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Many different platforms used by brick and mortar retailers have helped them to increase productivity and expand their business. Online sellers either develop their online store using the available resources and technical knowledge or choose to list their products on different popular marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

But, currently, many entrepreneurs are moving towards online store builders for building their online store in less time using the maximum features. Some physical store owners are also switching from marketplaces to eCommerce platform providers for growing business and increasing sales in every possible way.

Adopting eCommerce store builders is the simplest way to sell online. Let’s find out how online store builders can improve your productivity and grow your business:

Seamless Marketplace Integration

As per the survey by Clutch, almost 75% of online buyers prefer Amazon over mom-and-pop websites. This simply implies that online businesses that don’t sell on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Flipkart are losing a huge amount of customers.

Different marketplaces offer a variety of customer service requirements. Thus, you may need to prepare and manage a manual spreadsheet that contains all the details of every order and customer data from all different platforms.

But, with eCommerce store builders like Builderfly & Bigcommerce, you can simply integrate different marketplace accounts and organize sales across all channels on a single platform. It can help you easily track every order’s shipping requirements, inventory details, promotions and many more.

This multi-channel selling can help you in saving time on managing inventory and logistics so you can focus on important operations like building customer relationships.

Mcommerce Apps in Less than 3 Minutes

Most shoppers prefer to buy products from mobile applications and mCommerce has completely taken over eCommerce in recent days. As per the study, the increasing growth of mCommerce will overtake eCommerce transactions in 2020. This can create a need for an eCommerce mobile app for your online store as it can offer the best user experience. Online store builders provide the best way to publish your mobile apps on the customer’s phone within 2-3 minutes. You can easily create and publish eCommerce apps for free even though you’re not a techie person.

By providing m-commerce apps, online builders save your additional cost of developing native eCommerce apps.

Much Needed Support on High Traffic Days

Just imagine walking into your store on Black Friday to find out only a few employees trying to manage a flood of shoppers.

When you choose only a website builder that is not designed for eCommerce, you may find yourself into the digital version of this situation on high traffic days.

But, eCommerce store builders very well understand that 404 errors, an hour of downtime or a page which takes a lot of time while loading can make a huge difference in profits. Online store builders are already familiar with seasonal sales cycles, so they can provide additional support in critical situations.

Know Your Customers Closely

The integrated in-built tools within these online store builders give you the ability to track and manage your customers. This kind of tool also enables you to know customer’s buying behavior, what motivates them to buy your product, their interests, and other demographics. So, once you know these factors, you can simply collect data from the Internet and thus it can ultimately reduce your efforts of finding customer’s interest.

 Increase Conversion Rate

Online store builders help you play hard against other big teams and collect more audience to watch your match.

With online store builders, you can sell online globally without any geographical barrier or time constraints and you can capture more audience while competing with giant online retailers. They provide an online analytics tool that can help you in redefining marketing strategies. With the right tool and the right marketing strategies, you can drive more conversions and increase sales growth.

Increase in Sales Growth

Any retail business’s only dream is to increase its sales. By using eCommerce website builders you can float your business in a different sea of sales and reach to new islands of success. The sales of your products automatically increase once your website’s conversion rate is increasing. So, eCommerce builders can increase your business sales which generates more revenue for your business.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Only creating a brand is not enough for your online business. Brand awareness plays an important role and it may take a lot of effort. But with eCommerce builders, you can easily create/develop new web pages to boost your placement on search engines. You can simply organize your SEO activities in the right direction, use good keywords in your content and attract your targeted audience. This can help you in spreading your brand voice, building an online reputation and increase your brand’s visibility among a wide range of people.

Modern Payment Options

After the news of Bitcoin, So many eCommerce businesses think what will be the future of online payments.

eCommerce website builders can provide you the latest payment options and help online businesses keep pace with the best payment options and decrease the chances of losing a customer.

For example, online store builders like Shopify, Builderfly & Bigcommerce allows you to integrate with top digital wallets like PayPal and Amazon Pay. This way you can always satisfy customer’s desires.

Use the power of website builders for your eCommerce business

With the unlimited features and 24/7 tech support, online store builders can provide you with the tools you need to satisfy your customer desires and ultimately improve your productivity.

By adopting eCommerce store builders you can truly provide fast, reliable services along with the flexible payment options and can have your online presence on the most popular marketplaces.

The unlimited tooling capability and the lower-cost technology solution are what make an eCommerce platform ‘a friend in need, a friend indeed’.

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