles. We help you in connecting with the customers who are in search of the products you have in the house!

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