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“86% of customers say that the coupon affects their choice of brand”

– Kissmetrics

Setting up a store involves a lot of hard work, but to bring business, you need to take a step forward. Like other businesses, you have a live store ready to sell your products. You have optimized your store with all of your SEO knowledge, and let’s say your business is showing up in the top 3 pages of SERPs. Do you think this is enough to get good sales at your store?

Well, No!

The reason is pretty simple. There are several other businesses listed in the search results. So, the possibility is, some of them can hit at your business at a time, but they can always compare them with the other available options. You may win sometimes and can lose other times.

As a business owner or a marketing head, you can’t simply wait to understand the market needs; rather you need to make an extra effort. But, your challenge is to find some ideas with which you can be the customer’s choice for most of the time.

So, you need to try out some attractive ideas, that can bring greater sales to your business for like the major part of the year. When loyalty programs can be the choice of every brand for the long go, special offers can help you welcome your new customers with the same warmth.

There is a huge variety of special offers that you can explore for your Builderfly store, let take a look:

Discount coupons

Discount coupons

One of the oldest ideas of attracting new customers and retaining new ones is the discount coupons. Traditionally, coupons used to be in the physical format, like published in newspapers, magazines or given physically at the store on purchase of certain products. Those coupons can be redeemed again at the store.

For example, do you remember collecting some 20 coupons from the packets of certain snacks and getting a packet for free in return of those coupons? That’s the same sort of coupons we’re talking about.

Though coupons started as a physical copy, technology came up with an upgraded version of them. Now, you can offer the offline as well as online coupons. You can mail those coupons to the customers, once they purchased from your brand, or you can send physical coupons when shipping them the product.

When you have an online store only, you can score better with the pop-up coupon. Confused? Well, pop-coupons are the discount coupons that pop up on the screen of the visitor, if he/she stays for a while on the website. This can be about “10% off for first-time customers” or “20% off for the next half an hour only”.

Promo Codes

Promo codes

Unlike coupons, promo codes were always an effective customer retention option. Promo code stands for promotional codes and is an alpha-numeric code. It is often referred to as discount codes. Though it shows the percentage off or the cost off on checkout, applied only when the terms & conditions satisfy.

You can use the promo code automatically or let your customers enter it manually. You can also set the conditions as promo code applied only if your cart has the orders of $499 or more.

One of the main reasons behind preferring promo codes over coupons is that promo codes can be embedded with your purchase goals. Since you have your business online, you can keep the track of the sales that you acquired via the promo codes. Also, you can check it later in your transaction history.

Special Deals

black-friday deals

When you want to clear your stock or you want to feel like there can be the so many product types in the market, you can go ahead with the special deals.

You can get started any day and any time for special deal offers. However, if you are into the retail sector and own a physical shop as well, we would suggest you to choose the weekend deals. Weekends are the best days for shopping maniacs and your weekend deals can be a heartwarming gift for them.

You can check for the daily deals, targeting a particular product category. This can be an amazing idea to give for better exposure at the beginning of your business. So, you can get the products in stock as per your customer responses. You can also opt for certain stock clearance sales when you are planning to go and refresh your stock.

Seasonal Deals


What’s the season for your business? If you are unsure about it now, you need to research a bit. This can help you in getting more orders in business days and strategize your marketing campaign accordingly.

Other than your prime season, you can attract traffic in the festive season sales. When you are starting your business in India, you are never out of the occasion that you can target to gather huge traffic. From huge festivals to small occasions, you can plan your sale anytime.

Some of the trending ones:

  • Festive sales like Diwali Sales, Christmas Sales, New year sales, etc.
  • Seasonal Sales: Summer Sales, Winter Sales
  • Fashion Sales
  • Wedding Sales

Email Subscription Offer

Email seems a bit traditional however email marketing is still one of the most profitable marketing strategies with huge ROI. This simply means that growing your email subscribers list is a wise investment for each dollar you spend on advertisement. By getting your customers’ email addresses, you have the road to build a relationship, drive sales, and cultivate customer loyalty in the future. You can entice your visitors to join your email subscription or newsletter by putting an email subscribing form together with the best discount offer as a motivating factor.

For example, this is an email subscription form created by Better Coupon Box. You can offer a discount coupon for 5-15% off on the customer’s first purchase in exchange for his email address.

Email Subscription offer

Customer Loyalty Rewards

91% of shoppers state that they are a member of a member-exclusive loyalty program. They said they entered into a loyalty program due to member-only discounts or offers. There’s an ability from customers to be part of an online store’s membership program as a result of the perceived exclusivity and access to deals and rewards.

A perfect example of this is Target’s REDCard is a customer loyalty program that rewards its customers with an extra 5% discount each time they purchase something. REDCard members also get early access to coupons and upcoming deals.



As an ecommerce store owner, you are confronting increasingly tough competition. Starting an online store has never been easier, particularly with the introduction of social media marketplaces and other platforms for selling online.

If you want to stand out from the noise and want to have a potential customer in your niche, you need a toolkit of different promotional tactics available to you that you can draw from. These 6 ideas are a decent starting point that you can expand on.

What ideas will you put into action in 2019?

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