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Builderfly is a powerful ecommerce platform using Artificial Intelligence for the best experience. You can create a completely customizable online store and a personalized native mobile app using the power of AI without being a technical expert. You can design your store your way and focus on selling your products to the maximum customers. The first major feature of Builderfly, the Store Builder, let’s you sell your products online with the world as your audience. There are various tools to streamline your ecommerce business. Every template comes with its intuitive settings. The connect domain option lets you connect your existing domain. The right use of Artificial Intelligence helps to sync data from the store to the mobile app. You can design your app on your own without any prior experience like a pro with Builderfly free themes. Moreover, you get AI-powered mobile apps on Android as well as iOS. Builderfly is an all-inclusive solution to bring your offline business online. You do not need to be technically armed to start selling online. You get complete guidance in every step you take for your ecommerce store. Whether you are a wholesale seller, a retailer, or an individual; you can sell online with a few steps and a nominal fee.

What are the notifications sent on mobile apps?

Learnt a lot about the perks of subscribing to Builderfly? Now, let us move forward to the details of being a Builderfly customer. As a store owner, there might be some periodic information you wish your customers must know such as updates, upgrades, and the list goes on. Notifications are an approach to advise clients when new information opens up for their applications, in any event when the application isn’t running in the closer view. Notifications are sent when a task allocated to you or that you are labelled in is refreshed and the project settings and your profile settings affirm you are deciding to get notifications. A mobile pop-up notification is a message sent by an application to a client’s cell phone. You can send pop-up notifications to clients who have installed your mobile application and opted in to get messages. Mobile pop-up notifications are normally used to convey product refreshes, updates, customized offers, breaking news and any data that is necessary to the usefulness of the application and requires extraordinary consideration, or should be actioned rapidly.

How to send a notification to Builderfly ecommerce app users?

How to send a notification to Builderfly ecommerce app users

You have created an amazing online store as well as application of ecommerce. However, there is something you need your customers to know. How would you send it? Simple, push notifications! All you need to do is follow a few steps as mentioned below:

  1. Log in to your Builderfly store from www.builderfly.com
  2. Go to the App Store Design Section.
  3. Click on the Notification Icon or the Bell Icon from the Navigation Bar. The Push Notification Settings Page will be shown.
  4. Click on the New Push Notification tab.
  5. Choose the platform on which you wish to send the notification viz. all, iOS, or Android.
  6. Choose the type of user from Active Users, Inactive Users, registered Users, Guest Users, or All Users.
  7. Enter the title of the notification.
  8. Enter the message to be sent. You can get the preview of the notification sent at the right side of the page.
  9. Enter the link of the page you want your customers to redirect after reading the push notification.
  10. Upload a brand related to the notification under the Media option.
  11. Choose from sending a silent notification.
  12. Select the expiry time for the notification if required.
  13. All the notifications sent can be viewed from the Notification option.
  14. In the Settings tab, you must make sure that you enable the push notifications option. If you do not enable this option, your notification shall not reach your customers.
  15. Click on the Advanced Options for more settings of the push notifications.
  16. Schedule the notifications to be sent to your customers based on the date and time entered.
  17. In the right side top corner of the page, above the notification preview, you can choose to send the notification from the development site or the production site. The development site is for sending notifications for the apps that are not live. The production notification is sent to the customers from the live mobile apps.
  18. Click on the ‘Submit’ button

Once you have followed all the required steps, you have successfully sent the required notification to your valuable customers.

Why are Push Notifications Important?

Why are Push Notifications Important

Getting clients to draw in and reconnect with mobile applications is a test. One strategy to arrive at online clients is message pop-ups. Message pop-ups or push notifications are a quick and proficient approach to speak with your crowd. So, why are mobile application message pop-ups so incredible? How about we consider the advantages that mobile message pop-ups can bring to your business?

Hold More Customers

As indicated by the researches, 90% of the downloaded applications are just opened once, while just 16% of the clients will test an application more than twice. The download rate, nevertheless, can’t help disagreeing. Curating useful, engaging, individual, wistful, and appealing push messages can give amazing results. Nevertheless, the stunt isn’t to over-enjoy. This may bother the clients to the point of application uninstallation, not to mention withdrawing from message pop-ups.

Numerous mobile applications have a lot of potential clients who have downloaded the application yet don’t utilize it. Pop-up messages are a decent method to transform these dormant clients into dynamic clients. As a matter of fact, the standard for dependability for clients who pick into mobile notifications is a lot higher all things considered. Through notifications, you can give your clients attentive updates, customized offers, and breaking news. In case your mobile notifications can show direct personal estimation, you’re considerably more prone to hold clients as long as possible.

Invigorate client commitment

Message pop-ups can assist you with attracting more clients at certain touchpoints. They can assist you with sending continuous updates and updates that get your crowd to routinely draw in with your brand regardless of whether they’re not mindful of it. Advertisers have a superior chance to speak with clients through mobile pop-up messages today. Mobile application notifications permit you to stay in contact with your clients in a non-meddlesome path by giving opportune messages and accommodating and significant data like prizes portrayals and exceptional offers. They likewise give an extraordinary method for getting clients to take part in new advancements or highlights. Try to adjust and keep away from disturbance. In case you figure out how to locate a decent recurrence combined with fascinating substance to push; you are great to go.

Studies show that clients accepting fewer than five notifications for each week decreased quitting pop-up messages. When the message pop-up is done well on cell phones, it can truly give attractive outcomes in upgrading client commitment. Remember that you are taking advantage of a gadget that individuals are generally on, so diverting them, and causing inconvenience through superfluous notifications can influence your application’s validity.

Drive Conversion

Continuous mobile pop-up messages catch the eye of your clients as well as gives a pressing source of inspiration; which may trigger moment activity from the client, such as buying your application. In any case, regardless of whether they complete the buy is another story inside and out. Opportune marketing messages are the most ideal approach to expand conversion rates since they can advise clients or make a need to keep moving. With mobile notifications, you can trigger quick buys. Send your clients useful messages and let them think about exceptional limits or restricted time offers in your online shop. Notwithstanding this data, pop-up messages can offer moment buying with a single tap.

Improve Brand Consistency

Alarming clients of a minute ago arrangements, coupons, and uncommon offers is an incredible method to get an extra touchpoint in your promoting pipe. Message pop-ups structure a reciprocal promoting channel where you can give extra, esteem included data about your brand. Likewise, mobile application pop-up messages offer solid acknowledgement by permitting you to utilize logos in messages. Clients are bound to recall convenient message pop-ups, expanding the basic incentive to your brand.

Focus on the Correct Clients

Mobile applications can request a client’s authorization to get to their area. If they award it, you’ll get an incredible chance to customize the client involvement in area explicit pop-up messages. A mobile application can send offers that are material to clients in a particular locale-dependent on their time zone. You can target clients as indicated by nation, state or city. Besides, you can make clients aware of limits or specials when they’re in a specific area. Push messages dependent on a client’s area can assist you with drawing in clients with a high level of personalization and pertinence. You can likewise send message pop-ups to clients dependent on their inclinations.

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