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Starting an ecommerce store is still a dream for the majority of the population. Builderfly – one of the leading ecommerce builders is overtaking the market with its outright ecommerce solutions. You need not be a technical guru in order to start selling online with your ecommerce store. Builderfly lets you create your own online store as well as build an AI-powered mobile app, all without a single line of coding. The do-it-yourself online store can be designed using the ready-to-use templates and your choice of fonts and colours. Builderfly offers on-page optimization with Google Analytics and smart SEO tactics that let your business rank in the top search results. You can integrate multiple selling platforms and manage everything from a single dashboard. In this blog, we will be discussing how to integrate Google Analytics with your Builderfly store and everything else you need to know about Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports site traffic, at present as a platform under the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you require to break down data for your business in one spot, so you can settle on more agile choices. Google Analytics is the most generally utilized web analytics service on the web.

With Google Analytics, you can:

  1. Comprehend your site and mobile application clients to all the more likely check the exhibition of your content, marketing, products, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Access Google’s one of a kind experiences and AI capacities to take advantage of your data.
  3. Utilize your experiences to convey business results.

Why You Need To Use Google Analytics

A firm comprehension of the Customer Value Journey is fundamental to any effective marketing effort. The client venture is essentially the procedure which a client experiences from their first communication with your brand until their last. It includes the accompanying stages:

  1. Securing: This includes building brand mindfulness among intrigued clients
  2. Practices: This incorporates boosting commitment to getting individuals to cooperate with your business
  3. Transformation: This stage includes changing over those possibilities into genuine paying clients.

This makes up the centre of marketing channels and following and estimating these measurements is fundamental. Google Analytics permits you to effectively catch all the information so you can see which of your marketing endeavours are working and which aren’t. At the point when you have such effectively open computerized examination, you would now be able to settle on better-educated business choices.

Is Google Analytics free?

There is a free and paid variant of GA (the last is called Analytics 360). Small and medium-sized organizations will probably get all the highlights you need from the free form. Endeavour organizations need to update; at any rate, in case you need propelled pipe announcing and attribution displaying; move up revealing; more perspectives, measurements, and measurements per property; and boundless and unsampled information. Paying for 360 additionally gives you access to devoted help, including your account administrator. This by itself can make the membership charge justified, despite all the trouble.

Elements of Google Analytics

  1. Information Consolidation: Pull information from divergent sources and incorporate it so you have a comprehensive perspective on your crowd at any time.
  2. Information Collection and Management: Understand how your clients carry on the web, merge the most valuable data, and effectively share it with your group.
  3. Information Activation: Put the information to work so you can settle on more savvy choices. Request notifications when traffic shifts, convey A/B tests, or track commitment as you try different things with new content.
  4. Information Analytics and Reporting: Filter client data to comprehend what data is mainstream, and what is lingering behind. Get traffic refreshes and see how mobile traffic and social media referrals influence by and large content execution.

How does Google Analytics work from your Builderfly store?

How does Google Analytics work from your Builderfly store?

You need to register or log in to your Builderfly store and create your beautiful online store as shown in the user manual and training documents. Once done, go to the ‘Manage Store’ section. From here, you need to click on the Settings tab from the Navigation Bar. Under the ‘Theme Customization’ option, click on ‘My Theme’ tab. Next, you need to click on the ‘Customize’ option under the ‘Current Theme’. In the ‘Navigation Bar’ of the Design Section, click on the ‘Google Analytics’ tab. Herein, you’ll see that you have the option to link existing your Google Analytics account or sign up with Google account to track analytics and choose the data you wish to track. You can track your visitor’s behavior from this section after you add your tracking ID or analytics ID. But, do you know the procedure to create an account with Google Analytics? Let us now move on to the process of creating an account with Google Analytics.

How to create an account with Google Analytics?

In case you have not created an Analytics account, make a property in Google Analytics. Make one Analytics property for every site you need to gather data for. Making a property creates a Google Analytics ID, which you’ll use in your gtag.js establishment. Discover your Google Analytics ID, as portrayed underneath. You’ll utilize this Google Analytics ID in your setup with Builderfly.

  1. Visit https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/ and click on ‘Create Account’ tab.
  2. Enter your account name and click on the ‘next’ button.
  3. You need to choose from Google Analytics for web, Google Analytics for App, and Google Analytics for Web & App.
  4. Next, you need to enter your property name which is the name of your store.
  5. Choose your industry.

(In case you have chosen the Google Analytics for Web, you’ll need to add your front store URL)

  1. Select the time zone for your store.
  2. Click on the ‘Create’ button

You’ll land on your Google Analytics dashboard. You can view all the activities of your viewers and customers from this dashboard such as the number of active customers, the session duration, bounce rate, traffic channel, And so on. You can even decide the period of which you view the statistics. Now, you need to go to the ‘Admin’ tab and click on the ‘Account Settings’ wherein you can get your Account ID. Under the ‘Property Settings’ tab, you can get your ‘Tracking ID’. Copy the Tracking ID.

How to create your Google Analytics Property?

How to create your Google Analytics Property?

  1. Enter your property name
  2. Select what you like to measure.
  3. Enter the URL for your store
  4. Select the industry
  5. Enter the time zone
  6. Click on the ‘Create’ button

How to Integrate Google Analytics with your Builderfly store?

  1. Log in to your store and go to the design section.
  2. Under the Google Analytics tab, paste the tracking ID you copied from your Google Analytics account.
  3. You can now track your Google Analytics right from your Builderfly store.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

Investigate the source of traffic

Google Analytics can give us how clients are being headed to our site, for instance, the number of individuals who visit our site through a referral link from some other site, or employing natural ventures or from paid commercials or web indexes. This will permit us to see relatively the fruitful different techniques for traffic sources are, for example, if our promotions are performing great by expanding traffic.

Specific page prominence

Google Analytics can give information about which of our pages are the most famous, or visited as often as possible, permitting us to see which pages of our site are viewed as applicable by the visitors and we can in like manner improve the content. Utilizing the data given by examination we can improve the site pages to create more income and alter our future content to make it generally searched out data by our visitors.

Data about visitors

Google Analytics gives a point by point data about visitors going to our site. We can see the nations and towns from where the visitors get to our site, helping us to comprehend if any restricted promoting efforts or catchphrases would help in giving wanted outcomes. I.e. we can improve the meetings or site visits by altering efforts for the ideal locale to connect all the more new clients and keep up old visitors. It can likewise assist us with tailoring our content or publicizing and enhance the battles to create a noteworthy part of traffic.

Audit authentic information

Google Analytics can show the way visitor traffic has changed across enormous timeframes. This can be helpful to check whether there are any patterns over certain periods. For instance, we can comprehend which of our promoting efforts has been fruitful helping us to shape our publicizing for future battles, or to comprehend and break down the pages, services or products that accumulate a bigger measure of enthusiasm at specific purposes of the month or year. Information can be followed on a day by day, week after week or month to month premise.

Traffic stream

Google Analytics can show the traffic stream making a section into our site. We can comprehend the insights of our visitors entering the site. We can even comprehend the traffic originating from the work area, mobile or tablet and in like manner, the stream can be overseen adequately. There is a great deal of valuable data to be drawn from this. We can see the visitor’s reaction to our points of arrival are just as investigate the bounce rates for each page, permitting us to concentrate on improving those pages to expand visitor maintenance and produce more leads. We can likewise comprehend what pages are organized by the visitors while exploring to our site, this can permit us to alter our pages to permit better-improved route while adjusting pages that are infrequently being visited.

Site bounce rates

Bounce rate is noted when clients see just one page of our site before leaving the webpage. If your skip rate is high all things considered, we are not giving significant data to our clients or maybe the visitors accidentally discovered our site. We additionally need to check if any of the keywords are marginally deceptive, or the nature of our traffic sources can be comprehended. The bounce rate is subject to the significance and nature of the content on our site, indicating visitor fulfilment over our site. This can likewise assist us with seeing which pages are urging clients to remain on our site for a more extended period and visit more pages. Additionally, this encourages us to improve the presentation pages which have a high bounce rate.

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