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“Never put all of your eggs in a single basket.”

We believe that you’ve heard this proverb more than hundreds of times. But, when you jump on the bandwagon of ecommerce, you will understand the greater meaning of it.

In simple terms, don’t rely on the single sales channel to market your products and services. If you aren’t selling already in the market, you will find so many options to start with. As a startup and a newbie entrepreneur, you will find the opportunities to sell on the ecommerce marketplace, social media platforms, and above all, via your website.

You will come across the stats like Amazon is perceived as leading shopping apps in the US, with 150.6 million users in September 2019. eBay is the second leading ecommerce site that people spend most of their time on. Facebook, in 2019, has 2.37 billion monthly active users, and surge occurs with the updates and arrival of new trends. With so much data available online, you will find a huge count of stats convincing the reasons to choose them for the promotion and marketing of your brand.

You always like to go ahead with the best platform, but it is a good idea to rely on one platform.

Of course not!

Do you remember the Facebook data breach scandal in 2019? Well, that’s the time when users instantly moved away from Facebook for a specific time. This could happen with any of the brands and businesses, and you can not predict it in advance. Also, when you are selling from one sales channel, you lose the opportunity to connect with the customers that are scattered on the web.

That’s why ecommerce brands should sell across multiple sales channels, rather than selling on a single platform. In this way, you can get benefited from the reach of several platforms, build the identity of your brand, and improve the sales score of your business.

What is the challenge in selling on Multiple Sales channels?

When you are selling on any one of the sales channels, you have to perform several tasks. You list the products, manage orders, check with returns, understand the policy updates of a single sales channel only. But, as soon as you add another sale channel to your bucket, you will find yourself repeating the same tasks. With every channel you add to your list, you will add more burden on your shoulders. You are surely increasing the options of conversion, but you are likely to increase your trouble.

How can Builderlfy multichannel selling help you?

To save yourself from the trouble of juggling the tabs on your browser, Builderfly lets you manage all of your sales channels via a single dashboard. On the primary screen of your Builderfly store, you will get brief details about the sales you are getting from different channels you have linked your store with.

Cut short: Builderfly arms you with a single dashboard that can manage it all!

Let us take you one-by-one with the sales channels that can be favorable for your business.

Share and Sell where you build connections:

Sell on Facebook & Instagram

Gone were the days of sweet night lullabies that make you sleep. Nowadays, social media apps are the first ones that you check in the morning and sleep, scrolling them. Maybe you don’t have such a habit, but many people have it. People shop while scrolling, chatting, traveling, and what not!

Won’t it be fantastic if you are selling directly through your social media handles?

By linking your Facebook shop with your ecommerce store, you can share your catalog instantly with your viewers and enable the shop without redirecting to any external site.

Grow with ecommerce giants:

Sell on Amazon

To many of the newbies rushing to ecommerce, it’s a dream to sell on Amazon! If you’ve one, you can realize it by simply registering your business and linking your store. When you grow with a brand, people trust you like a brand.

Sell on Flipkart

One of the best things about selling on Flipkart is, you can get benefited from Flipkart growth capital. The service helps businesses connect with investors that are ready to lend some money to you without any collateral security for a defined period. Leveraging such a service, you can grow as a brand at a much faster rate! By linking your store with Builderfly, you can manage different sales channels and improve the ROI of your business.

Hijack the market with everyone’s beloved:


Selling on Google is as easy as creating your store with Builderfly. Once you design your store and launch it, you can connect your account of Google Merchant Center. Get your store verified, create the ad campaign, and start selling globally.

Selling on Google improves the authenticity of your brand, like none of the other ecommerce platforms. Though you aren’t doing anything extraordinary, your products show up as the image searches, before the contextual results. That’s where you score above your competitors. When you add your products in the catalog, you choose the showcase pattern of the image to be displayed on the Google marketplace. This reduces your additional efforts to optimize your product detail page on Google distinctly.

Benefits of Builderfly Multichannel Selling

A single dashboard to manage it all

  • Order management: When you link your existing sales channels to your Builderfly store, you can manage and fulfill all of your orders from a single window. You can call it the central order management section that will list the orders from all of your different sales channels. This will help you in managing the orders, downloading invoice, and update shipping details, if data is set to be updated automatically.
  • Cross-channel catalog update: One of the biggest challenges of multichannel selling is updating your catalog on each of the ecommerce channels distinctly. Most, if not all, the ecommerce platforms have distinct templates to update the details of products on the channels. After a discussion with various sellers, we try to address this issue with a feature of a cross-channel catalog update. When you link your sales channels, you will be asked to select the products from the catalog that you want to be updated across your sales channels. In this way, your product detail pages will be created from a single dashboard. However, you can update them whenever you want to.
  • Cross-channel inventory update: Managing the orders from different sales channels is undoubtedly challenging, and the fear of overselling can kill it. Builderfly can help you sustain against all these odds by merely updating your inventory in real-time across all of your channels. Isn’t it great? Yes, for sure. This feature can help you maintain your brand image, as it reflects in the performance of your seller panel across the ecommerce marketplaces.
  • Flourish with professional services: You promise your customers to deliver the product within 48 hours, and they won’t believe you. But, if Amazon promises the same, the customer is sure to place an order. It’s just because of the trust Amazon gained with its services over the years. Well, you can leverage this trust to grow as a brand with professional services like FBA, Flipkart smart selling, and much more. Builderfly’s DIY dashboard is easier to manage your sales channels. In case you are occupied and want the professionals to take care of it, you can opt for Digital marketing services to manage your ad campaigns across the channels.
  • Manage POS: Multichannel selling not only includes selling on marketplaces and social media platforms; instead, it includes all the ways you opt for. Well, that’s important for you to manage the available inventory, else you will end up overselling. To avoid such a situation and to keep track of your point of sales via brick and mortar stores, Builderfly allows you to add customers and create orders via the same dashboard. By doing so, your in-stock inventory will be automatically updated.
  • Organize your customer’s database:The more information you have about your customers, the easier it will be for you to offer personalized shopping experiences to them. The contact information and customer details help you approach your customers again, build friendly connections with them, and upsell your catalog as per their previous purchases. However, when you are selling across different platforms, the customer information is tough to manage. But it’s not true anymore. When you integrate your sales channels with Builderfly, we collect and enlist the data of all of your customers in the CRM. You can check it and utilize it later for marketing.

We love to see you grow, and that’s why we have an option of multichannel selling enabled for all of the merchants. The count of sales channels that you can integrate into your store varies depending on the business plan you are subscribed with. To discuss your queries about Builderfly multichannel selling, you can reach us at support@builderfly.com.

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