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Builderfly is a do-it-yourself platform that includes creating an online store, adding products, choosing templates, uploading pictures, processing orders, creating pages, offering discount coupons, building powerful mobile application, connecting to a real domain, selling everything online at one platform, getting tips to grow business, and managing the online store. The user can sell their products everywhere including online marketplaces, web, and social media platforms. Moreover, the selling platforms can be integrated into the Builderfly account and managed from one dashboard. Additionally, there is a 24/7 assistance from Builderfly to resolve any queries at every stage of the process. .com and .net record for half of all domain name extensions enlisted around the world! This domain system structure and design were first presented in 1985 when the initial 6 top-level domains propelled. Those initial 6 domain extensions include:

  1. .com (business)
  2. .org (organization)
  3. .net (organize)
  4. .gov (government)
  5. .edu (education)
  6. .mil (military)

There are basically three sections to a domain name;

  1. Subdomain
  2. Second-Level Domain
  3. Top-Level Domain.

A Subdomain is a domain that is a part of a bigger domain under the Domain Name System (DNS) chain of command. A Second-Level Domain (SLD) is a particular part of a site, page domain name or URL address that supplements a Top-Level Domain. A Top-Level Domain, or TLD, is a term you may have run over previously while you were attempting to look for that ideal domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the location of your site that individuals type in the program URL bar to visit your site. A domain name is a thing that you type in the address bar of your program when you need to get to a particular website page. It is the physical name of a site. Each web address has a domain name, and it’s totally one of a kind to that website. Domain names must be gotten to and utilized by the owner of the domain name; known as the domain name registrant. A domain name is the blend of letters, number and images somebody types in their browser to get to a particular web address straightforwardly. A domain name is a simpler route for people to browse the web and access a particular site; rather than utilizing an IP address, which is the tangled series of numbers and letters PCs use to perceive a site.

Domain name versus URL

A domain name resembles your site’s location and it’s what leads individuals to your webpage, though the Universal Resource Locator (URL) incorporates progressively explicit data like the documents/ pages/ websites location.

How do Domain Names work?

When you enter a domain name in your internet browser, it initially sends a request to a worldwide system of servers that structure the Domain Name System (DNS). These servers at that point search up for the name servers related with the domain and forward the request to those name servers.

How is Domain Name Different from a Website and Web Hosting?

How is Domain Name Different from a Website and Web Hosting?

A site is comprised of files such as HTML pages, web design software, pictures, and the sky is the limit from there. In case the domain name is the web address of your site, at that point web hosting is where your site lives.

Domains must be bought, and they are enrolled where they are bought and paid for. You have a Domain Registrant, much like a house has a Home Owner. This individual pays the home loan to keep the house, much the same as a Domain Registrant needs to pay for the domain yearly to keep it. The IP address has latitude and longitude focuses on the goal that your GPS framework can delineate and locate an exact spot. Domains are related to IP addresses, like latitude and longitude are related to road addresses. DNS records partner your domain with various data, similar to the IP address that guides your domain toward the site, and the email records that permit you to have an email with @mybuilderfly.com.

Your DNS records are facilitated inside a specific Nameserver that mentions to the Internet what region it’s under. That way, the Internet isn’t chasing everywhere throughout the world unnecessarily to discover your domain. It focuses in on your domain, or Nameserver, and afterwards from that point utilizes your DNS records to browse where it should go. Your DNS records have significant data like your IP address, which is utilized to show your site. The individual who controls your DNS records inside your Nameserver is the DNS Administrator. Actually, your Nameserver can change whenever by the Domain Registrant, so the Admin who controls your DNS records can change, regardless of whether the Domain Registrant is a totally extraordinary individual. The Domain Registrant can set the Nameserver, yet the DNS Admin who controls the Nameserver directs it.

How can you integrate your domain name with Builderfly?

How can you integrate your domain name with Builderfly?

Builderfly lets you connect your real domain name to give a unique identity to your ecommerce store. As soon as you register with Builderfly, you are assigned with a subdomain for instance: www.teststore.mybuilderfly.com. With the connect domain option, you can connect your domain for instance: www.teststore.com by paying a one-time charge with the Startup Plan and for free in all other subscription plans viz. Standard Plan, Advance Plan, and the Pro Plan. You can effortlessly connect your already-existing domain with Builderfly. Below are the steps by which you can connect your domain easily:

  1. Log in to your Builderfly account
  2. Click on ‘Connect Domain’
  3. Click on ‘Change Domain’
  4. Enter your domain name in the given domain
  5. Click on the ‘Next’ button
  6. Click on ‘Verify Connection’

Once your connection is verified, you shall see your store name in the URL.

When you click on ‘Connect Domain, you can see the list of the domains you have connected to your store (if any). If the domain name you enter does not exist, you will get notified for the wrong entry. Similarly, if your domain is verified, you’ll be notified with the message that your domain is successfully connected. Remember that, if you do not see the change in your URL, you simply need to refresh your online store. Although you get to connect your domain directly from your Builderfly dashboard, another way to connect your domain is to go to the backend management of your store in the Manage Store section. From the Settings tab, click on the Domain option and you can connect your domain from therein.

Interesting points while picking your optimal domain name

Get your work done

A tad of research can go far when purchasing a domain name. Find comparable destinations and look at your rivals’ domain names utilizing a site like compete.com. Browse accessible domains by keyword or domain name utilizing domain name search device. Use sites, for example, http://dnpric.es/to see when a domain was last sold, for how much, and the web hosting agent. A well-known domain may have increasingly open resales. You can look by a keyword, which gives the fame of specific words in domain names.

Always choose the .com

At every possible opportunity, consistently go for a .com domain. Information says that the .com TLD is utilized by about 47% of all things considered. Individuals are progressively acquainted with .com domains than with whatever else; they will default to composing ‘.com’ into the program address bar, and are probably not going to recall your extension if it’s excessively peculiar. Everybody will consistently expect a site is a .com. However, if your site is intended to take into account a nearby crowd, consider going for a neighbourhood TLD. Doing this will give your clients that tad of extra mindfulness and lift your dependability by making it understood you’re in their nation

Pick a brandable name

You do realize that marking is essential to long term achievement, however, what precisely makes a domain name brandable? There are numerous elements that become possibly the most important factor here; however, the most significant ones are as per the following:

  1. It’s one of a kind; your opposition doesn’t utilize anything comparable.
  2. A brandable name has no particular significance
  3. It’s anything but difficult to articulate and direct via telephone.
  4. It’s anything but difficult to remember; not very longwinded, no perplexing vowel blends.

The significance of domain names for organizations

Digital advertising is not, at this point a choice; it’s a need for any business to endure. The quick reception of mobile innovation and social media has expanded the requirement for organizations to have a site, however, to have a portable neighbourly site and drew in online presence. Buyers are going to the web before buying anything; from what to have for lunch to which dress to wear for their wedding. In case you work a business, you need a site. Your domain name is something other than an arbitrary web address individuals can use to get to your site; it’s an amazing open door for organizations to fabricate a brand character and improve the buyer experience. Your domain name subliminally assumes a job in developing your image.

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