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Product images can be used for two purposes in an ecommerce store, one for accompanying the products and the other for adding foundation for the website content including blogs, newsletters, etc. Now, for the product images, it is always advised to take pictures individually with the help of professionals. On the other hand, the images that are used as a supporting pillar for the website content can be from stock photos as well.

Creating an ecommerce store is a challenging task. As an online seller, one of the major concerns is to intrigue the customers using product images and pursue them to purchase them. Product images are known to be one of the most important sources of boosting conversion rates in an ecommerce store. Much like a clothing shopper, who checks the price of the product, feels the cloth used, check them out thoroughly, all online shoppers, although they cannot touch or feel the product, would need to see how it will appear in real. That’s when detailed visuals using images and videos come into action. It helps the shoppers decide whether to purchase or back off from purchasing the product.

According to HubSpot, in content marketing, the prime kind of media used is video. As per Brain Rules, people retain a whopping 65% of information when paired with images; without which, only 10% of the information was retained. Majority of the population still prefer shopping offline from brick and mortar stores in order to touch, feel, and try out the products before investing their hard-earned money on the same. It could be quite difficult to determine whether we are successfully motivating customers to shop online than from brick and mortar stores. However, thanks to product images that plays a major role in providing a much similar experience to the customers like they get in a physical store. Well, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Ecommerce images have got the power to make or break your ecommerce store. When it comes to ecommerce business, images are everything! You must know how to get the right products images for your ecommerce website. Therefore, lending our helping hands, in this blog, we will be discussing the ways to get product images for your ecommerce website.

How to find product images for an ecommerce website that create an impact?

Although online shopping is a convenient mode of shopping – no traffic blocks, no walking for miles, no long queues for billing, and simply no hassles. Today, anyone can use an online shopping app or website to purchase anything from any corner of the world. When it comes to online shopping, in order to create a nearly similar shopping experience as in a brick and mortar store, online sellers need to use images and other visual mediums to help them understand everything important about the product you sell. When you search for similar products you sell, you’ll probably find that every business out there is having great product images. So, where to find the best product images? Here’s our guide:

From the Product Manufacturer

One of the best options to get product images is to get it from the company that manufactured it. This is an ideal method for all third-party ecommerce sellers who do not manufacture the products they sell online. Since the manufacturer are more inclined to provide as much as product details as required for more sales, the vendors can easily get product images from them. On the contrary, the sellers can easily find product images from the manufacturer’s website and use them as well.  The product images can also be tracked down from the manufacturer’s catalog. Regardless of the methods used, online sellers can get product images easily from the product manufacturers.

In-House Product Photography

In case the product manufacturers do not have the photographs of the products, this method can be used wherein the online ecommerce sellers come into role can do the product photography, the way they wish to place it in their sites. In such cases, the manufacturer needs to ship the products to the seller and the seller needs to stage the products and get them clicked professionally in order to be used in the ecommerce website.

Get Free Stock Images

Many ecommerce vendors use free stock images for the products as a representation of the actual product. There are many free websites and tools offering free stock images that can be used as product photographs. Some of such free websites are Kaboom Pics, Pixabay, Free Images, Gratisography, Pexels, etc. Ideally, the ecommerce sellers mention in their product pages that the images used are only for references and that the actual product may vary from the images shown. Some sellers, on the other hand, do not alert the shoppers of this message and hence, increase the chances of products getting returned and lose customers at an early stage of the sales cycle.

Getting the Products from Physical Stores

In cases the product images are not available by the manufacturer and the products are not being able to be delivered to the seller for photography, the sellers can get to any nearby brick and mortar store that sell the products and get them photographed. Although this is not a favorable solution to the seller, this method can be used in case of emergency situations wherein the seller has to get the product photographs on urgency. In the process, the seller can buy the product from the physical stores, get them photographed, and resell it again through their website. Therefore, with an additional advantage of getting product photographs, the sellers can regain the money spent on the product photography through the selling of the same.

Hiring a Product Photographer

As mentioned earlier, product photographs can make or break the ecommerce website and therefore, it is extremely important to do this with utmost care. If you are an online seller who thinks that you won’t be able to justify the requirements of taking great product photography, you can consider hiring professional product photographers who can do the work for you. A professional photographer can help you get that perfect shot with all the right elements on place that helps in creating more sales as compared to poor product images.


Images are the core to a successful ecommerce business. Therefore, it is essential to lay the foundations firmly. If you are an already existing online seller, you might have already come across one or a few of the above-mentioned ways to get product images for your ecommerce website. However, if you haven’t, try them out and see the difference in your sales quite soon.  If you are a new online seller in the market, you can use any or a few methods combined to get product images for your online store. In any way, as an online seller, you cannot, no matter what, ignore the importance of product images for your store. Get the best quality product images for your ecommerce website and boost your conversion rates. Also, check out Builderfly Free Ecommerce Platform, not only to create an amazing ecommerce platform as well as mobile app, but also get expert assistance and hire professional photographers who can help you get the perfect product photographs that boost sales for your ecommerce website.

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