How Social Media Can Add Profitability To Your Business?
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Are you on social media? Oh! That’s such a silly question to ask, especially in this tech era.

From a vegetable vendor to small kids to entrepreneurs, everyone is on social media these days. Once, just started with the idea of networking and connecting with same thought of people, no one know that this network can grow so much.

These days, every business is thriving to make a presence online and social media is turning to be a platform that can connect businesses with the people. When you have access to the platform with which you can connect with the real people, you must use it.

However, gaining social media success isn’t that easy. There is no shortcut on acquiring that overnight success, rather following certain social media marketing tips can help you in adding value to your business:

Follow the below-listed ideas to move forward in your business journey with social media:

Communicate with People

Here we are talking about sharing your ideas with your people. These can be your friends, connections, and friends of friends. This business sharing is somehow the same thing that sales agents use to do earlier, but the interesting thing is, you can do this with the less efforts.

The real challenge is, “how to showcase your product/services?” The better you present it, the greater the chance of signing the deal. But, don’t just sell it, share it in a manner that you can resolve the problems.

Communicate with People:

The best idea that social media platforms enable is to add a personal touch. Here are certain things you must take care while sharing your message on social media platforms:

  • Be Relevant: Don’t post only for the sake of posting. Yes, your social media posts on your brand page helps you in better connecting with the people. That can be the case only when it is relevant to your business. And, that’s the reason that your content must resonate with the situation.
  • Be Regular: With a huge pool of content, it’s not easy for the people to remember each and every brand they interacted with. So, Either you should be creative enough to remember or keep reminding people about your brand.
  • Interactive Content Idea: You must try with the much more engaging ideas. From images to videos and GIFs you can try anything to everything. There isn’t any restriction on the post type, but media content acquires more interaction than the long passages. So, it’s better to use image forms and infographics whenever necessary.
  • Link Back to your Store: When getting started, your idea is to get some followers. And, the important thing is to introduce something more attractive and engaging. But, at a later stage of your business, your goal is to acquire quality traffic to your site. When you have the potential business idea and followers, why not to try this!

Don’t Just Follow your Influencers

Influencers are the people who already have left a footprint on the industry you are aiming to enter. Following the Influencers is the common suggestion that you are going to find to improve your brand’s value. However, it’s not easy to interact with them.

When you follow your industry influencers, you can keep an eye on the idea that they are using to interact with their potential clients. However, the majority of influencers have public profiles, so you can collect their ideas, even without actually following them.

Influencer marketing

So, how can you get the benefits from your industry influencers?

It’s all about building real connections. When seeking for the long term goal, you can’t get success with the copy-paste. That’s why it would be good if you interact with them and their audience.

  • Interact with your Influencers: Your next challenge is getting a response from them. Sounds easy? When your influencer is someone making a change in the universe, getting a reply from him/her can’t be easy, especially when they have hundreds of requests pending in their account.
    • Tip: Look for the micro-influencers. Those are growing industry enthusiasts who have an audience size of 4-5 figures. There are greater chances of gaining replies from them and probably they can partner with you on the journey.
  • Add/Invite Potential Followers: In addition to this collaboration, you can try following the followers of your influencers. Yes, your influencer’s followers are the real people with the thirst of the same type of content.
  • Understand your Customers: Try to understand the pattern of customer interaction. It can be based on the posts they like or anything. With the inbuilt analytics with every social media platform, you can check this information. The better you know your audience, the easier it will be for you to target the audience for designing further campaigns.

Understand the Social Search Pattern 

Do you search on Facebook and Google in the same way? No. That’s why you need to understand the difference between the way with which people search on Google and on Facebook. Following marketing strategies and ideas will help you in optimizing your posts in a better way.

  • Use Relevant Hashtags and Keywords: Social media have an amazing growth opportunity due to their better DA/PA ratings. If you use the relevant hashtags and searches, your posts are likely to be displayed in search results along with other displayed results, else they will be skipped.
  • Promote your Brand Name: Until you turn to a huge brand, there are least chances of people searching your products directly through your brand name. That’s why it is preferable to add your brand-related hashtags in the list of hashtags. You can frame certain keywords with your product category including the brand name. This can be helpful for you to better understand the growth of your brand.
  • Share your Uniqueness: When you have certain business USP, you should highlight that. When you interact with media, be a speaker in any conference or even a visitor, you must share that idea which keeps you distinct and ahead of others. This way, you can connect with your followers as per their search pattern and can improve the chances of acquiring more traffic.

Integrating Trending Technologies with Social media

Your business reach depends upon how and what you serve to your customers. That’s why you need to understand their requirements and social media is one of the amazing platforms to understand your potential customers.

Though normally, you can do it at a very basic level, however with integrating the trending technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; you can boost your customer’s knowledge. Here are the certain benefits these can add:

trending technologies with Social media:

  • Real-time Tracking: You can track real-time customers to your store. This enables suggesting them the products they can opt for; only based on their search pattern. This enhances the chances of collecting more sales.
  • Keep an Eye on the Purchase Funnel: When a customer visits your shop physically, you can understand their idea of buying and the reason for leaving the shop. But, when a customer visits your store online, you’re unsure about their thoughts. ML and AI can help you gather the reason and the stage of purchase funnel at which your customer opted out. You can better take care of your customers and improve your sales.
  • Live Offers: Based on your customer’s search pattern, you can offer real-time discounts to your customers. So, let’s take a situation, you are looking for a red velvet cake on a website and you get a pop-up of 10% discount on first order. You’re likely going to make an order immediately. This way, AI enhances the chances of grabbing the best deal.
  • Understand the Requirement: ML helps you understand what your customers need. So you won’t lose out a customer, just because of low inventory. You can gather an idea of what’s trending and can manage your catalog as per that only.


Bottom line

Social media empowers you to deliver the right message to your target audience at the right time. You can manage your business across the globe. And, that’s a win-win condition for businesses, marketers and as well as for customers.

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