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Push notifications are known to be the most common type of app marketing. It helps engage the users better by promoting the app usage as well as build loyalty among the users. In fact, the percentage of users who shall stop using an app after receiving push notifications is negligible as compared to the ones who disable push notifications in the app.

About 40% of the push notification senders on the web are either from the ecommerce, publishing, blogging, or media sectors. Moreover, the highest push reaction rate, i.e., 8.4% occurs on Tuesdays. Push notifications are generally more user friendly than emails, helping you get better results from your consumers. The best benefit of push notification is that the content is quite simple and the layout and the format are what aid the customers quickly react to the Call-To-Action.

With the ever-increasing number of internet users from mobile devices, it is essential that every business creates its space in the mobile world. A mobile app can be easily used to drive business revenue using customized messages that are sent via push notifications. Moreover, it lets you engage with your users in real-time, so as to get the benefits quickly.

An effective personalized push notification strategy can help you boost your business’ conversion rates, as well as build strong relations with your customers. Since we have talked a lot about push notifications, it would be quite evident that there are many profits associated with using push notifications in your business. Therefore, in this blog, we will be discussing the ways to maximize profitability by using push notifications.

Why are Push Notifications so Important?

Why are Push Notifications so Important

Before getting into the ways of maximizing profits, you must first know why, after all, are these push notifications essential for your business? Studies have shown that about 52% of smartphone users have enabled push notifications in order to reap many benefits including:

  1. Building brand image and trust by delivering reliable content
  2. Promoting/ marketing products & services
  3. Navigating users to your social media platforms
  4. Restoring abandoned carts in ecommerce apps
  5. Engaging users when they are inactive on a website
  6. In a nutshell, push notifications are the most common and essential part of app marketing.

How to maximize profitability by using push notifications?

Not all the push notifications you send are reaching your targeted audience. The reason is that despite cloud messaging platforms such as Google Cloud Messaging or GCM accept all the notifications, they fail to send them across to the devices that are not connected to the internet or are inactive at the moment. And, if a push notification does not reach the end-user, it is of no good. Therefore, as a marketer, you need to be sure that your push notifications are having a high delivery date. There are many reasons for the failure of push notifications delivery. However, there are equally or even more ways to work around them and maximize profitability, some of which are:

Engagement across multiple devices

Engagement across multiple devices

Nowadays a user usually owns 6-7 connected devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops, TV, desktops, etc. This reflects that one user can connect with a business through multiple devices. In such cases, if the user receives a push notification only on one particular device, his/her engagement with the app would be ineffective and negligible.

This process can be reversed by keeping the users engaged across multiple devices and sending them to push notifications to all the active devices with the app installed. With an omnichannel device engagement, businesses get to either send push notifications to all the active devices or send to the last device that was used by the user for the app.

It is learned that a users’ engagement rate increases by 10% when sent across multiple devices, which in turn leads to increased engagement and deliverability. It is quite essential to engage users across multiple devices, especially for time-sensitive campaigns, when users are constantly toggling between multiple devices regularly.

Sending concise and interactive messages

Sending concise and interactive messages

It is the first step to determine the size and content of your messages to be sent as push notifications. If your message for push notification is too lengthy, the users could possibly lose their interests half-way. The risk would be even greater if the user straightforwardly removes the entire notification without even checking the message within, leaving all your efforts in vain.

Therefore, consider creating content that is efficient, relevant, concise, as well as interactive. Your goal is to motivate the users to notice your push notification, pay attention, and also respond positively. The message should be put in simple words with the use of the right number of words that compels the users to be interactive.

Push amplification

It is a proven method to enhance delivery rates of push notifications by as much as 50% across the majority of the Chines OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) devices. If you are a marketer, you would understand that this implies enhancements in many metrics including improved CTRs, much better conversion rates, and retention.

Personalized messages

Research has shown that apps delivering personalized push notifications get about four times more response as compared to the automated messages in push notifications. Personalized messages facilitate increased user engagement as well as revenue generation, irrespective of the goal of the business. It addresses the users’ specific requirements as well as preferences. Consider addressing the users by their name and add a touch of a fun element, if relevant. It motivates the consumers to notice the message and take necessary action.

Experiment with different kinds

There are various kinds of push notifications, including reminders, ratings or surveys, geolocation-based, recurrent, trivia, promotional, etc. Therefore, you do not have to settle down for one particular kind of push notifications. Study each kind of push notifications and leverage the one that helps you generate optimal results for your business.


Push notifications are an amazing way to connect with your customers while increasing engagement without any monetary expenditure. Using all the above-mentioned ways to send your push notifications can surely help you maximize profitability for your business. Moreover, it enhances your overall CTRs and eventually the conversion as well as retention rates. These solutions make sure that they reach the right set of audiences at the right time on the right devices.

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