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Yes, it is worth it to invest Builderfly to design your online store.

We won’t be praising; instead, we like to bring your attention to the features that Builderfly will guard you with. All these features will help you streamline different business activities for you & reduces your worry of managing third-party plugins for novel functionalities.

What is a pre-built shop, and why should I prefer it?

When you want to build your online store, you have three options, namely:

  • Hire web developers to design and develop your ecommerce website from scratch.
  • Check for online store builder and create a static store for your website
  • Opt for ecommerce platforms and get all the functionalities along with an online store builder.

The first option needs heavy investment and takes time to develop and manage. The latter two options are easier to experiment with even on your own. If you want to build a static e-store without much thought about adding a lot of inventory, you likely prefer online website builder tools. But, if you are looking for customization of your web store to add your personal touch, ecommerce platforms will be the best & affordable option for your business.

The pre-built shops have professionally designed store themes ready for different business niches, and you can start personalizing your store by registering your business. Leveraging the options of customization, you can change the look and feel of your store, update your catalog, and start selling without any delay. Pre-built themes save you a lot of time and money that you can invest in more important tasks of your business.

Why is the selection of pre-built shops with Builderfly important for your business?

In contrast to online website builder tools, ecommerce platforms like Builderfly have niche-specific professional designed pre-built stores. So, you will not be getting a static look at your website; rather, it will be industry-specific. Once you are done with the registration, you will see your Builderfly dashboard. By navigating to the managed store section, you will be able to check your store’s first look.

One of the finest things about pre-built shops is, you have everything ready, and you have to replace those with the content & media elements of your choice. With the pre-build themes, you will be getting easy options of:

Store customization

From changing the layout of the theme to the addition of sections and sub-sections, you can do all sorts of updates in your store as per your requirement. Builderfly’s intuitive DIY design editor makes it a lot easier for you to add a personal touch to your brand. We have the ready-to-implement templates designed for different sections and pages of your web store. It is your choice if you like to go for the existing design of your web page or select a different template for your store.

Free media files

When there are several businesses like yours, opening a store with Builderfly, the layout may get common. But you need not worry about the same. We have the collection of free media files and background images available for you. It’s your choice, whether you like to choose from our free collection of images or to upload those of your choice.

Code-level customization

For each of the sections and sub-sections of the pages, Builderfly gives you access to HTML/CSS editor. Even with your basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, you can make advanced changes to your store’s look. You can check for similar functionalities online, find the relevant code & try testing on your own.

SEO management & responsive themes:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of an ecommerce website is a must to improve the organic ranking of your web store on SERPs. On Builderfly, you will get options to update the on-page SEO details specifically for web pages, product category pages, for each of the product detail pages. Our themes are already designed to be responsive across all sizes of devices. From the multi-device view option, you can see the layout of your website on multiple devices. You can try making changes as per your choice, and check how they look on different screens.

This was all about the front-end changes. We will be talking about the supporting features of Builderfly for the back-end management of your store.

Catalog management

With your store, you will get a few dummy products already listed in your store. By checking these product detail pages, you will get a better idea about the placement of content and all the additional information you are updating about your product. You can try creating similar listings for your own products with the option of individual listing and bulk listing.

Sales Channel Integration

It’s often said, “Don’t put all of your eggs in a single basket.” That’s true, and you might be selling on other ecommerce platforms as well. Leveraging the option of sales channel integration, you can connect your existing sales channels, namely Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Instagram, to your Builderfly account and manage the catalog easily across the platforms.

Integrated CRM

The integrated CRM with your Builderfly store lets you save and manage all the customer’s data. You can create different customer groups and manage it for pricing, marketing, and numerous other purposes. The integration of customer resource management system will make it easier for you to check the lifetime value of the customer and net revenue generated in a particular time frame.

Marketing & Analytics

You can practice creating cart-level/catalog-level discounts for your customers, plan and manage email marketing campaigns, and draft demographics-oriented marketing strategies to upgrade your store’s reach. Builderfly analytics will give you detailed reports for product-specific orders, net sales, and distinct reports for returns. This will make it easier for you to plan your inventory and product catalog. For session-specific details, you can integrate your Google Analytics account and gain more insights about your website’s user experience. You can bring design changes accordingly.

BUILDERFLY stands ahead of all other ecommerce platforms in the market with its unique feature of native mobile app builder. Along with your web store, Builderfly empowers you to design and launch your native mobile application. Like your web design editor, creating a mobile app is easy and will be in sync with your web store. You can design and tweak the layout of your screens as per the template of your choice. Once done editing, you can download to test the app and make it live anytime you want.

This makes you win the hearts of web users and mobile app users of your brand. That makes a win-win situation overall. Let’s not delay it anyway and register now to design your dream store!

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