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Builderfly is one of the leading ecommerce platforms wherein you can build your online store as well as AI-powered mobile applications without being a technical expert. At every step of building your online business from scratch, you shall have Builderfly’s unconditional support. Builderfly makes sure for your return on investments together with your customer satisfaction. Grow your ecommerce business with Builderfly and achieve your ambitious goals.

The significant advantages of building your business with Builderfly lies in not paying a penny for any transactions and getting a native mobile application. Whether you own an iPhone or an Android, you can get access to a fully-functional mobile application with a powerful editor to enhance your business experience. Being a Builderfly user, all you have to focus is on building your customer base and selling more online. Moreover, you can apply discounts on the products you offer from your Builderfly store as well as decide the time frame for the offer given.

What is a Discount in Ecommerce Store?

The first question that may arise in your mind could be what exactly a discount is in ecommerce stores. Discounts and Promotions are something each ecommerce entrepreneur should consider cautiously. It’s a precarious circumstance, you need to incorporate heaps of discounts and promotions to keep clients returning to your store, or shopping with you in any case, however you additionally need to keep your overall revenues high. Also, utilizing a large number of discounts or an inappropriate kind of discounts could truly cut into your benefits. In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits, the right way to use discounts, and the process to give discounts to the products you sell on Builderfly store.

Advantages of ecommerce discounting

The main advantage of utilizing discounting and promotions systems in your ecommerce store is the business volume you can head to your business. Consider it, everyone cherishes a sale thus when one of your goals is to sell out on a specific line of stock, utilizing a discount or promotion system could be a valuable method to do that. Also, in the serious universe of online business, you’re continually competing for your client’s consideration contending with your rivals, on cost as well as the brand. Thus, one approach to stand apart is to utilize promotions that cause your clients to feel great. You can utilize successful discount and estimating procedures to assist clients for the products you sell as compared to other competitor brands. Nevertheless, with each ecommerce system, you shouldn’t make a plunge heedlessly without defining appropriate objectives.

The four distinct ways you can utilize promotion and discounting methodologies in ecommerce in order to accomplish one of four things are:

  1. Urge new customers to spend their cash on your store
  2. Increase brand exposure during a particular occasion with a vacation deal
  3. Improve client steadfastness
  4. Boost income

How to apply a discount on your Builderfly products and how to close the offer?

Builderfly lets you create discount coupons and promotions through two options, Cart Level, and Catalog Level. Once you are a Builderfly customer, you get complete access to customize and personalize your online store. You can easily add discount coupons as well as promotions for your customers’ right from your Builderfly backend management. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to offer discounts on the products you sell online in your Builderfly store:

  1. Log in to your Builderfly store and go to the ‘Manage Section/ Backend’
  2. Click on the ‘Marketing’ option in the Navigation Bar.
  3. Click on the ‘Cart Level’ tab. Here, you can offer and manage the discounts for the products that are added to the cart.
  4. Click on the ‘Catalog Level’ tab. Herein you can manage the discounts to be offered to the products in your catalog.

How to manage the discounts offered in the cart?

You can easily manage the discounts offered to your customers for the products added to the cart by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Add Button’ and you’ll find four tabs in the navigation, viz.:

Rule Information

Under the ‘Rule Information’ tab, enter the required information such as rule name, description, uses per customer, from date to date, and priority. You need to enable the status of the coupon in order to make it available for your customers. Also, you can select a group of customers that are eligible for that particular discount. You need to enter the start and end date of the coupon only if you opt for Specific Coupon. Additionally, if you want to provide regular updates, you can enable the Public in RSS Feed.


In this section, you can enter the condition in which your customers can avail the discounts offered in your store.


In the Actions tab, you can choose the type of discount that needs to be applied on the products in the cart, enable or disable to apply the shipping amount, choose to offer free shipping, and opt for further processing of rules. Additionally, you can enter the discount amount, maximum quantity on which the discount is to be applied, and discount quantity step (if you choose the Buy X Get Y Free option). Also, you can enter the condition in which the offer is to be applied to the products in the cart.


This section lets you enter the labels for the discount coupon you are offering to your customers for the products added in their carts.

How to manage the discounts offered in the catalog products?

You can manage the discounts to be offered for the products in your catalog easily from this section by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Catalog Level option under the Marketing tab in the Navigation Bar and click on the ‘Add’ button. You’ll find the following three options:

Rule Information

Herein, you can manage all the rule information required for your discount offer, such as:

  1. Rule Name
  2. Description
  3. Status
  4. Customer Groups
  5. From Date
  6. To Date
  7. Priority


In the ‘Conditions’ option, you can enter the condition in which your customers will be eligible to use that particular discount.


Under the ‘Actions’ option, you can select the type of discount to be applied, enter the amount of discount, choose to enable the discount for subproducts, and opt for further processing of the rules.

Once you click on the ‘Save’ button, all the information you entered are saved and you have successfully generated your discount coupon. As mentioned above, you can choose the date in which a specific discount coupon’s validity should end. Also, you can choose to not discount the discount with validity as per your preference.

The Pros of offering discounts

Expanded conversion rates

Ecommerce sellers that effectively give discount codes to clients are 8x bound to make a deal than those that don’t. 67% of buyers report making an unforeseen buy in the wake of being given a discount offer. That is maybe the fundamental reason to offer a discount in any case; adding that tad of significant worth that tips the scales and gets a reluctant visitor to become a customer.

Limit misfortunes

Another key advantage of giving discounts and comparable offers is that it permits you to limit misfortunes gathered through the unsold stock. By offering certain costs at a discount, you can cut your misfortunes; and maybe recover some of them as well. This likewise permits you to let loose valuable stock space, which would then be able to be loaded up with new and more popular products.

Expanded client maintenance

Talking about durable connections, offering discounts to your dedicated clients is a viable method to express gratitude toward them for their progressing support and to keep them returning for more. While this can be taken to incorporate complimentary gifts and other physical endowments, the significance of giving focused on discounts and offers to your most important clients can’t be exaggerated. Regardless of whether you do so through organized loyalty programs or on an increasingly sporadic premise, your best clients ought to be among the principal individuals you consider while making another discounted campaign.

Expanded client securing

Offering discounts is a key method to pull in spic and span clients to your brand. By giving discounts and different ideas to your prospective clients, you remove a portion of the hazard factors that might be keeping them away from making a plunge with your brand. More than simply removing the hazard, you expect it for your new clients. Thus, this fortifies the trust these novices will have in your brand as it so happens; and will make way for the enduring relationship to come in the future.

Cons of offering discounts to your customers

In case you’re selling products at a discount or giving complimentary gifts of any sort, you won’t make as much per exchange as you would by selling at the maximum. The objective, at that point, is to counterbalance this intrinsic misfortune to guarantee the campaign pays off; both quickly and over the long period. As far as prompt returns are concerned, the expansion in conversions ascribed to the promotion will ideally compensate for the brief lessening in income per client. In a perfect world, your clients wind up spending much increasingly, realizing they’re getting a discounted cost on probably a portion of their buys.

Diminished apparent worth

While offering deals and discounts now and again can help spike commitment and changes, over-saturating your crowd with such offers can diminish their apparent estimation of your products; and brand’s picture. As to the brand’s picture, being excessively dependent on discounts as a special system can coincidentally make your organization seem modest according to your clients. Without getting a lot into a discussion on valuing system, undermining your opposition using discounts isn’t the best strategy to take; particularly on a continuous basis.

Pulling in an inappropriate customer base

Lamentably, giving discounts and different offers can now and again draw in an inappropriate kind of customer; one that won’t wind up giving a lot of significant worth to your business. We’re discussing the clients who swoop in to exploit any offer they can discover, at that point sneak away, just to surface whenever an amazing deal springs up.

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