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Mobile commerce is another face of ecommerce businesses. The term mobile commerce may seem intimidating to you, but it’s not that critical.

Mobile commerce is an umbrella term that talks about shopping via mobile devices, making payments via wireless handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, palmtops, and even placing orders on your mobile apps.

Mobile devices are a lot easier to use and accessible to the masses. Since content delivery and consumption are swift and comfortable, people are more inclined towards mobile commerce. This makes sense when you know that more than 50% of traffic on the websites is contributed by mobile devices.

Now, businesses need to care for desktop as well as mobile versions of their online store. The responsive themes and optimization of your website’s layout to meet the demands of different devices and configurations are one of the major concerns. The traffic at your store via mobile devices is already flooding in. To keep it going in the same way, web optimization is the only way.

Whether you count on the mobile app, promote mobile payments via social selling or shopping on your site via mobile devices, your end goal is to promote sales. Here we will be discussing the ideas you can implement to enhance your business ROI via mobile commerce.

● Hassle-free login

As your online store, if you share that long sign up form on the mobile device, your customers won’t take a second in leaving you. By enabling social login options in mobile apps, you can save all those customers and let them create accounts without any worries about the password they last entered or the amount of information they have to update in their account. We know that you need some of those information fields filled to improve the user’s shopping experience but not at the cost of leaving you. You can request those registered shoppers to come back to you when free and fill the information.

● Practice minimalism

In contrast to your store’s web view, the mobile view must be optimized with a minimalistic approach. Mobile devices have reduced screen size, and the clutter can deviate the user from the actual task of purchasing products. Minimalistic design layout will have all the required CTAs highlighted, thus, reduce the hardships of finding the right options at the right time. Moreover, minimalistic designs can enhance the view of products and highlight only the customer’s information.

● Leverage mobile features

People use mobile devices to shop for their favorite products because it is easy to explore through them. Customers can keep surfing even when they are traveling, working, waiting, or sitting idly. Add the functionalities like click and search, scan, and search or enable voice search to let customers talk to your business. Reduce their efforts to search for the right product for them and let the algorithms work at their best. Deploying mobile devices’ features, you can increase the engagement of customers with your store or mobile app. Further, you can add social sharing options to connect with their friends and family to decide and shop the best deal for them.

● Use interactive media elements

The bulky media files can be viewed quickly on your mobile devices because of concise device configuration. The textual content isn’t as pleasing as images and interactive media. You can add a 360-degree view of products to better understand the product to your customers. Using zoom-in, zoom-out options on HD quality images at your store, your mobile visitor will get better clarity of all possible looks of your product.

● Personalization of store

We spend a lot more time with our smartphones and mobile devices than with our desktops and laptops. Even when you have nothing to do and getting bored, you find yourself scrolling through the social feeds or surfing on the shopping apps. Consider it as a new habit of the majority of others, and they are your target audience. The insightful analytics can give you a proper analysis of shoppers at your store, and as per their searching behavior, you can offer personalized recommendations. Each of your customers is picky about their preferences, but you need not worry; the in-store functionalities can help you find and suggest befitting products for each of your customers. The better you know your target audience, the easier it will be for you to entice customers with your offerings.

● Optimize checkout options

The multiple checkout options, including digital wallets, make more shoppers complete their transaction cycle through their smartphones. The payment options that you enable at your store and mobile app vary from device to device. Check with the payment gateways that enable offline and online payment options through different modes. The support digital wallets and their discount offer to improve the engagement of users on mobile apps.

● Secure your store

The smartphones are coming with the advanced biometric features like face scan, fingerprint scan, etc. With customization of your mobile app, you can enable such features for the transaction through your m-commerce app and improve your store’s security. Though OTP is set mandatory by the payment gateways for the transaction through online stores, biometrics can fix the security loopholes better.

● Advanced functionalities

Analyze the interaction pattern of customers at your store and make a list of all the user-cases where customers left your store because of loopholes at your end. Think about the best possible solutions to fix those situations and count on the advanced functionalities that can improve user engagement. If you own an m-commerce app, enable options like push notifications to keep your customers updated. Share timely reminders for abandoned carts, and integrate advanced technologies to improve user-interaction.

We know that mobile commerce is extremely important for your business; therefore, we have a single powerful solution for your web and mobile users. Build your store and ecommerce app with Builderfly ecommerce software on your own and launch the customized versions when you are ready to. Our intuitive design editor helps you maintain your store’s professional look and make you stand ahead of other competitors. For an absolutely free consultation from ecommerce experts, you can write to us at support@builderfly.com.

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