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Builderfly is a comprehensive platform to bring offline businesses into the spotlight through an online ecommerce store and mobile application. The user can build a fully customizable online store and a personalized native mobile app without being a tech-genius. The technical handling is managed and handled by the Builderfly team. If the user has the know-how of the HTML and coding, they can choose to edit the codes. Unlimited bandwidth, ready-to-use templates, on-page optimization, and multiple selling are some of the extensive features of the do-it-yourself platform – Builderfly.

The Builderfly pricing plan is designed for everyone including startups and well-established businesses. The 14-days free trial period allows the user to explore the features and the know-how of Builderfly. There are four friendly pricing plans with Builderfly, each of them which is crafted for different stages of business development. The user can sell their products everywhere including online marketplaces, web, and social media platforms. The selling platforms can be integrated into the Builderfly account and managed from a single dashboard. Additionally, there is a 24/7 days a week assistance from Builderfly to resolve any queries at every stage of the process.

Why is Speed Test Important?

Do you know how fast your ecommerce store is supposed to be? More importantly, do you know if you are providing your customers’ with download and upload speeds as fast as you are investing for? Many people are not aware of the importance of conducting a speed test for their website and whether their Internet Service Provider (ISP) is delivering the speeds they declare before making it live to their customers.

If you have created your online store with Builderfly and want to determine whether your ISP is living up to the promises made, conducting speed tests can help you. Many companies are offering the facility to conduct speed tests, including Google Fiber. So, is this a reliable speed test, or should you look for another option? Let us find out; in this blog, we will be discussing the method to make your Builderfly store website Google Speed Test friendly and other important aspects of Google Speed Test.

You have created a beautiful online website recently for your brand. You went through days working over the plan and weeks underway with incalculable periods of edits. However, you find that your new, lovely site is not as quick as you need it to be. Furthermore, with regards to building a conversion rate and search engine optimized site, speed is a basic factor. In case you don’t have a speedy site, individuals will skip quicker than you can say ‘conversions.’

In any case, accelerating your site is no simple undertaking. It is regularly difficult to analyze what is making your site run slower than it should. Your concern could be anything from code that is composed ineffectively to pictures or huge page components. What’s more, you have to analyze and fix these issues quickly. Google will hit your site in case you don’t. In case you run your site through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and locate a 100% score, your site is quick. Also, Google gives a particular preference to sites that heap rapidly. The quicker your site loads, the lower shall be the bounce rate on your website. When your site is quick, you have a superior possibility of positioning on Google over moderate websites that chase higher bounce rates.

Fortunately, Google offers this free tool to discover what you have to fix. Yet, lamentably, they don’t give you the best guidelines on getting your score to 100%. Here’s the way to score an ideal 100% on Google’s PageSpeed Insights and why you have to achieve this.

Why you should think about page speed?

Page speed is a basic factor with regards to positioning your site higher on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In case your site isn’t comparable to the best ten organic pages, you won’t rank on the main page. What’s more, by far most of search engine clients just won’t snap to the subsequent page. It is an obvious fact that the main ten outcomes will produce most of the snaps. So concentrating on page speed is vital to having an effective organization and a site that converts over. In case your page takes ten seconds to load, the probability of somebody leaving your site before it even loads increments by over 120%. The normal load time for most sites is more than eight seconds and can even outperform eleven seconds in the tech business.

In the meantime, the best-practice benchmark is under three seconds. Practically we all are coming up short with regards to having a quick performing site. In case you need to have a shot at positioning on the main page of Google, your site needs to load in less than three seconds.

How to Check your Website Speed?

You have presumably utilized sites for speed test to check your Internet connection speed, however, numerous sites are not intended for ultra-quick services like Fiber 1000. To empower you to precisely quantify your association speed, Google assembled a speed test that can deal with Fiber.

For the best outcomes, close all applications before running the Internet speed test. To test your connection speed, you need to:

  1. Visit speed.googlefiber.net. In case you have pop-ups hindered, the speed test may not show up when you click the speed test interface. In case this happens, unblock pop-ups briefly to show the speed test page.
  2. Enter the link to your Builderfly store and click on the ‘Play’ button to begin the test.
  3. The Google Fiber speed tests check your download and upload speeds and show the outcomes.

How to make my Builderfly store website Google Speed test friendly?

For best speed test results, here are some useful hints:

This speed test is structured explicitly for designed Google Fiber associations. Utilizing this speed test for different sorts of Internet associations can create temperamental outcomes. You won’t have the option to reach at greatest Internet velocities of your picked Fiber plan when associated by Wi-Fi.

  1. Become familiar with the most extreme conceivable download speeds accomplished utilizing Fiber 1000 help on an assortment of remote and associated gadgets.
  2. Utilize the most recent adaptation of your internet browser to run the speed test. Find out about upheld programs.
  3. In case you have Fiber TV service, recollect that both TV and information come into your home through your Fiber Jack, and TV takes the priority. To expand results, run the speed test when you’re not recording any projects and switch off your TV Box.
  4. In case conceivable, run the test on an ongoing model PC with modern systems service equipment.
  5. In case you’ve run a Google Fiber Internet speed test and trust you despite everything aren’t getting quickest speeds, here are ways you can improve your Wi-Fi speeds.

The three most significant moves you can make to improve your site are:

  1. Fix the render-blocking issues.
  2. Enhance the size of pictures and compress them.
  3. Utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Upsides of Google Fiber Speed Test

Our preferred attribute of the Google Fiber web speed test is how proficiently it runs. This is genuinely one of the quickest speed tests we’ve at any point seen, as it takes not exactly half as long to run the same number of contending tests. The test additionally loads rapidly and has a perfect, basic interface without any promotions. The desktop rendition has amazingly steady outcomes that line up pleasantly with both our desires and the outcomes accumulated through other contending speed tests. This speed test additionally shows where the testing area is, which is useful while deciding unwavering quality.

Downsides of Google Fiber Speed Test

The most serious issue with the Google Fiber speed test is that the mobile form leaves a piece to be wanted in the outcomes division, as the outcomes are neither precise nor steady. What’s more, this test doesn’t offer much regarding extra data, similar to your IP address or internet service information. Another issue is that the two renditions of the trial on an unreliable site, and the ping times are somewhat longer than we have gotten from numerous contenders’ tests. At last, there are not many cutting-edge choices like the capacity to pick your testing area or to store or offer your outcomes.


By the day’s end, the Google Fiber speed test is very solid, and the upsides certainly exceed the downsides. The desktop adaptation of this test is exceptionally solid, and how its nitty-gritty structure loads and runs so rapidly are highly appreciable. There are a couple of issues with this test, for example, the absence of cutting edge highlights and choices, and the way that it doesn’t run on a protected site. Likewise, the mobile form just doesn’t work as it should. For whatever length of time that you utilize the desktop form rather than the mobile adaptation, we think you’ll be satisfied with Google Fiber’s speed test. Despite everything, we would strongly suggest this web speed test.

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