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Starting an online ecommerce store can be a rewarding decision with the increasing number of online retailers and the improvising technologies to become the best among the same. However, if you are not careful enough, your business can easily drown within a jiffy. Like every other milestone you have achieved, establishing a top-notch ecommerce store calls for patience, dedication, time, and smart tips for the best outcome. Home is the place where people spend most of their time and make the best memories of their life. Beautifying such an important factor in life holds great value for many. If you are a home goods store owner, you must know that shoppers are looking for a go-to place that understands their emotions behind their visit and serve them accordingly. More than any other online store, people expect only the best from a home goods store. One of the best ways is to provide your potential customers with the valuable and right content to build trust in the products you have for them.

If you are selling home décor products, furniture, or other accessories with Builderfly, you need to know that you have a cherry on the cake. Along with the unparalleled products you have in the house to sell, you can double the benefits by creating a gorgeous online store with Builderfly. From fully-customizable templates and themes to professionally designed industry-specific layouts, you have got it all. This blog will provide you with some smart ways by which you can run a top-notch home goods store with Builderfly.

Ways to run a top-notch home goods store with Builderfly

Narrow down your niche

As you already know “Why finding a niche is the key to small business success”, you need to know that your niche must be clear right on your homepage. The homepage of your store is the first page your potential customers’ land on. You need to entice the viewers to your store and prompt them to purchase products from your store. Your potential customers must get enough reasons to choose your store over thousands of stores in the market.

You can consider adding a mission statement or social proof and customize your homepage to clearly showcase your business niche. It will let the shoppers know that they are on the right platform and that you shall provide them with what they need irrespective of their tastes in the type of home products. Even though you may not be selling everything in a particular niche, you will at the least have a strategized store with a specific niche to simplify and enhance the shopping as well as the selling experience. Clarifying your niche on the homepage will help you filter the right viewers that eventually boost your sales and enhance your business revenue.

Use quality product images

Products images are the face of the products you have in store for your customers. Since your customers cannot physically access the product to check its quality, they trust in product images you upload. If the product image is of low quality, chances are, you’ll find an increasing number of abandoned carts in your online store. Due to this reason, you must use a good number of product images in your store to clearly let your customers visualize the product they will be delivered with. Although the product description and specifications are equally important, the visualization of the products helps the shoppers make an informed decision.

You need to make sure that the quality of your products matches the standard of the displayed images to retain loyal customers in your store. When it comes to home goods, people look for the best products with premium quality and durability. Home goods shoppers look for more photos of the products with different color variants and customizable shopping options before investing their hard-earned money for the same. They need to get an idea from the image that how that particular product will be beautifying their home. Some of the common product images include fully assembled product image as it appears in real with a neutral background, product image taken from multiple angles, un-assembled product images, and the image of the product when kept in a natural environment that can include a sample home. You need to make sure that you do not miss out on the essential product specifications in the images such as the size of the image, the number of parts required to assemble the product, in the product images. You can give a detailed description of your product in the text for product descriptions and specifications.

Include search and filter options

There could be thousands of products that you sell in your home goods store. Not every shopper would purchase all the products you sell. Neither would the shopper take interest in scrolling through all the product images to find the product they wish to purchase. Including a search and filter bar can help your customer search as well as filter the products you have, to get the product of their choice. For instance, some shoppers would land on your store in search of a white glass décor and if you do not provide them with the necessary search and filter options, your shopper may get to view all types of glass décor you sell which can be extremely frustrating. The shopper will eventually flee from your store and look for better options to shop.

The search bar must also be equipped with smart technology that understands and suggests the products your potential customers are looking for. For instance, if your customer mistypes the word ‘glass plates’ as ‘ gas plates’, your store’s search bar must show the suggestions from which the shopper can choose one to move further. The filter must include all the attributes of the products such as the size, shape, color, price range, etc. so that your customers can narrow down their search to what exactly they need. You can also consider integrating the sorting option that lets your customers choose the pattern of sorting the products displayed in your store.

Another option is to add a filter to your category pages. It helps the customer scale down the products based on the specific criteria, product attributes, prices, etc. Filtering is perfect for store owners who have lots of products to sell or for owners who wish to provide the best experience to every shopper including the ones in hurry. Filtering helps your shoppers reach exactly where they wish to proceed further.

Keep your customers completely informed

As mentioned earlier, online shoppers for home goods only look for the best options since it could be their investment for the next few years. When they trust your online store, you must make sure that the trust is kept intact and that you deliver the right product to your customers. You must be transparent with all the details of the product including the packaging and the delivery. Either you can consider including the product image of a packed product or you can include the packaging details in the product description and specifications.

Including shipping links, delivery details, contact numbers in case of queries, and the number of days within which the customer will be delivered with the product help to keep transparency with your shoppers. The more transparent you are with your customers, the higher is the trust they instill for your store. Eventually, such customers can bring in more customers through online as well as offline referencing which helps you boost your sales and your business revenue. You can also consider including the details of the way to return a particular product and the terms and conditions for the same. Make sure to be specific of the conditions at which a customer can return the product and the duration within which they need to do the same. You should provide all the information regarding the purchase in an easily-accessible manner so as to avoid the dispute of hiding any piece of information from the customer.

In case you are not providing all the product details in a single page, you need to navigate your customers as well as insist them to go through the complete product description and specification before initiating the purchase. Including the payment details is another way by which you can grab your customer’s trust and loyalty. You need to integrate or use a secure payment gateway to let your customers know that their money is safe and that they will be delivered with the product without fail. Keep your customers notified about the payment procedure throughout. Using an easy checkout procedure is the finishing step to provide your customers with the best shopping experience with your online store.

Building a top-notch home goods store with Builderfly is equally easy and rewarding. You have multiple options to enhance the look of your store. Moreover, the AI-powered mobile app with a separate design section is the cherry on the cake. With Builderfly, you get a comprehensive solution to building your online presence with a trusted online home goods store. You get to enjoy the perks of in-built on-page optimization and ways to reach the maximum customers at once without being a technical expert.