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Selling and buying online is the new fancy. Though eBay was one of the best platforms to start selling online, as it was founded in 1995, it is not the only game-changer in the industry. Merchants prefer eBay for its wide product category variations, bid-based product listings, and branding purposes.

With technological development, so many ecommerce platforms came with advanced functionalities on which you can showcase your products. The selection of platforms depends upon the type of your target audience. If we talk about direct selling only, then you can start with the social selling options like Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and a few more. Speaking specifically about the ecommerce marketplaces selling in India, you have to think for alternatives as is closed. So, you can count on:

  • Amazon

The global ecommerce giant Amazon found its inception in 1994, closely started with eBay. You can start selling your products on Amazon simply by registering your business with a GST number. Your account will be professional; further, you can upgrade it for global selling to promote selling in different countries.

To make your brand stand, you can take the trademark and update it to create your store on Amazon. In this way, you will be creating a dedicated brand page of your business that can be used to highlight your offerings in a much better and dedicated manner.

Further, you can leverage Amazon’s FBA services to deliver your products within the promised timeline. Amazon stands equivalent to eBay with its wide product category and price range.

  • Flipkart


Those of the merchants willing to sell in India only can register on Flipkart to start selling their products. You can manage your dropshipping business with Flipkart and take the benefit of Smart fulfillment to ship timely.

You can take the assistance of third-party ecommerce service providers to stand ahead of your competition with ace cataloging services. Though Flipkart is not as old as eBay, QC of listed products help maintain product detail pages’ quality.

  • Etsy

If you are a seller of handcrafted and vintage products, registering on Etsy will benefit your business in the long run. You will be charged a fixed listing fee on a monthly basis and a fee commission fees on your net sales. There is no variation on commission charges depending on product categories. Thus, you can optimize your profit and manage to price accordingly.

In comparison to selling on other marketplaces, selling on Etsy is straightforward as there are no strict listing norms. Also, you need not check for certification and registration to start selling via Etsy. Your organic listings with social media promotions and networking can improve your store’s conversion rate rather than seeking for paid promotions only.

  • eBid

The auction-style listing of eBay can be created in eBid. You can set up your account, browse for the products and product categories to start listing. You can be a seller for free, and you have to pay 3% of the item when you are selling.

  • Snapdeal


The business based on the fresh deals and coupon codes took its plunge in the ecommerce market on the public demand. Like other ecommerce marketplaces, you will be charged distinct commission fees on different products that you will be selling from your Snapdeal store.

Registering and selling on Snapdeal is free, and you will not be charged any listing fees in advance. By registering with your GST credentials, you can start selling on Snapdeal straight away.

  • Bonanza

By clicking on “Become a Bonanza Seller,” you can register your business and start selling. You can import product information from your Amazon, eBay, or Etsy shop. In case you don’t want to export the product information, you can upload new products directly. Further, you can open your booth for business and make it live once done.

The choice of marketplaces depends upon the end goal of your business. In addition to selling via these marketplaces, you can register on ecommerce platforms and set up your online store. It is a lot profitable in terms of building your brand identity. For more information, write to us at

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