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If you are in the online selling industry for quite some time, you might know that driving traffic towards your website (which is indeed a gigantic task), is just half-way through battling your position in the top ecommerce businesses. There are a lot more steps to be climbed in order to generate sales in real. Do you aim at boosting sales through your product pages? Out of all the web pages in your ecommerce website, the product pages are the most important ones that can potentially lead to the online shoppers’ decision for purchasing from your store or leaving to find something better. So what can be done to increase your conversion rates through these pivotal web pages? Let us look into some smart tactics that are proven to boost the conversion rates much more than expected.

Ways to optimize product pages for higher conversions

Use high-definition product images and videos

Use high-definition product images and videos

This is one of the best ways to optimize your product pages for higher conversions. By featuring large, high-definition, clear, and interactive images and videos on your product pages, you shall be able to instill a ray of trust among your potential customers. Indeed, product shoots can be a bit expensive and time-consuming tasks at first. But, the result it brings to your business can nullify or even overpower the efforts and investments. The right use of quality images and videos can help you create a great first impression, establish a brand image, stand out from your competitors, and make it easy for customers to understand your business.

Integrate a zoom-in feature

Since online shopping does not let the customers hold the products to check its minute features and quality, letting them view even the slightest feature of the product through the zoom-in facility is quite essential. As an online seller, you need to be sure that your customers can view even the finest details of the product in high definition. Consider providing high-quality zoomable images from multiple angles to give a clear idea of how the product looks in real. Also, uploading images or videos of people using the product will add a cherry to your cake.

Optimize your product pages for mobile devices

Optimize your product pages for mobile devices

It is known without saying that mobile commerce or m-commerce is outgrowing the ecommerce industry in no time. Looking at the mobile-first innovations and technologies, optimizing your product pages for mobile devices remains an undeniable procedure. If your ecommerce website/ store is not mobile-friendly, you are losing a lot, and we mean it, a lot of your potential customers. Mobile-friendly product pages can help to improve the overall customer experience, letting the customers purchase products from your website from anywhere at any time, as well as facilitate speedy checkout procedures with many online payment methods.

Furnish a clear CTA

Your prime goal from your product pages is to motivate your customers to click that ‘Buy’ button or the ‘Add to Cart’ button. These buttons are the CTAs or the Call to Action buttons. The purpose of CTA is to direct the customers to the next process of completing the purchase which is the checkout page. These buttons must, without fail, stand out from the rest of the page’s content. The area surrounding the CTA must be devoid of any clutters and should be easily visible right at the first visit on the page.

Add Product Suggestions

The customers landing onto your product pages need not know everything about your business or about every product you sell online. Therefore, providing them with product suggestions can be a helping hand for them to choose a better product and for you to earn some extra bucks. However, you need to be sure that the suggestions are relevant to their search as well as near to their provided budget. By providing product suggestions, you deliver confidence in your customers for choosing your store over the rest and assure them of taking only the right decisions when purchasing from you.


It might be quite clear to you by now that the product pages are the core of your ecommerce site. When a visitor is landing onto these product pages, they are just a few clicks away from being your customers. Therefore, you have to make sure that all your product pages are driving conversions. Employ the proven steps to optimize your product pages and experience the drastic conversions in your ecommerce sales within a short span. Also, check out the Builderfly Ecommerce Platform to create the perfect ecommerce website with every element required to boost your conversion rates.