How to Sell Products on Instagram?
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If you are a social media junkie, you might have come across many sponsored ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Top brands such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Starbucks have been using Instagram to market their business and inspire millions on the go. They make the best use of Instagram by connecting with their audience to establish and empower their brand.

Every brand might adopt unique marketing tactics. However, the end goal remains the same – inspire people to purchase their products.

Instagram is the perfect place to visually lure the audience to buy your products. Your brand must be willing to imbibe trust in your audience and deliver them with their needs in the right way at the right time.

With the development of shoppable links with posts and native payment methods, people now directly shop from their Instagram handles. Instagram has gradually become the favorite influential spot for businesses.

The intense competition in the ecommerce industry in terms of SEO calls for extensive marketing through all sales channels. With the name of sales channels, Instagram holds a secure position in the list. The more innovative your approach, the more viewers will transform into your customers.

Whether the business is small-scale or a huge, adding Instagram to your sales channels will attract the majority of viewers from all over.

Above 1.1 billion populations actively use Instagram per month that accounts to over 500 million users per day. The statistics along with Instagram features of influencing the viewers through attractive images, videos; hashtags, etc. perfectly justify the need for using Instagram for marketing.

How to sell on Instagram?

Keep your Instagram updated

Instagram updates their shopping features and you need to make sure that your app is updated to avail the latest features.

Sync your product catalog with Facebook shop

Instagram collects your product feed from your Facebook store. You need not upload product catalog separately on each selling platform. Builderfly, one of the leading ecommerce website builder and ecommerce mobile app builder with the power of AI can be your complete partner in selling online. You can add products, design store, create a mobile app, publish app on Android and iOS, and sell online to millions of people. Once you upload your products on your Builderfly account, it will be integrated to all the selling platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Authenticate your business account via Facebook

You need to authenticate your business account on Instagram through your Facebook store. You have the option to choose the catalog of products you wish to sell on your Instagram page.

Add Product Images

You can upload product images as you upload a picture on Instagram. Once you add the image, you have the option to tag products along with the option to tag people. Choose the option to tag products. You can tag products by searching the name of the products in the search bar and choosing the name of the product to be tagged over the image. Instagram will link all the information regarding the product including the backlink to your store from the image. However, you need to remember that you can only tag 5 products per image on Instagram.

Share and you are ready to go

Once you share your post, your shoppable post shall be live to the world. Shoppable posts on Instagram bring in more web traffic compared to other major selling platforms.

Selling and managing your product analytics on Instagram is now very easy and with leading ecommerce platforms like Builderfly, you can also sell on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Google Shopping, Flipkart, and Amazon all from a single dashboard. Build, design, and sell.

Check the exclusive features of creating a beautiful ecommerce store with the 14-days free trial from Builderfly. After all, starting a business must be possible for everyone.

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