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2020, right from the start, is visibly bringing no good news to humanity. The Australian Bushfires, Puerto Rico Earthquakes, Venezuelan Humanitarian & Refugee Crisis, Southern Border Humanitarian Crisis, Yemen Humanitarian Crisis, Spring Tornadoes, Ebola Outbreak, Midland Dam Breaches, and last but the most demanding of all – COVID-19 or Corona Virus Disease -2019 have become the faces of this year. The list does not end there, the number of disasters and diseases are still continuing. Many businesses and industries have shut down due to the monetary downfall as the consequences of these continuous disaster waves. To generate new customers for your ecommerce site in 2020 seems impossible in this grave situation. However, the ecommerce industry holds the opportunity to serve by following certain terms and conditions. In order to prevent your brand from closing down as well as bag in a few new clients, in this article, we will be discussing about some smart ways to generate new customers for your ecommerce site.

Smart Ways to Generate New Customers for Your Ecommerce Site in 2020

Ecommerce marketing implies the practice of driving ToFu or Top-Of-Funnel traffic and convert them into your customers. From SEO tactics to gaining organic traffic to using Google Ads and other marketing strategies, you can use any mix and match to find what suits your business or brand the best. Here are a few smart ways you can use to generate new customers for your ecommerce site during these hard times:

Personalize your Website Content

For competing with the major ecommerce giants, you need to give strong reasons for the visitors to choose your brand over the already-established ones in the ecommerce market. You can do that by offering personalized web content to your customers. Online shoppers tend to purchase products more often when a store shows up with relevant products they are interested to spend on. You need to track the previous interactions of all the visitors of your website, collect their demographic data such as gender, location, likes, etc., and note the time of their visit in your website. With the right use of personalized content for your website, you can provide unique customer experiences based on their likes, dislikes, and other such categories.

Ensure the Use of Creative Content on your Ecommerce Site

Creative content usage always attracts the right users to your website. You can target your potential customers using creative content. Knowing your customers thoroughly can help you create creative content that is beneficial for both the customers as well as your business. This is when the right market research and customer analysis comes handy. Analyzing your customer data works much better when it comes to providing your customers with what they require even before they ask for it. Creative content is a way to use the right keywords your target customers are already using to search for the products they wish to buy. Creative content can help you stay on top of the customer buying choices and compete with your likes.

Make Use of AR and VR

Make Use of AR and VR to get new customers in 2020

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) helps you provide a better view of the products or services you sell online to your customers before they complete the purchase. AR helps a customer to add a particular product in their environment before they make a purchase that aids them in understanding how the products will appear in their environment. VR, on the other hand, helps in creating a virtual environment for the products or services you sell. Usually, this applies to huge products. Applying these methods to your ecommerce website will help customers get an idea of whether the products they are choosing will be suitable in the environment they live in. After all, people used to go to the brick and mortar stores and check whether a product is of good quality before investing their money in them. It’s your chance to offer the same comfort while purchasing online from your website.

Ensure Trust and Security to your Online Customers

The customers are already facing panic pains that are spread throughout. In order to generate new customers as well as retaining them for the long run, you need to ensure trust and security in your online customers. Maintain all the necessary safety checks and make sure that the product is delivered by following all the precautionary measures to avoid any kind of disease spread. You can consider using a trust seal on the products you sell as well as on your online selling platforms. The trust seal assures a customer that you are safe to deal with and are offering a secure service.

Leverage Omnichannel Marketing

By omnichannel marketing, you can provide a seamless customer experience even when a customer wishes to switch their device. Which means that even if your customers left a purchase halfway from one device, they can resume from where they left off using another device. Additionally, customers can use multiple channels such as phone, emails, social media platforms, and other sources to communicate with your business or brand. Using omnichannel marketing you can deliver the best customer experience by creating a balance between all the channels used by your customers and reduce the friction. Studies suggest that the use of omnichannel market has led to a considerable increase in the conversion rates and eventually the business revenue.

Create Shoppable Instagram Posts

Create Shoppable Instagram Posts to get new customers in 2020

Instagram has grown to be the most popular online selling platform. The reason being, people are spending the majority of their time on this platform and among these people exists the potential customers. However, there is no way to add a link on your Instagram wall apart from the bio. This may restrict you from adding links to the products you are advertising on your Instagram page. Although, you have the option to use shoppable posts on your Instagram business page. Major brands are already using Instagram Shoppable Posts to market their brand and are successfully generating leads from it. By shoppable posts, your customers can purchase products directly from your Instagram page and they do not need to visit your website and register or sign up to purchase a product. You should sell products on Instagram. The easier shopping experience you give, the higher the chances of generating new customers. Once you create more than 9 shoppable posts, a ‘Shop’ tab shall be shown in your profile from wherein your page followers can shop and purchase the products you sell.

Showcase User Generated Content

The User Generated Content or UGC is a way to let new customers know the experiences of your previous customers. Apart from word-of-mouth, people also believe in the experiences of the people who have already used that particular product or service. Researchers say that UGC can impact and as well as compel a user to make a purchase more than that of any other marketing strategies. The first thing users search for is realistic experiences when they are interested to purchase any product. As an ecommerce owner, it is your role to provide UGC and impact their purchase decisions.

Use Conversational Marketing

Use Conversational Marketing to get new customers in 2020

Conversational marketing lets a customer know that you are available with instant solutions to their queries. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can provide instant customer services such as chatbots, boost email conversions, provide FAQ sections, enhance sales, and the list goes on. With the use of conversational marketing, you offer a more personalized customer experience to make them feel valued. This can, in turn, bring in new leads by increasing your conversion rates. The more valued a visitor feels, the higher the chances of them choosing your brand among the rest where they need to wait for days to receive a solution for the problems faced.

Utilize Remarketing

Remarketing is learned to be an efficient way to bring in more customers to your ecommerce site. It is how you target potential customers who have already visited your website. Irrespective of the channel they use to visit the products or services you sell, you can retarget them using the same platforms they are already active in. For instance, a potential customer might be scrolling through their social media platform when they see your business add on their wall, which is relevant to what they viewed earlier. This can evoke a feeling to purchase the product by reminding them about their buying choice a few days or months back. It is learnt that customers often complete a leftover purchase through the remarketing strategy. Studies also suggest that people often tend to opt for something similar than searching for a new one. The impact of remarketing is higher than that of the complete marketing strategy. During these times, you can always consider remarketing as a smart choice to bag in a few additional customers to your ecommerce site.

Applying any marketing strategies all because it is popular may not deliver the best results for your ecommerce business. You need to pick those that perfectly suits your targeted audience as well as your business. All the above-given hacks are proven to be effective for the majority of the ecommerce brands. Make the right use of these smart tips and generate new customers for your ecommerce site in 2020 against all the odds.

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