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Once you launch your ecommerce store, you will definitely be excited about your first sale.

We know that’s the feeling of Nirvana’s attainment, but it doesn’t happen so quickly. Before a transaction takes place through your store, customers go through an entire conversion cycle. All of your potential customers coming to your website will reach different stages of this conversion cycle. Only some of them will actually become your customers.

How your customers respond to your ecommerce services is directly proportional to their experience in your store. In the ecommerce business, that’s the combination of digital & personal experience with the brand.

What Will Be The Response Of Your Customers For Ecommerce Services You Are Selling?

Do you know the typical conversion rate of an ecommerce site is 2-3%? Yes, this means that only 2 or 3 customers from every 100 visitors on your site will convert.

Typically the user interaction pattern on any site depends upon the platform through which they came to your site.

  • Cursory view: When a user comes to your site and just hover over the major headings or highlighted deals, it is often referred to as a cursory view. Such a visitor on-site has fewer chances to convert, but he/she can likely revisit your site if found interesting.
  • Dedicated search: If a user already searches with the product name, they will search through the product categories and check the individual product detail pages. Such a user will be keen to check details of the product & read the information about your product thoroughly.
  • Exploratory view: Irrespective of the mode of entry of the visitor, such users will check your site in detail & if they don’t convert for the first time, they will definitely come again.

Usually, dedicated searchers often end up buying the products. Some of your website visitors have that flawless experience on your site. They will become your regular customers, some have a moderate experience, and a few of them might leave your site instantly.

We know that you don’t wish to let anyone go empty-handed. Your primary goal is to upgrade the user experience on your website. To do so, you must know what your customers are looking for. The analytics of your website will help you gain a better understanding of the changes that you must do on your site.

How to improve customers’ responses on your website?

To redefine the customer experience, here are some of the major things you shouldn’t forget.

  • UI of your site: Will you get attracted to a messy place or the sleek one? Obviously, you will go to the tidy place & similar is the case for your website. The UI of the website is designed for the user’s understanding and not for the professionals. When you prepare the layout of your website, try to keep it simple and subtle. It will surely gain the attention of the right audience at the right time.Don’t try to add unique stuff everywhere, sometimes it is better to go with the standards. Check with the ecommerce standards & implement them for your store.
  • Site’s performance: The key factors in your site’s performance are: speed and responsiveness. We know that there are hundreds and thousands of other factors that impact the overall performance of your website, but these directly impact the user experience. More than 50% of visitors are coming on your site daily using their mobile devices, which makes mobile-friendliness a lot more essential for you too.
  • Product categorization: You may launch a niche-based ecommerce store or create a blend of many categories, the inventory of your store will keep growing daily. At the beginning of your business, it may not seem that huge, but, believe me, it will get really confusing for your potential customers with the passage of time. It will be really critical for you to manage the backend as well.If you build your store with Builderfly, you can try implementing a mega menu for your store to arrange the wide categories of your products. It is impossible for all the products in the inventory, but you will be able to showcase all of your major product categories with ease.
  • Ease of searchability: The count of search results is important, but the relevancy makes a major sense. The search options enable users to search for the product that they are looking for. This makes it a lot easier for dedicated searchers to look for the right product and purchase directly. That’s a total win-win situation for the merchant as well as the website user. A user will find the right product quickly & will buy it instantly. And, you will also be happy to get products at your store.
  • Tell more about your product: Each of the product detail pages of your store has the potential to convert the customer. While updating the catalog of your store, keep this thing in mind that the content of product pages must be unique and informative. You need not tell the lengthy stuff, be clear and concise in your approach. Your product must have a finite sales pitch that can make your customer fall within a few minutes.

To improve the customer’s response towards your brand, request the feedback of the customer. Make changes to your website accordingly. With better clarity about customer’s interest, you will be able to please customers in the right manner.

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