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There is a neck-to-neck competition among all the ecommerce sellers in the market. Every store must tell their customers how they are different and why should they choose them. Every year, new merchants and retailers join this market that eventually increases the competition. People may find it difficult to choose one from innumerable stores. Good-quality products and affordable prices are not the only factors that bring in online traffic. There are many ways that online store owners need to know in order to bring their brand as well as the business into the spotlight.

Often store owners dedicate considerable time and investment in creating a beautifully-designed website for their online store. However, they forget the most important asset for increased online viewers and higher conversion rates – a blog. Adding blogs to your online store is the easiest way to generate online traffic, establish brand awareness, and enhance online store profile.

Benefits of adding blogs to the ecommerce store

There are many perks of adding blogs to your online store, some of which are as follows:

Build an online community

Blogs help customers know more about your service, raise queries, and give their valuable feedbacks. You can communicate with them and establish a strong customer-bond that can enhance the growth of your online store.

Impart your knowledge

Every customer would choose a store that offers a detailed knowledge of the products and services they offer. Blogs can help you share your knowledge and experience in the market to help your customers build trust in your services.

Optimize blog content

While there are many like online sellers in the market, solely depending on organic traffic will not be enough. Curating the content using strong SEO tactics in the uploaded blogs can help in generating targeted online traffic.

Blogging may not be the most important factor to scale an online business from a startup to a full-fledged business. However, blogging is surely a way to bring in more viewers and customers to your online store that will ultimately increase the conversion rates and your business revenue.

How to use the Builderfly blog platform to grow customers?

Builderfly is the most powerful ecommerce platform that lets you create a beautiful online store and a native mobile app using the power of AI. It is a do-it-yourself platform that lets you customize your store as well as the app and give a personalized touch of your brand to your online store. You can connect your domain to establish your brand identity with Builderfly. Some other essential perks include on-page optimization, ready-to-use themes, templates, image editor, among many others. Below are the steps to use Builderfly blogs to grow your customer base:

  • Set a template for your blog and upload your content
  • Optimize your content using the on-page optimization
  • Categorize your blogs for easy navigation
  • Add good-quality, attractive, and optimized images to your blogs

Keep posting regular blogs for providing knowledge-based service information to your customers. Do not need to be a technical expert in order to manage your online store. You can easily manage your store and use the blog section to enhance your online store. Moreover, the power of AI helps in knowing the customer behavior that would aid you in knowing what your customer is looking from your store and how to fulfill their requirements. At every stage of building businesses with Builderfly, you can avail expert support via chat, calls, or, emails from the Builderfly team. Your queries are set on priority and resolved at the earliest with the utmost efficiency. You can also attend to the expert Webinar sessions and book your seat to get a thorough knowledge of creating and functioning of your ecommerce store with Builderfly.

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