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Today, in the fast-moving digital world, business is all about having it online. With the booming practices of online shopping, ecommerce businesses are flourishing. You might find many ecommerce strategies that you use and see in the market. However, the challenge is to attract customers to your ecommerce store and to motivate them to purchase from you. Online shopping behaviors and purchasing preferences keep evolving. Online shoppers today easily jump from one app, platform, website, to the other, within the blink of an eye.

In short, the customers and target audience’ are mobile. It requires many trials and errors to engage with these moving targets in order to make them purchase from the ecommerce store. You’ll find many tips and tricks from never-ending sources. However, only a few would probably tell how the big brands became successful in dealing with such changing markets. Therefore, we are here, listing down how the ecommerce giants as well as many other successful businesses attract customers. Keep reading and soon, you’ll be cracking the puzzle of attracting customers to your ecommerce stores.

Ways employed by ecommerce companies to attract customers

Offering Discounts and Coupons

Offering Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and coupons have always been the king of retail promotions and there is no questioning of its power. In the ecommerce world, discounts and coupons have much more important than simply stimulating purchases. They play a significant role in grabbing the attention of new email subscribers. Ecommerce businesses offer discounts and coupons explicitly for product purchases as well as for delivering newsletters and other relevant content. There are endless ways to offer discounts and coupons. The ideal way to showcase them is to deliver personalized offers to grab the attention of the target audience efficiently. Many prominent ecommerce companies also use the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) strategy, wherein they create fear within the customers’ of missing out on a great deal or offer. This strategy is quite an effective way to offer discounts and coupons.

Offering Loyalty Programs

Ecommerce business is not just about bringing the customers to the doorsteps for one. It is about motivating them to revisit the store every time they wish to make a purchase. Ecommerce companies make this possible by creating the best experiences for their best customers. They make their precious customers feel valued by rewarding them through customer loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs can include ways to incentivize customers to buy more and spend more on the ecommerce store. There are Endless ways to build loyalty programs. However, the most classic loyalty program is to offer points with every purchase, which can be accumulated to boost purchasing power. Other than motivating to purchase more, it is a good practice to reward the buyers for carrying other activities than simply purchasing such as writing feedbacks, reviews, etc.

Optimizing Search Visibility

No ecommerce store has attained success without optimizing search visibility. To attract customers to an ecommerce store, this is the foremost step. Ecommerce companies thrive on getting visibility in the search engines. Many companies hire SEO experts to do the job of optimizing the ecommerce website/ store and induce the right potion to get attention from the web traffic. Boosting search visibility with the right use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a challenging and long-term task. No companies have gained overnight search visibility. It works slowly; but, the results are worth the efforts and the wait.


Up-selling is a process used by the majority of the ecommerce companies, including the ecommerce giant, Amazon. This method involves persuading the customers to purchase an additional or more expensive product than the one they have already chosen. Now, every customer visiting the ecommerce store might not be aware of the premium products that are available for them. Chances are, the customers find the up-selling suggestion as to the right choice than the comparatively lower-priced products they had already picked. The major points considered by ecommerce companies are that the up-selling suggestions comply with the original requirements of the customers and that the price range is sensitive to the budget set by the customers.


Cross-selling is another way used by majorly all ecommerce companies including the giant ecommerce players in the market. It is a technique of sales that is used to convince customers to spend more by purchasing a product or a few products that compliment the products already being purchased. For instance, if the customer purchases a television, suggestions for cross-selling can be inclusive of speakers, that can enhance the usage of the products purchased. While it adds value to the purchase, it throws some extra bucks in the revenue jar of the ecommerce company.

Using High Definition Images

Images used in the ecommerce stores are the representation of the quality of the products. Unlike in the physical stores, customers are not able to touch and feel the product quality. Due to this reason, providing quality images to comply with the lack of physical testing is important. The product images used on the website must be of such quality that even the minutest feature can be zoomed and seen without it getting pixelated. Images along with content are the core to the success of the ecommerce store. Therefore, all successful ecommerce companies have mastered this art to reach the position they are at right now. Also, using quality videos along with pictures taken from all the angles of the product can enhance the chances of boosting the conversion rates. Even the largest ecommerce marketplace, Amazon lets its sellers add high definition product videos along with the images.

Using Unique Content

It is known without saying that content holds an extra-special place in the ecommerce business. Developing ecommerce content needs strategic methods in place. Content is what assures the customers of the product details and the genuineness of the brand. The ecommerce website/ store content can potentially become the decision-maker for an online shopper. However, since there is a bottomless list of ecommerce businesses out there, in order to thrive and rank in the top search lists, businesses need to be unique; and that can be done by the content of the web pages. Content is everything is in a written format on the website – webpages, blogs, product descriptions, etc. Whatever the location be, unique content bags some brownie points in converting visitors to long-term customers.

Getting the Best of Social Media Platforms

Getting the Best of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the new television in the globe. Like people stuck to their television screens, a few decades back, people now are stuck to their mobile phones to access their social media handles. The social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, to name a few. With the evolving digital world, the ecommerce platforms have redefined. Ecommerce companies now interact and engage with their customers on these platforms where the customers are spending the majority of their time.

Social Media Platforms have become the best way for ecommerce companies to make the store visible to a wider set of audience. If you have noticed, you might have seen business pages of almost every brand on the social media platforms that allow customers to shop directly from their social media handle without having to switch the application. Be it paid advertisements, be it organic marketing, social media platforms have given ecommerce companies the best way to enhance their customer base.

Seamless Customer Support

This step is something that has neck-to-neck competition in the ecommerce competition. Yes, there are many more factors when it comes to competing in the industry; but, nothing can beat the one in customer support. Every online visitor and customer deserves good customer support at any point in time, throughout the year. If one ecommerce company does not provide good customer support, there are many options available in the market. Therefore, every ecommerce business today makes sure to deliver seamless customer support to serve any queries or issues faced by the customers during their buying cycle. Customers must be heard and so must their issues get solved.

Wrapping Up

The above-listed steps are a few most employed ways used by ecommerce companies to attract customers to their stores. Although these methods are tried and tested, every company needs to mold these into something that fits their brand. Therefore, pick the ones that you find the best, alter it as per your needs, and deliver only the best to your esteemed customers. Here’s our help; check out the Builderfly Ecommerce Platform to get everything you’ll ever need to create an amazing online store for your customers. You can create your online space for free with Buidlerfly!

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