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The ecommerce industry is growing at a flitting rate. Although ecommerce owners know the importance of quality product description, the negligence of store optimization is prevailing. Even with the rising mobile culture, the majority of the ecommerce platforms offer mobile application as an add-on service to building an online store. Additionally, a study proved that about 75% of the population doubted the website’s credibility based on its store design.

To bring a bar over these problems and revolutionize the ecommerce industry, Builderfly – one of the speedily–growing ecommerce platforms is taking over the market. It allows the user to build a fully customizable online store and a personalized mobile application without being a technical artist. All the technical management including HTML and coding is handled by Builderfly. With Builderfly, you get the power to design your store – your way and focus on selling the products to the maximum customers.

Builderfly is a do-it-yourself platform that includes creating an online store, listing products, selecting templates, uploading pictures, processing, and fulfilling orders, creating pages, offering discount coupons, building powerful mobile applications, selling everything online at one platform, getting smart tips to grow business, and managing the online store.  You can sell your products everywhere including online marketplaces, web, and social media platforms. Moreover, the selling platforms can be integrated into your Builderfly store and managed from one single dashboard. Additionally, there is a 24/7 assistance from Builderfly to resolve any doubts or queries at every stage of the process.

Builderfly is a hosted online business platform that can make setting up a store simple for most clients. In case you have already started building your store on another platform and wish to migrate into Builderfly; you’ll have to migrate your current store information, customers, orders, and products out from the previous store and afterward import the complete information into your new Builderfly store. Because of its prominence, adaptability, and versatility, numerous online business storekeepers are thinking about the move from their current platform to Builderfly. Here’re the reasons:

  1. Builderfly leverages the power of AI to sync the store data to mobile apps simplifying the process of building apps.
  2. The Separate Design Editor for the store and mobile app helps in creating a strong visual impact on the customers.
  3. The in-built Google Analytics, SEO guide, and code editor help in optimizing the storefront.
  4. At all stages of business, there is absolutely No Transaction Fee with Builderfly.
  5. Builderfly aids in conveniently managing all the selling points with a Single Backend Management
  6. The Builderfly marketplace offers various Fully Functional Themes for Free.
  7. The 1-year free maintenance helps in the smooth functioning of the store without any hurdles.
  8. The Lifetime-Free Startup Plan with a nominal one-time charge helps startup businesses to enter the online selling world with the utmost ease.
  9. The all-inclusive features make Builderfly a one-stop ecommerce solution.
  10. The four different Pricing Plans take care of businesses of all kinds.

Building a fruitful online business begins with picking the best ecommerce platform for you. However, before we plunge into what features make an ecommerce platform the best, we should characterize what an ecommerce “platform” really is. Do you need coding abilities, unlimited assets, or a degree in website designing? The simple answer is, no! We’re speculating you’ve known about web builders, isn’t that so? Indeed, by giving tools that assist you with selling on the web, these builders don’t simply make sites; they make online stores. These builders are what are known as ecommerce platforms or ecommerce web builders.

Way to import ecommerce store to the Builderfly platform

Like a standard online store with Builderfly, you need to sign-up with us from the get started button in www.builderfly.com. Building an online store had never been this easy. Let us see how to set up your online store with Builderfly in less than 15 minutes. If you wish to learn more about Builderfly, you can sign up for a 14–day free trial and explore the features in detail.

Here’s a comprehensive tutorial for you:

Part 1

How to create a storefront with Builderfly?

Step 1: Sign Up with Builderfly

Land on the Builderfly website and click on the ‘Get Started’ button. Enter a valid email address, password, and store name. Select a theme based on your industry and yay! Let’s get started.

The following page shall ask you to fill in a few personal information such as your name, address and phone number in order to configure the currencies and the tax rates.

Step 2: Import Products and Customers to the Builderfly Dashboard

Go to the ‘Manage Store’ section and click on Products. The dropdown options will include ‘Import’. You need to remember that you can only upload your existing store data in a CSV file. A Comma Separated Values file, otherwise called a CSV file, is a plain text file that includes tabular data and spreadsheets. They are anything but difficult to make, can be controlled by utilizing any text editor, and can be imported and exported to different platforms.

As a result of the fact that they are so natural to make and move, you could spare a ton of time altering your store by utilizing CSV files. Nevertheless, this relies upon how you use them. With CSV files, you’re ready to make mass alters like product name and cost to your store. You can likewise convey huge volumes of data. In any case, what you can’t do with a CSV file is to use it as a reasonable tool for backing up your store data.

Click on ‘Click here to download the sample CSV file’. Once you get the sample, you can likewise create your file and upload the same in the column above by the drag and drop method or the option to browse your files. Once done, click on the ‘Save’ button in the right bottom corner of your page. Similarly, you can import your orders as well as customers to your Builderfly store within just a few minutes.

Step 3: Customize the Layout of your Site

You can click on the ‘Manage and Edit’ button to customize the look and feel of your site. Here, you can customize anything from logos, banner images, colors and much more.

Step 4: Set up your Domain

Now when you have designed your website your way, it’s time to select a domain and make your site official & live. Once you have uploaded your store data, you can connect your domain and enjoy all the extensive features offered by Builderfly. Upon activation, you can go to that particular domain and view your website.

Step 5: Activate your Payment Processor

Click on the ‘Payment’ tab on the dashboard. It allows you to choose from dozens of payment processors such as Razorpay, Paytm, Authorize.net, among many others. Follow the steps to activate your payment processor without any hassles. Activating Payment Processor allows you to receive payments from your customers and deposit them into your account.

Everything said and done, you must click on the ‘Launch Website’ button in order to make the store live.

Part 2

How to create an App with Builderfly?

Step 1: Build a native mobile app using AI

Get the real experience of AI in your mobile application as we gather your data from the storefront. In a few steps, your application is ready.

Step 2: Customize the layout of your mobile app

You have the power to differentiate your native mobile app from your storefront by customizing it. You can change the color, themes, templates, and much more for each screen in the mobile application.

Step 3: Publish your app

Publishing your mobile app with Builderfly is a complete hassle-free procedure. Within a few clicks, you can publish your personalized mobile application on both iOS and Android and give life to your native mobile application.

Congratulations! You now have a fully functional Builderfly online store. Enjoy all the extensive Builderfly features and grow your business without any hassles.

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