How to increase my e-commerce store's customer retention rates
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When you own an ecommerce store, we know that you have a lot to manage. But, nothing works if you can’t hold your customers.

It’s a common belief that it takes five times more effort to acquire new customers than to retain the old ones. That’s why it’s important to strategize your approach to keep your existing customers.

You surely want to accelerate the growth of your business, but don’t simply rush to new customers every time, unless you are selling once in a lifetime type of products. When you’ve invested enough time and money to find the customers, put small and consistent efforts to stay connected with them.  A single time investment can’t offer ROI as much as you are expecting.

Customer retention is important for every other business because it takes time to build a relationship, and further, it takes years to stay connected in a fashion that it survives. But, it is much more important in the case of ecommerce businesses because the bond is unseen.

If you want to increase the customer retention rate for your ecommerce business, here are a few tips to get started.

Lay the foundation of trust

Unlike the physical store, when shoppers are purchasing products online, they can’t experience it. So, you, as a seller, gives detailed information about the product that they can feel the quality and utility of the product for them.   This is the primary reason that the validity of the product and security of transactions play a key role in the conversion. You need to lay the foundation of that trust before your prospective customers put their CVV codes to make the transaction.

Again the trouble is how you would gain the trust of your customers when everything is online?

We believe that social proof can help you!

In today’s trend, when social media is used as one of the vital tools of ecommerce, they also help you in building promising relations with your customers. With your social media posts, you not only promote the products but share the voice of your customers. Sharing the emotions of the people

and how well you are getting along with them to fulfill their requirements, motivate other buyers. This blends connectivity and ensures benefits in the long run.

Social media is not the only way; there are several other things that you can leverage as social proof:

Add the logo of your brand to the posts

  1. Testimonials
  2. Customer reviews
    • Real-time activity tracking
    • Influencer endorsements
  3. Word of mouth
  4. Awards & Recognition

It’s a general thing that you like a certain product more when you see it with your friend or a relative. When they share real-time reviews, you instantly check them over the site and add to your cart. These strategies aim at improving the conversion by imbibing that amazing experience your customer had on the purchase.

Create & Implement Appealing Customer Loyalty Programs

Create & Implement Appealing Customer Loyalty Programs

Thought running a customer loyalty program is old-fashioned, yet it’s one of the best approaches to hold your customers. Loyalty programs involve creating discount coupons, exclusive lifetime membership offers, redeemable points, free products, prizes, cashback offers, and unique deals exclusively for your paid members or regular customers. It is a classic approach to keep your customers returning to your web store with the notion of their benefit.

They surely bring more business to you. Don’t neglect the long-term advantages of loyalty programs in favor of your business.

When you make efforts to entertain your customers

Loyalty programs help your brand stand apart from other competitors and impact your sales. Here are a few different ways to execute attractively and to draw in customer loyalty programs that may work for your business:

  1. Use tools to ponder your customers’ shopping propensities.

◦ This encourages you to design loyalty programs, which parallel your customer’s advantages and helps with associating and drawing in with them.

  1. Make your customer dedication objectives
  2. Decide your costs – You have to decide your financial status before making any dedication programs.
  3. Concentrate on building a dedicated group to deal with all projects
  4. Implement personalized dedication programs
  5. Guarantee you have a go at something new at normal intervals and improve your loyalty programs

Set Up A Strong Customer Support

Giving exceptional customer service is an art that, when done right, can enormously improve both customer obtaining and maintenance. This is because customer service is only tuning in to your customers and giving them the fundamental help during and after a buy.

Today, we have brilliant customers who judge your brands dependent on how you react to them. Also, frequently, poor customer service is a distinct explanation behind customers not come back to your store.

You always have to pay special attention to changes to strengthen the bond with your customers, so they become open to shopping from your store. Aren’t you satisfied? As indicated by a Kissmetric report, organizations lose 71% of shoppers because of poor customer service.

An ideal approach to serve your online customers better is setting up an omnichannel presence.

  • A centralized help desk that highlights ticketing
  • Refer to customer service software
  • Live chat highlights
  • Social media integration

Improve Your Online Store

Improve Your Online Store

Whenever any visitor comes to your site, you have less than 4 seconds to impress them. These couple of moments are way too important for you, because, during this time, you witness either lose or increase in a potential customer. There are three parts of upgrading your eCommerce store, particularly when you are attempting to hold your customers.

  1. Website design
    • Improving the look and feel
    • Featuring dynamic content
  1. User Experience
    • Speed optimization
    • Easy route
    • A simple look at the process
    • Responsiveness
  1. Building Innovative Cross-Selling Techniques

Send Personalized Retention Emails

An ideal approach to enter your customer’s minds is through their inbox. Email advertising is a basic tool for retaining or making new customers. Personalization retention messages work like enchantment since customers feel progressively associated with your brand, as your messages are tending to their particular needs and giving solutions dependent on their inclinations. This can profoundly impact your customer standards for dependability.

As indicated by a study, just 32% are probably going to put in their second request from a similar store. In any case, fortunately, customized messages can increase deals by 50%. Constructing focused on messages to reconnect with your customers encourages you to comprehend their desires and figure out how you can function to meet them.

Ace tips for sending customized messages:

  • Your first important responsibility is to have a solid database of your possibilities.
  • Secondly, have them fragmented dependent on their conduct on your eCommerce store.

Having a solid and exact email database gives you a more extensive effort and encourages you to make increasingly engaged messages.

Recall the three golden rules while forming retention messages:

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Follow up

Remembering these golden rules, the accompanying classes of retention messages are best:

  1. Activation – Helping customers to begin
  2. Value-based – Include alluring deals and offers in a customer’s advanced receipts
  3. Instructive – Educate them about your items by including crisp deals
  4. Notice – Notify them about the items that are holding up in their cart
  5. Much thanks to You – Understanding different approaches to send cards to say thanks

Improve Your Contact Form

Improve Your Contact Form

Since your store is online, it’s critical to give a smooth UX to visitors on the site. In case anything on your site doesn’t work appropriately, confuses customers, or makes it hard for them to peruse uninhibitedly, you’ll see a higher bounce rate and fewer deals.

A critical piece of upgrading customer retention is improving contact form changes on your site. Sooner or later, everybody has had a negative encounter attempting to buy an item online. It’s troublesome enough, settling on a purchasing decision. In this way, when a customer is at last prepared; however, they experience an unoptimized structure, it demoralizes them from finishing the purchase cycle.

To streamline your contact form, limit the number of fields you expect customers to fill out. If you anticipate that they should remove time from their day to round out 15 fields, you’ll see your business decline genuine fast.

A stunning 67 percent of guests will desert your form on the off chance that they experience any inconveniences, so guaranteeing that your form gives a positive UX is significant. Ensure you request customer data you have to process their buy. If you needn’t bother with their telephone number, forget about it. Buyers today are particularly vigilant about their security when they purchase on the web, so requesting the most important data is urgent.

Surprise and Delight

In the time of email and automation, it appears as though sincere gestures and profoundly private concern to-shopper connections are relics of past times. Sad as this might be, it’s likewise a huge open door for you to build progressively close to home connections that separate your online business and improve customer retention.

Go the additional mile. Take the top 20% of your customers every month and send them something individual, similar to a note to say thanks, blessing or written by hand note, too occupied even to consider sending these yourself? Touchcard and numerous different applications out there make this very simple, so you don’t need to stress over it.

Personal gestures are profoundly paramount, even surprising. Besides, astounding your customers along these lines establishes the foundation for enduring connections. In the jam-packed marketplace, sending something unmistakable and customized separates your business, makes your customers feel uncommon, and keeps your brand top of mind when it comes time for that next buy.

The Bottom Line

The eCommerce business is growing quick and keen. To support in such a cutthroat and focused online marketplace, numerous organizations wind up contributing a lot to getting new customers. While it’s one of the significant advertising systems, you will see the unfaltering decrease in your growth rate when you overlook your current customers.

Discover why your current customers aren’t causing repeat buys, and you’ll to be amazed to know how easily you can improve your income with these tips.

By executing these straightforward systems, you’ll wind up making upbeat customers – Customers who will probably give you repeat business for quite a while.