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Builderfly is the go-to ecommerce builder when it comes to creating online stores or enhancing the existing ones. You can create astounding online stores with Builderfly using the lucrative customization options. Both, the Builderfly storefront as well as the app front can be customized using ready-to-use themes, images, font, styles, colors, and much more.

Builderfly offers both free and paid themes. Based on your subscription plans, you get the accessibility to choosing responsive themes for your business.

Why is customization of the website homepage and mobile theme important?

Builderfly lets you create beautiful online stores and mobile apps with powerful features. However, customization helps you in giving the personal touch of your brand to your business. You can decide on how your store or mobile app must be viewed by your customers. Researchers suggest that homepage customization is one of the most important factors for marketing any business. Mobile themes can be completely customized with Builderfly without the integration of 3rd party vendors. Here are a few essential reasons you should consider a website homepage and mobile theme customization:

  1. Customizing the website homepage at regular intervals can not only help in bringing the same in the top Google Search Engines Results Page but also help you gain more customers.
  2. A mobile theme can be customized to differentiate it from the storefront. The customization can be done right from the Builderfly dashboard which makes it quick, easy, and hassle-free. Every customization enhances the look and feel of the app.
  3. Customizing the homepage is essential as it is the first picture of your website to every viewer. As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression”
  4. Updating the designs and styles of the app as well as the homepage helps customers stay updated about the trends in the market
  5. Customization can also help in targeting the customers and personalizing the webstore as well as the app based on individual customer performance.

How to customize the Builderfly webstore homepage?

Starting with customizing the Builderfly website homepage, below are the steps for the same:

  1. Login to your Builderfly store and you shall land on your dashboard. Click on “Manage Store” and then on “Customize Store” and a new tab shall open from wherein you can edit your homepage.
  2. The “Header” section allows you to customize the header of your website homepage including the template, logo, favicon logo, and top links.
  3. The “Menu” session allows you to customize the menu of your homepage including the menu bar content and the menu style.
  4. The “Slides” session helps you customize the slides of your homepage using attractive images.
  5. The “Footer” session allows you to customize the footer template, social media icons, contact info, address, the copyright section, footer menu, payment icons, and quick links.

The above settings help you completely customize your webstore homepage with the utmost efficiency in a hassle-free manner.

How to customize your mobile app theme?

Customizing mobile app themes with Builderfly is a quick and hassle-free procedure. You need to choose the layout of the screens to be displayed in the mobile app. Following is the procedure for customizing your mobile app themes:

  1. Login to your Builderfly store and go to “App Store”.
  2. If you have already created your mobile app, click on
  3. If you have not created the mobile app click on “Get Started” and build your mobile app in a jiffy by choosing the content you wish to include in your mobile app.
  4. Each screen is equipped with different templates for your customization. Manage each template with the easy-to-edit settings and click on the “Save” button to save your changes.

Customization is quick and easy with Builderfly. However, you get 24/7 customer support from the expert team and give the dream design to your online store homepage as well as a mobile app with finesse.

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